It’s Spinzilla Time, Be Inspired!

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Today is the second day of Spinzilla 2107 thousands of miles of yarn have already been spun. Are you spinning? Enthusiasm and yarn mileage are high the first couple of days, but then it might dip. You may not be feel quite as excited as at the start.

Look for inspiration in your other spinners. There are Ravelry groups for just about every team or just search Spinzilla in forums and look at all that yarn! Instatgram is a great place to look too search #spinzilla2017 or #spinzilla and look at all of the pretty pictures.

Want some words to inspire you? Head over to the the Spinzilla Blog Tour page and check out some of the posts. Starting last year Spinzilla sponsors started writing the post, but for the three years before that, spinners you know wrote posts like:

That’s a whole lot of inspirational reading for when you stop to rest your hands.


Good luck, but mostly, have fun spinning with your Spinzilla teams. I’m not spinning this year but I love looking at all of your yarns!


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One thought on “It’s Spinzilla Time, Be Inspired!

  1. Judy Phillips

    Oh! Cat’s story made me tear up a little. What a lovely, mystical insight into the ancient art of simply breathing life into fiber. I have always promised myself I would learn to spin someday, but it seems like such a daunting process I never actually begin. But it doesn’t matter if I ever become a master spinner, does it? The fiber has lessons to teach us at any level. Thanks for that.

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