Kate Atherley’s Buttonholes for Handspun

Kate has a smiling face and a gigantic brain!

Ok, these buttonholes aren’t only for knitting with handspun. This article is so perfectly succinct in the construction of six different buttonholes for hand knits that every spinner who knits needs to have it as a reference.

Knitty’s own Tech Goddess, Kate Atherley, wrote this buttonhole article for Mason-Dixon Knitting. It shows how to make eyelet, eyelet in ribbing, horizontal, vertical, and afterthought buttonholes. Plus my new favorite, Slipped-Stitch Cable Buttonhole, I’ve never seen that one before and am in instant love.

Being ever helpful and wickedly smart, Kate tell us how to fix a stretched out buttonhole. The answer doesn’t have to be, buy bigger buttons!

Slipped-stitch cable buttonholes forever! All photos by Kate Atherley for Mason-Dixon Knitting.

What is your favorite buttonhole for handspun hand knits?

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