WWW: Flat sock patent; Sam on ABC; one-piece machine knitted sweaters; auction to pay Tully’s vet bills

patented design for socks knit on 2 needles, by Nell Armstrong (1946)

Via our own Ethnic Knitting columnist, Donna Druchunas, this very cool patent for knitting socks on only two needles.

With the most groan-worthy headline ever, here’s more press on the ABC News site (!) for Sam Barsky, the clever knitter who designs sweaters featuring famous landmarks, then visits them and takes pictures with them, wearing the sweaters. (I haven’t had enough coffee to make that sentence more compact.)

You go, Sam! We’re proud of you.

Video of that cool one-piece sweater knitting machine: it knits a sweater in about 40 minutes, with no waste. This improves on the usual process of cutting already knit fabric into pattern pieces and then sewing them together, which produces 8-10% waste.

I blogged about this last year, and it’s pretty cool to see the machine in action!

Tully and his new reverse mohawk. 

Some of you may have been following my Tully rabbit’s health situation over the last few weeks on Twitter. He’s doing well and we’re hoping for a full recovery.

However, the vet bills are brutal. So I’ve decided to hold a little auction of knitted pieces I’ve made but have never used (or have used so lightly that you can’t tell) in order to help pay those bills.

If you’re interested in bidding on the Charlotte’s Web shawl I knit in Koigu (reminder: I’m allergic to wool) that started my whole No Sheep For You movement, as well as other pieces (TBD), keep an eye on my Twitter or Instagram feeds.

Backstory: Tully has an abscess on the whole top of his beautiful head. I rushed him to the Ontario Veterinary College clinic late one Friday night a month ago. They started by reducing his (very dangerous) fever and went on to do tests and get him stable. (They loved him, btw.) He was there for a full week and got excellent care. He’s been on up to 4 antibiotics at the same time, and now has the top of his head packed with antibiotic-soaked gauze, which seems to be finally making progress. The vet bills are at $3000 and we’re not done yet. Hence the auction.

By the way: I will post the detailed vet bills when I run this auction. Full transparency.

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  1. Claudia

    Since I have a bunny as well (Gord), this was quite distressing to hear. I’m glad he’s gotten care, and I hope he’s on the mend. I’ll watch for your auction on Instagram.

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