Dover Natural Dye Book Giveaway

Spring is springing where I am in North America and everyone seems to be planting a garden. The warming weather is also a perfect time to try natural dyeing. With excellent timing, Dover Publications has given us two classic natural dyeing books for a giveaway.

Dover Publications natural dye giveaway!

A Weaver’s Garden and Lichen Dyes have been around for a bit, but they both have excellent natural dye information.

A Weaver’s Garden: Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers
by Rita Buchanan

An excellent book originally published in 1987 by Interweave and saved from out-of-print status by Dover.

It’s a reprint; there is no new material. If you don’t know about this book, give it a look. There is more than dyeing here. Almost half of the book is devoted to knowing and growing plants for dyeing. There are also chapters on plants to spin, plants for sachets (to deter moths), soap plants and plants to make textile tools.

It is book full of useful knowledge and a book utterly unique in the textile world.

Lichen Dyes:The New Source Book
Karen Casselman

This book has great charts of the colors particular lichens will dye, and dye recipes. It includes an international history of lichen dyeing, and methods including solar dyeing. The book concludes with an important chapter on the ethics of gathering and using lichens. This book was originally published in 1996 and revised in 2001 with 40% updated material.

Interested in starting a dyeing garden or dyeing with lichens? Our usual giveaway rules apply. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Friday May 12, 2017. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win a copy of A Weaver’s Garden and Lichen Dyes .  Giveaway value $22.90.


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61 thoughts on “Dover Natural Dye Book Giveaway

  1. Edna Vaines

    I am a gardener and would love to win this! Thanks for the chance to dream of this lovely prize.

  2. sandra sandvik

    Hope to spend lots of time this summer doing some natural dyeing of fabric and yarns! Just picked up some lungwort lichen that blew off trees in a wind storm…researching if they work for dyeing so this offer is timely.

  3. Lisa

    I have really enjoyed foraging for natural dye materials over the last few years. I really want to try lichens, but have avoided them so far, because I don’t have confidence in my ability to identify them properly. I would love to learn.

  4. Marni S

    This looks awesome – I’ve been playing with some plant dyes and would like to learn better techniques

  5. terri

    I’m fascinated with the idea of natural dyes–these books look amazing. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  6. Dana Michele

    Natural dying is on my goal list to do this year. I’ve played a little with acid dyes on wool, but want to mix in my love for the outdoors with my love of all things wool. I dream of taking walks/hikes and gathering goodies to dye wool.

  7. Carrie

    I have a little garden and lots of wool to dye. Would love to explore natural dyes! Lovely giveaway

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