Wisconsin S&W Registration is Open; So You Want to Be a Dyer?

Pet the sheep, take a class!

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival is a little gem of a fiber show. Held the weekend after Labor Day in Jefferson Wisconsin it has everything bigger shows have

Pet the sheep, take a class!

but without the stampeding crowds. This is a show that runs at a relaxing pace, everyone is having a good time, no need to rush. There are classes, vendors, a fleece competition and sale, sheep dog trails, and food trucks roll in from Madison. I’m teaching there again this year, Friday-Sunday, my classes are: The Gist of Grist, Pretty Maids All in Row: Successive Color Plying, Yarnitecture, and Colorplay: Stress-Free Ways of Spinning Color. Already taken those classes? Amy Tyler, Kate Larson and Emily Wohlscheid are also teaching spinning!



Have you even had the desire to become a dyer? Do you think it’s all about waiting for the color muse to strike and creating beautiful, right-the-first-time colors, that will sell out immediately?  In this short video (16 minutes), Amy of Stranded Dyeworks gives us all the low-down on what it’s really like to be a working dyer. Thanks to The Knitgirlls for pointing me to the video!

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