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Jillian’s Spinning: My New Website and Fiber Expo


My new logo, like it?

My new logo, like it? Amy designed it!

I have a little bit of exciting news. I’ve launched my own website and blog.  On my website you can see my classes, where I’m teaching and sign up for my newsletter (coming soon). My blog is a spot where I can ramble more than I do here, there will be spinning, knitting, stitching, crochet and weaving (surprise!), but I’ll also talk about my kids, what I’m reading ,eating and watching, just generally chat. The blog will be image heavy until I get my book manuscript delivered, but then I promise crafty how-tos, experiments and other fun stuff. Stop by and let me know how you like it! Psst, let Amy know too, she did all of the graphic work.



cj logo

cjkoho Designs Kickstarter is a go!



Some excellent fiber world news – my friend Carla’s studio expansion Kickstarter was fully funded! cjkoho Designs is going to get a bigger home




I went to the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo over the weekend, mostly to see friends. There may have been a tiny bit of stash enhancement, but not much. So little that I didn’t take a picture of it.


I saw Sarah at Fiberstory. She dyed the beautiful yarn that Julia Farwell-Clay used for the cover sweater of the current issue of Pom Pom.

I got her to pose with her own version of the sweater. She dyes gorgeous spinning fiber too!

Sarah at Fiberstory and Pom Pom magazine

Sarah at Fiberstory and Pom Pom magazine


I saw Emily of Bricolage Studios. She is one of the most creative people I know. She makes fantastic wild batts and sells the fixins to make your own. But my favorite thing of hers is her amazing jewelry that combines metal work and handspun fiber.

Bricolage! One of her necklaces may have come home with me.

Bricolage! One of her necklaces may have come home with me.



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Jillian’s Gifts for Spinners

Ooooh there are a lot of great spinning things out there this year perfect for gifts!

Here are the things I would buy for all of my spinning friends if my funds were unlimited:


Spinner’s Book of Yarn Design  and  Building Blocks of Spinning DVD both by Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson



Flat Pack Bobbins by Akerworks

Bobbins of Joy and Wonder

Bobbins of Wonder and Joy to beautify your wheel


TravelKate and MiniKate by Thayer Syme

Travel Kates Regular and Mini

Travel Kates Regular and Mini


Sheepskin Treadle Covers by Hare and There



Cozy covers for your wheel and your feet

 Fiber Jewelry by Bricolage Studios

Bricolage jewelry

Bricolage jewelry



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Jillian’s Spinning: Yarn Vision and What’s Your Spinzilla Team?

Spunky Eclectic, Polwarth singles

Spunky Eclectic, Polwarth singles

What is a Yarn Vision?

When you sit at your wheel to create yarn do you know what you want to spin?

If you are spinning for something other than just the spin of it, do you know how to get there? Can you see the finished yarn in your mind’s eye, feel it running through your hands as you knit? Can you see the finished project beautifully created from your yarn?

Do you ever take more than a second to think about the yarn you want to make, to use? Even before you sample, before you buy or shop your stash for fiber?

Taking time to really describe the yarn you want to use can be the difference in loving your final yarn and project.

When I express all of the details of a future yarn I call it a Yarn Vision. I do it when I am spinning for a specific project, I do it when I want to learn something new and I do it to stretch my creativity in spinning.

I started doing it because I would spend most of my time just spinning aimlessly and even when I had a project or yarn in mind I would sit at my wheel and hope for the best. Needless to say I was disappointed most of the time!

So now I dream part of the time and plan a bit of the time to make a Yarn Vison and I spin with clearer ideas and intent. I find spin more because my time is better balanced between dreaming and spinning. I also find I spin with more creativity because my best creative moments come from veering from a path (what if I do it the way everyone says you can’t?) or combining paths that I’ve never put together before.

My planning usually consists of asking myself questions.  I love questions, I love lists and I’m a visual person, so my Yarn Vision frequently looks like an explosion of fiber, paper, tags, markers and photos.


Briar Rose lofty merino 2-ply
Briar Rose lofty merino 2-ply

For a project I ask myself:

  •  What is the project?
  •  How do I want it to look and feel?
  • How does it have to hold up, how much friction will it get?
  • Does it have to be machine washable?
  • Type of fiber?
  • Amount of drape?
  • Smooth, shiny or wooly fuzzy?
  • Gauge?
  • Is it for someone?
  • Do they have favorite colors, fiber allergies?
  • Do I have all of the measurements I need?
  • Practicals
  • What yardage do I need?
  • How much fiber will I need?
  • How much for sampling?
  • Is there a deadline?
 learning to love yellow

Bricolage Studios batt, learning to love yellow

For stretching my creativity spinning I base my yarn on something non-fibery.

  • A word
  • A phrase
  • An idea
  • An inspiration – book, movie, person
  • A photo


Cjkoho BFL, singles as cables
Cjkoho BFL, singles as cables

For learning spinning I pick a skill or challenge, like:

  • Spin longwool woolen
  • Spin and knit something to wear with less than 2oz of fiber
  • Spin 8 oz of fiber worsted
  • Read a chapter in a spinning book and spin as lessons
  • Make a color I don’t like work with a color I love


How do you envision yarn you’ll spin?



Spinzilla is coming!

Spinzilla is coming!

Spinzilla is Coming! Who are you spinning for?

 Spinzilla is a spinning competition that will raise awareness of handspinning and raise money for the Needle Arts Mentoring Program.

Join one of the more than 30 Spinzilla teams and see how much yardage you can spin during Spinning and Weaving Week – October 7-13.

The team that spins the most yarn will win fabulous prizes and have bragging rights until next year.

The Spinzilla teams created by a variety of spinning-related companies – retailers, wholesalers, publishers, etc. can  have a maximum of 25 members each and sign ups end on September 23rd.

How much can you spin in a week?


More folks are going to be talking about spinning and Spinzilla on their blogs over the next few weeks. Be sure to check them out!

2013 Spinzilla Blog Tour

8/27 – Jillian Moreno  – That’s Me!– Creating a Yarn Vision: Knowing What Yarn to Spin

9/4 –   Deb Robson – Fast and Easy Wools to Spin

9/11 – Felicia Lo – Spinning Hand Dyed Yarns

9/18 – Beth Smith – Fiber Prep for Production Spinning

9/25 – Sarah Anderson – Twists and Singles

10/2 – Liz Good – Resources for Measuring Yarn





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Spinning Tuesdays: Color Blending Fail?


I’ve been spinning, but not a lot. I finished a 2-ply, color blending experiment with some Yarn Hollow roving.

2 colors of Yarn Hollow roving blended on one bobbin













After I spun the second bobbin I was sure the resulting yarn would look really crappy, too contrasty, just like I don’t like. I almost pulled the yarn off of the bobbins and gave up on it.

These don't look blended at all













I will admit I had problems spinning these rovings they were more compacted than usual and really didn’t want to draft together. I’m sure my spinning clouded my judgement because look at the resulting yarn

Blended just fine











It looks blended, not too contrasty at all.  I’m glad I didn’t give up.



I plied some Bricolage Studios handpulled roving with sparkly thread. I love the sparkly it cuts through the meatiness of the single. I got the super sparkly thread from Threadart.

I can’t get a good photo of it from a distance, but here’s a close up














The new SpinDoctor Podcast is up. Sasha and I report from Madrona, we are excited and silly.


What are you spinning this week?

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Fiber Expo: I May Have Shopped

This is the fourth year that there has been a Fiber Expo in my town. Now, it’s not Rhinebeck, but with 77 vendors, I was still able to make my spinning heart cheer and credit card cry.

All the vendors I bought from are local to Michigan, but sell online. I’ve got a bunch of spinning to do.

Here’s what I got:

BFL fleece, all raw and crunchy

A BFL fleece from Cross Wind Farm.

cormo, warm and inviting

Two 8oz bumps of BFL/Cormo from Cross Wind Farm in colors to chase away the gray Michigan winter

sexy batt packaging

I may have gone a bit of  batt binge at this show. This one is from Hands and Notions. Her packaging is great isn’t it?

so pretty, it changed the way I look at yellow and pink

Yellow and pink are two colors I typically steer away from, but this batt from Bricolage Studios lept into my hands.

can't pick? get them all.

I couldn’t choose between these batts from Frankielove Fiber, so I bought all three. I’m going to randomly spin them together.


From Yarn Hollow, two new colorways: Crimson and Chai.

Fiberstory won me and my friends over, 100%

Every single person in the fiber gang I shopped with bought something from Fiberstory Our favorite new fiber supplier, can you blame us?

both happy AND fuzzy

Two from Happy Fuzzy Yarn. She does the best blues.

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Spinning Tuesdays: I Have an Art Batt Problem and April’s Spinning Plan

I love art batts, both the sexy smooth and the everything but the kitchen sink kinds. As I was going through stash to make my spinning plans I discovered a bunch of Bricolage Fiber Studio batts.

A bunch of batts












Instead of just petting them, I looked at them with the intention of spinning and knitting ideas. I know I want to corespin them.

These I want to make into a shawl:

These for a corespun shawl















This one and another with the same blue I want to incorporate into a mill spun yarn sweater:

An accent for Cascade 220












I am happy with both of those plans and excited to see how it all comes together.



I am also happy with the bigger plan I made for my spinning. I planned just for the month of April, because two months worth seemed over whelming and I found myself writing down impossible plans for May because it seems so far away.

For April deadline spinning I will spin:

  • Fiber Fiesta for the next issue of Knittyspin
  • Samples for the Spin Art SAL on SpinDoctor, the rest of the singles yarns
  • The yarn for the Spunky Eclectic blue shawl I have in my head, worsted spun

Blue shawl swatch












For April non deadline spinning I will:

  • Practice worsted spinning (for the blue shawl above, also a 2012 spinning goal)
  • Practice hand carding (from Carol Rhoades Madrona class)
  • Try dizzing from my drum carder (from Sarah Anderson’s Madrona class)
  • Spin and write a pattern for easy mittens and hats using handspun for holiday gifts
  • Ponder all the bits for teaching a knitting with handspun class
  • Spin three things for just spinning

All completely doable. Just figuring it out and writing it down released so much spinning stress for me that I sat down and turned these:

Huckleberry Knits fibers













into this:

Huckleberry Knits yarn


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Spinning Tuesdays: This Is What Spinning Startitis Looks Like

I’ve been thinking about my spinning goals for the year, but I have a case of a particular crafting illness.

I have a bad case of Spinning Startitis. For the past week or so I’ve started a bunch of things.

Here are a few of the bobbins that I’ve been working on.


Yarn Hollow, Yarn Hollow, Spunky Eclectic and Bricolage

A bobbin spun from Shetland roving  from Yarn Hollow, spun woolen. This will become a tight three-ply and eventually mittens.


A bobbin spun from Cheviot and Shetland rovings from Yarn Hollow, spun woolen with a double marl to see how the colors work together. This will become a 2-ply, then eventually a shawl.


A bobbin spun from South African Fine top from Spunky Eclectic, spun worsted. It nearly killed me, the worsted spinning. It’s going to take a lot of practice to get to the point where worsted is a relaxing spin for me. But look at the blue color, that alone kept me going. This is going to be 2-ply, and eventually a lace crescent shawl, I even have the stitch pattern picked out already.


A bobbin spun from Bricolage  Studios’ handpulled roving. This one I just let rip, it’s lumpy, bumpy, thick, thin and all kinds of textured. Right now it’s just hanging out. I may ply it with some shiny thread.



So it’s seems I’m really getting the hang of my Spinning with Intention goal for the year. Not really a surprise if you know how much I like to plan things. I probably should add finish what you start to my list of goals. Maybe for 2013.

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Spinning Tuesdays: Beautiful Batt Spinning

I hope everyone got lovely fiber gifts for whatever Winter holiday you celebrate, and  spent a day or two relaxing in pajamas.

I gifted myself a Bricolage batt

Bricolage Batt

Emily does the most beautiful mixed batts, lots of interesting texture and great colors. She makes gorgeous jewelry too. I might have bought myself a Poppy necklace.

I core spun this batt, letting it be as textured as it wanted to be.

Textured Bricolage Yarn

After spinning fat and core spun yarns for most of this year, I’m thinking about what to focus on for 2012.

Have you decided on any spinning resolutions for 2012?



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