Nirvana Needles Arts Ebony Sock Needle Set Giveaway!

Nirvana 6″ double pointed needle set.

Look at this gorgeous set of ebony sock needles from Nirvana Needle Arts! We reviewed this set in the current issue of Knitty and thought they knit as wonderfully as they look.

Here’s what Carla had to say about them:

Knitting with wooden needles makes my heart sing. They are warm in my hands from the moment I pick them up. I may have squealed when I saw this set (which includes 5 double pointed needles in US sizes 1, 2, and 3). The case is made from happy, flowery fabric and lined in bright red (there are several different fabrics to choose from). There’s a flap to keep the needles in place and an elastic band to ensure nothing falls out and plenty of space to add to the collection.

So, they’re gorgeous…but how do they work? Beautifully. Aside from the warmth, they have just enough give to keep my hands from getting tired. I can imagine after years of use, they will fit in my hands with a slight curve to them. No splitty needle tips here either. I raced along on a sock with no split stitches or half-caught yarn. The soft finish slowed me down a bit, but again, after years of use, they will be shiny, a little slicker, and among my favorite needles.

Our friends at Hiya Hiya who distribute Nirvana have offered us set to giveaway. Need a set of ebony sock needles in your life? Leave a comment below for your chance to win.

Each Nirvana Needle Arts Sock Gift Set contains 6″ double point needle sets in sizes 1US/2.25; 2US/2.75; and 3US/3.25 packaged with a 7″ Needle and Hook Case.

Our usual giveaway rules apply. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight eastern time, Friday July 9th, 2017. One comment will be chosen at random to answer a skill testing question. If the commenter answers correctly they will win the Nirvana Needle Arts Gift Set with 6″ needles.  Giveaway value $66.





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233 thoughts on “Nirvana Needles Arts Ebony Sock Needle Set Giveaway!

  1. Pixisis

    As a DON fanatic with a preference forcwooden needles, I would love to give ebony a try.

  2. Katherine Saunders

    The needles and case are so pretty! I never seem to have enough needles in those sizes kicking around.

  3. Brianna

    Those are absolutely beautiful! I don’t usually use wooden needles, but I’m sure willing to make an exception for these ones.

  4. Laura Conrad

    I’d love some of these — one work in progress is a pair of mittens for next winter, and my DP needles are a mixed bag of metal ones that aren’t going to be quite long enough for the cuff.

  5. maureen

    They look almost too pretty to work with but I would think they are a dream to work with.

  6. Joanna

    I love wooden needles, and you can never have too many in those sizes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Kara

    I always feel that dpns are the way to go for small projects, I’ve been looking for a quality set of wood dpns, these look lovely!

  8. Ursula Osborn

    Sock knitting is my passion and a set of these beautifully crafted ebony needles would be my Nirvana ❤️

  9. Jane Penrose

    Thank you Knitty and Hiya Hiya for the giveaway! The needles are gorgeous and the case is adorable.

  10. Nadine Foster

    I keep DPN’s in every knitting bag. They are the ultimate rescue needle. I would love to try Ebony.

  11. Jamie

    Beautiful! I used another brand of wooden sock needles and they split along a grain line. The ebony seems like a better material.

  12. Amanda

    I avoid projects that require size 1 DPN because my metal needles hurt! Sounds like these are just what I need…

  13. Loribird

    Oh squeeeee! I love them, have one pair of ebony wood needles that I adore, but they are too large for socks. I’d love to give these a try!

  14. Bridget

    What a lovely giveaway! I finally tackled a heel flap and gusset a few weeks back and I’m hooked; these needles would definitely get a workout given all the socks in my queue that are no longer too intimidating 😉

  15. Samina

    I’m a DPN user & those needles look so warm and comfy to use. I’m pretty sure they would become my new favorite set!

  16. Raquel from JC

    What a beautiful set! I love knitting with bamboo needles but I’ve never tried wood before, so I hope I win!

  17. Barb B in BC

    Those needles look lovely and a pretty case to keep them in. Thank you for the chance to try them out.

  18. Savannagal

    Its been a long time since I’ve used DPNs. I usually use two circs. But this giveaway is too good to pass up. Thanks

  19. Barbara Seiver

    I’ve had a love of ebony ever since I became a piano student at age 3 (I begged for lessons for a year before Mother gave in)! Of course I would love to knit with ebony.

  20. Sylvia Dresser

    these look lovely! And a lovely case … wooden sock needles are my favorites.

  21. Josiane

    I really like wood DPNs, and I only have a single set in one size, so I was thinking recently that I needed to get more in different sizes. Those would fill that gap very nicely! Thank you for offering us a chance at winning that beautiful set.

  22. Gemma

    I’m finding stranded knitting really tricky on my metal dpns, so would love to give these a try!

  23. Julie H

    These are beautiful – thank you for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway!

  24. Edie

    Wooden needles are my favorite for starting socks, knitting heels and toes! Thanks for the chance!

  25. linda

    A complete set of dp’s would be a wonderful thing to own! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

    🙂 Linda

  26. Elizabeth

    The needles are beautiful. I have conquered my sock phobia and finished my very first pair today, with the help of Kate Atherly’s Custom Socks. I’d love to try these needles.

  27. Diana Hirsch

    Wow. Ebony is such a smart color. Most projects will show up well on the needles. Thank you for the chance to win them.

  28. Diane

    Ooh, I am very interested in this giveaway. Bamboo needles are a little too flexible for me, but ebony looks much nicer for me!

  29. Lesley Barnewall

    They look gorgeous and after reading what is said about them I NEED them. I know, I am very greedy.

  30. Jennifer

    Beautiful needles! Lately I’ve been migrating from magic loop to DPNs for my sock knitting, so they would definitely come in handy.

  31. Sam

    I just added to my stash of sock yarn, and a set of fancy wooden sock needles would complement it beautifully. 🙂

  32. Emily Gigs

    Wooden needles are the. best. for socks, gloves–anything small-gauge. These are gorgeous!

  33. Liza Kirschner

    What a lovely set of needles! I’ve never tried ebony needles but wooden needles are the best in my opinion!

  34. Niki Curtis

    Oh they are lovely! It’s one thing to have the most beautiful, pettable yarn to work with, but to have stunning tools just caps it off. What a sublime experience it would be!

  35. Candace

    OH man! It would be amazing to attack my stash of sock yarns with these beautiful needles. Fingers crossed!

  36. Carol Branham

    I’m an avid sock kniter. I would love to win these beautiful needles. I have at always wanted to try ebony needles

  37. Margo

    Wood are my favorite needles to knit with. I can always use more needles, especially pretty ones.

  38. Anne

    OK, if I don’t win these lovelies, I will probably need to buy them! Wooden double points are perfect…you don’t want you work sliding off like it does with steel/metal/plastic. Can’t wait to try them out.

  39. Diane

    Great giveaway opportunity. Thanks. These needles are beautiful. I love to knit socks.

  40. Meredith MC

    I have never had the chance to knit with ebony needles- they sound divine. I am a huge fan of dpns too!

  41. Maris

    I have to agree with so many before me – lovely set of needles. And such a fun pouch! Perfect 😀

  42. Teresa in Music City

    Oh my!!!! Ebony needles – I bet they are absolutely gorgeous!!! I’d be thrilled to win this set and the needlecase :). My favorite knit is socks, and they would be Nirvana to knit with these needles!!!

  43. Omainiowa

    This would make my old granny heart sing and my hands fly. I love knitting socks on dp needles.

  44. Barb

    I love working with a hard wood needle. A set of smaller sizes would perfectly enhance my needle stash.

  45. Sheila

    I almost always use wooden needles. The bamboo Hiya Hiya are my go-to needles. Didn’t realize they made ebony. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them at my LYS – unless, of course, I win!

  46. Sunny

    What a beautiful set. I bet they would be fun to knit with. A lot nicer than the cheap/icky ones I have. No wonder I don’t use them often.

  47. martha

    What beautiful needles, which I am sure would switch me from using magic loop, to DPNs

  48. Sofia

    They look very beautiful and are for sure comfortable to use –
    Perfect combination!

  49. ghana

    I would love these needles. They are described so well, sounds so delicious that I can already feel them in my hands.

  50. Genny

    I love wooden needles too, and after using magic loop for car- based sock knitting (after my daughter got tired of fishing around for dropped needles), I know I prefer dons.

  51. Lee M

    They sound lovely. I like dpn’s best for socks but haven’t tried ebony before- as someone else said, I might have to buy the set unless of course I am lucky here. Thanks for the chance.

  52. Jamie Fillmore

    Wooden needles are my favorite. I almost never drop stitches off of bamboo.

  53. mary henaghen

    OMG, these sound awesome. I love 6″ do needles for socks! Just the right length to not loose stich off the “back end”!! Thanks for this giveaway.

  54. Lisa Giovanetti

    i would enjoy using these beautiful needles as i am almost constantly working on new socks!!! yum.

  55. Madame Hardy

    I do love the look and feel of ebony. I hope Nirvana was careful to buy sustainably sourced species.

  56. Jenny

    Those are simply lovely! Maybe I could actually make more than 1 1/2 pair next try.

  57. Jennifer Jamieson

    It is so wonderful to knit with beautiful needles…just makes knitting fun even more fun!

  58. shirley

    ooh, so pretty and happy.
    Love wooden needles. The color of the wood looks like it would be great contrast for light color yarn and seeing stitches on the needles.

  59. tiffanie

    Those are beautiful needles. And the case is pretty too. When I was a new sock knitter I kept breaking my wooden needles. It would be fun to try wooden needles again and perhaps get my sock knitting mojo back.

  60. Geraldine B

    Those needles look amazing. I think they’d be great to work with and I would certainly love to own them!

  61. Nicole H.

    These are so pretty! It would be so cool to win them. I need to buy wooden needles for a international flight. I’ve read in my airlines rules that wooden needles are allowed but metal ones are not!

  62. Nancy Gossett

    These are absolutely gorgeous, and I love working with wooden needles! Love love love

  63. Bobbie

    Like you have to ask! Who *doesn’t* need a set of ebony sock needles?! These look stunning and sound amazing.

  64. Matthew Myers

    I’ve never knit with ebony, would love to try them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Meredyth

    My goodness, I’m sold. These seem like they’re very high quality and would be a pleasure to work with. And who couldn’t use more pleasure in life???

  66. Barbara S

    They look fabulous. I was wondering how ebony needles would be to work with. Would love to win them. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. Diane Q

    These needles sound wonderful! I recently tried my first set of high quality wooden circular needles and am thrilled with how nice they are to knit with. I want to replace all of my metal and bamboo needles with wooden needles. This would be a great start at replacing the needles I use for socks and baby items.

  68. Moira

    I would love this needle set!
    Making socks is one of my favorite things, and ebony wood needles are the best! Warm and smooth, beautiful and comfortable- they make me happy!

  69. Lisa K

    Enter me, please! I love wood knitting needles and would be happy to give these ones a test.

  70. Ruth A

    oh, can I actually enter now? that’s exciting! they do look like marvellous needles.

  71. Amelia Conrad

    These look wonderful and not too slippery. But, not for socks! — I would knit fingerless mittens.

  72. Wendy P

    I love knitting with wooden needles. They are so much more comfortable to use than metal.

  73. Fleur Eliza

    There is not Friday 9th of July, so on this Saturday I hope I am still in time. Yes, please, I would love to knit with these beauties! Even the case looks amazing

  74. Marjorie La Costa

    These are beautiful. Does anyone know if they’re using sustainably sourced ebony?

  75. Jan

    I love the feel and the flexibility of wooden straight needles. I would love to try wooden double points. Thank you for doing this givaway.

  76. Rebecca Rohrkaste

    I’d love to get back to sock knitting with such a terrific set of ebony needles. Thanks for the chance.

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