A New Spinning Book: 51 Yarns by Jacey Boggs Faulkner! Psst, there’s a giveaway….

51 Yarns to Spin Before You Cast Off!

There aren’t that many spinning books that get published each year and I feel that each one should be celebrated!

The newest book to join the spinning fold is 51 Yarns to Spin Before You Cast Off by Jacey Boggs Faulkner, Queen of PLY Magazine, PLY Away and the new PLY Books program. I work with Jacey on books, so I’m not writing a review, just doing a little show and tell of our new book.

This book outlines 51 yarns every spinner should spin before they are done. Done with spinning, done with fiber, or that bigger done. There are breeds, drafts and particular plies to explore, with tips and how-tos to get them done.

It’s cute! Just look at it. It’s fully illustrated with a little sweetness and sass by Kristen Slade. Be sure to to look all over the pages, there’s a lot of silliness going on in the backgrounds and edges. Can you spot the spinning teachers and spinning celebs? There are few scattered through the book.

It’s smart! Every yarn is described and dissected. There is a quick step by step to the spinning. If you’ve ever read any books or articles by Jacey

Packed full of spinning smarts!

you know she digs right in to explain with great clarity.

It’s funny! If you’ve ever taken a class with Jacey you know, she’s funny. Her wit accompanied by Kristen’s illustrations will have you giggling through the book.

It’s a rut buster! Are you stuck in a yarn rut, spinning miles of your default yarn? This book will kick your butt out of that rut, 51 different ways. It doesn’t ask you to spin for a whole project, just offers a few samples to try. If you haven’t found your spinning mojo by the end of this book, I will eat my stash.

You can take it along and write in it! It’s spinning bag-sized, printed on uncoated paper, with a spot to make notes on each yarn you spin.

There’s spinning royalty!

There’s a spin along! Of course there is, Jacey wouldn’t send you on a 51 yarn journey without friends, all the info is here.  If you participate you might win a one year subscription to PLY.

We’re giving away a copy! Yipppeee! Leave a comment below before midnight EST April 15th, 2018, telling me the yarn you are most excited to spin and you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of 51 Yarns to Spin Before You Cast Off. Prize value $24.


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68 thoughts on “A New Spinning Book: 51 Yarns by Jacey Boggs Faulkner! Psst, there’s a giveaway….

  1. katze69

    As a newish spinner, who has been dabbling with drop spindles for a long time, but only recently got a wheel, I’m currently just happy that I manage to make yarn at all. Planning how the yarn will look before I start spinning is well beyond me, for now. I’d like to change that…

  2. Jennifer Ferrence

    What do I want to spin? The question is what do I NOT want to spin?! I taught myself to spin using a drop spindle a year ago, and I still have so much I want to explore. My main goal, for now, is to spin the lovely merino/silk/camel fiber I got at a knitting conference last year. I am attempting to spin a worsted lace weight so that I’ll have enough for a shawl!

  3. Renelle Legos

    I would love to spin a chunky art yarn. I do a lot of even, sport weight and I want to expand my skills!

  4. Kate

    I’m a fairly new spinner and tend to spin the same yarn every time – quite fine, fingering/sport weight. I’d like to make something more worsted-weight. (I think I’m still in the garter-stitch scarf phase, which is all I made for at least a year when I learned to knit.)

  5. Sarah

    This is such a fun, neat, and intriguing idea! I think the yarn I am most interested in spinning one day is a textured cotton yarn.

  6. Carrie

    Long wool. I have some all washed up that I’ve been meaning to spin and it would be great to just get it done. Looks like a fun and fantastic book. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. Diana

    I’m a novice spinner and I find it really hard to spin longer or slippery wools so I’d love to jump in and try new techniques and new fibers!

  8. Cat Snyder

    I’d love to get proficient at spinning a true woolen yarn, ideally a 2-ply worsted weight. (How’s that for confusing terminology?)

  9. Carole Woods

    I’m getting some fiber soon when a friend shears their llamas! I can’t wait to learn to clean and process it, and then spin and knit it!

  10. Karrie

    I’d like to spin woolen or thicker yarns. My default seems to be fingering weight. I’d also like to try a cabled yarn.

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