img_9919Today I’m feeling all of the fiber countdowns. Not in a panic-y deadline way, but either in excitement or the mindset of “better remember it”.

Here are the spinning and knitting (and other) countdowns I’m thinking about:

Spinzilla12 days. Even though I’m not spinning this year, I am caught up in the excitement. I can wait to see what everyone spins.

Rhinebeck 25 days. So excited about this one. I’m signing my book (Saturday 1-5 and Sunday 10-2 in the author corral) and just roaming. There will be a Knitty meet up, but we haven’t set the time yet.

The US election – 48 days. If you are a US citizen please vote.

The December gift giving holidays – 94-ish days. How are those gifts coming? I’ll be shopping at Rhinebeck.

If you ever need to check an excellent fiber event calendar my hands down favorite is Clara Parkes Events page on Knitter’s Review. Have you seen the new Knitter’s Review redesign? It’s gorgeous!

What countdown dates are on your mind?


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