Spinzilla 2016 Spins 5 Million Yards and a Rhinebeck Quickie

Spinzilla spinners are awesome!
I’m growing more wool for Spinzilla 2017

Spinzilla Spinners spun 5,507,622 yards of yarn this year!

The top spinner, Monica Bittner of Team Louet North America spun 50,378. Her team, Louet North America took the top team prize with 296,849 yards. Just reading that makes my hands feel crampy!

Top 5 teams for 2016
1. Team Louet North America 296,849
2. Team Knot Another Hat 231,738
3. Team Edgewood Garden Studio 158,459
4. Team Hand Spinning News UK 151,647
5. Team Hilltop Cloud 146,299

Storey Publishing signing table at rhinebeck
Storey Publishing signing table at Rhinebeck

On Thursday Amy is doing a big Rhinebeck recap, but I wanted to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who bought my book, I sold out! And thank you to everyone who told me kind things about my book, it really means a lot to me.

I had so much fun talking to and hugging everyone. I got to see leaves, stay in a fab house with friends, I shopped a little and touched everything. I even manged to make it to the sheep auction this year.

I did not come home with a sheep, but I came home with so many ideas for fun and projects after Rhinebek that the inside of my head sounds a little like the sheep auctioneer.








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  1. Kurt Siegel

    And thank you, Jillian! On Sunday, you signed your book for my Wife Nancy’s Birthday present, and then stopped by our booth (The Spinning Room of Altamont) to deliver a testy skein for Laura Nelkin. it was great meeting you, and I look forward to being able to take one of your classes one day!


    (Nancyshusband, on Ravelry)

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