Spinning in 2017 – Your List of Dyers

Hello Yarn before and after

For a lot of us it’s the dreaded work reentry week after the winter holidays.

I’ve put together a little diversion for you.

A few weeks ago I asked who I should spin in 2017 and I got so many great answers that I’ve collected them here. How about a little fiber browsing for today?

Let me know who you are excited to spin in 2017!





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3 thoughts on “Spinning in 2017 – Your List of Dyers

  1. Becca

    Oooh, how evil of you! Hello rabbit hole, yes I shall fall down you even though I should go to bed….

  2. Enid

    I have a few from Into the Whirled that I am in-process or have yet to spin. But now I have several more I’m excited about, thanks to your list.

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