Tour de Fleece 2018 – What Are You Spinning?

The bicycles are going on this route.
The bicycles are going on this route.

Tour de Fleece this year is July 7-29 and it’s going to be here before we know it! Are you spinning? Do you know what you’re spinning?

For those that don’t know about the Tour de Fleece here’s the scoop. Every year during the run of Tour de France bicycle race spinners spin. They challenge themselves to spin every day for about three weeks following the schedule of bicycling Tour, resting on days that the riders rest.

Lots of spinners join teams for camaraderie, fun and prizes, check out Ravelry for lots of team info. Some spinners watch the Tour as they spin, some spinners spin with no team, binging on Netflix. It’s fun and it’s casual.

What all spinners do is challenge themselves somehow. They learn new skills, or spin new yarns. They spin a sweater’s worth of yarn, or they just spin down their stash. It’s amazing how much can get spun with focus, if you have and take the time.

I haven’t spun during the TdF for a few years, for a lot of reasons. It’s usually vacation time for my family and mostly I just don’t want more deadlines.

Homestead Hobbyist Deepwood


This year I decided to change my thinking about it all and release the pressure I put on myself. I have always wanted to spin and knit a pair of socks. One of my fav dyers is going to hold a sock spin along/knit along over three months from July-September. It will be announced soon, I’ll let you know the specifics when he releases them.

So my spinning goal for the Tour de Fleece is to spin four ounces of fiber into sock yarn, that’s it. It feels good to take part in the Tour and have a tiny goal. I even have my fiber already, a perfectly socky blend from The Homestead Hobbyist , 50% Southdown/ 25% Dorset Horn/ 25% Mulberry Silk, in the color Deepwood. And yes, that is a not-so-subtle hint about who is having the sal/kal.

Tell me about your TdF plans, goals, team, fiber, all of it!



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  1. Tina Rheinford

    Jill, I love the Homestead Hobbyists fiber. He usually comes to our St. Distaff’s Day celebration. I love your idea about a smaller goal during the TdF. Since I work full-time with a young son I’ve just never been able to commit. Thanks for coming to teach at NwRSA!

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