Spiral or Boucle?

Spiral yarns
Spiral yarns

When I teach my Further Adventures in Plying: Texture and Color class the class usually divides their love between two yarns. We cover four yarns in this class Crepe, Cable, Spiral and Boucle, but one of two yarns usually steal the hearts of my students – Spiral or Boucle. In this class we work on the structure of making the yarns first using a natural or a solid colored fiber, then in the afternoon we add in layers of color, variegated fibers and sparklies while practicing getting the structure just right.


Boucle yarns
Boucle yarns


I just taught this class at the  Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in Tacoma and everyone had the love for boucle. I’m teaching it next at Yarn Fest in Colorado (there’s still room in the class if you’d like to join us), which yarn will be the winner this time?

Which is your favorite? What do want to know about spinning these yarns?


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2 thoughts on “Spiral or Boucle?

    1. jillian

      It depends on the type of boucle! For big loopy ‘traditional’ boucle I like to use it for edges and unexpected additions – one or two stripes in a shawl , I’ve been working on a vest that uses boucle for pockets. For boucles that are softer fibers and are more buckled than looped they can make gorgeous bulky cowls and shawls or hats. I personally wouldn’t use a boucle in an area or garment that gets high abrasion.

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