Have You Seen Spin+Knit 2017?

Spin-Off's Spin+Knit 2017
Spin-Off’s Spin+Knit 2017

Have you seen the latest special issue magazine from Spin-Off? Spin+Knit 2017 could keep spinners busy well into the winter knitting things from their handspun.There is a good balance of articles and projects in this issue – 10 articles and 20 projects for accessories.

I always wonder (and count) how many projects are reprints and how many are new. I don’t mind reprinted projects, many times it lets me see a projects in new light. I don’t want to buy a ‘new’  magazie or book that’s all reprints, unless it lets me know up front, by calling itself a ‘greatest hits’ or something similar. Of the 20 projects, 7 are reprinted from older issues of Spin-Off, or Interweave books two of those, the Wedge Hat and Swatch Mitts I’ve been hunting for in back issues and of the 13 new projects there are three or four I’d like to make, including the Leaf Cap, Eye of Partridge Cowl and North Road Hat. For me that’s a good balance, I bought a copy.



A New Slant Scarf. Photo: Spin Off: Spin and Knit 2017 © 2017 F&W. All rights reserved
A New Slant Scarf.
Photo: Spin Off: Spin and Knit 2017 © 2017 F&W. All rights reserved



I was lucky to have an article and a pattern accepted in this special issue. My article Under the Big Top: Spinning Striped Batts for Knitting,is about manipulating the color flow of striped batts to get the colors to behave how you’d like in your knitting. Do you want your colors separate and clear or jumbled and tweedy?

I have a pattern in Spin+Knit too, A New Slant Scarf, that utilizes two different techniques from my batt spinning article in a loop scarf. I spun and knit it from a gorgeous Lunabudknits Merino/Angelina Smoothie Batt, in the color Cuba Libre.

If you pick up a copy let me know what you think of this special issue!




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