WWW: accessible tartans, 3D weaving, exhibit on Filipino weaving

Cardigan of textural Tartan designed by Anna Cuinu

Cardigan of textural Tartan designed by  Anna CuinuStudent Anna Cuinu has developed a tartan for the blind using stitch patterns, buttons, and belts to simulate the fabric.

3d Woven fabric next to a US Quarter coinLooking to apply your fiber arts skills to other areas, such as weaving a fabric that can replace steel? Advances in the 3D technology for weaving and knitting of composite materials have created that reality. That’s only the start, 4D textiles are also in development, you can learn more at 3D Textiles: Embracing The Depth.

Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Traveling ExhibitionIf you are traveling to Honolulu, Hawaii in the next two months, visit the Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Traveling Exhibition. This exhibit of Filipino weaving also includes lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. It’s being shown from September 17 to November 17, 2018 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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