This is the blog for Knitty magazine, which lives on the web at knitty.com.

Three of the women that make Knitty happen write about things here. We write about Knitty and Knittyspin, and more often, about whatever else we think is interesting. Or silly. Or both. Penny and Jillian write most of the posts, because they’re awesome. You can tell who’s written a post by looking next to the date.

Jillian is the editor of Knittyspin, and Catalyst of the whole Knitty shebang. This means she is often the brains behind the exciting new ideas we implement at Knitty, like this blog-writing thing and the division of fall into two seasons that better describe what knitters really want. She’s also the reason there is a Knitty — her passion, brain and heart have helped Amy build the magazine and keep it on the grass-roots path we all feel is so important. If you ever meet her, thank her.

Jillian has been a knitter forever, and a spinner almost as long. Spinning is her current passion, and she spends part of almost every day at her wheel. Her hangout is Spun in Kerrytown, Ann Arbor (MI).  She likes vintage dresses, Tim Burton, British murder mysteries and listening to her kids sing in the bathtub.

Penny is the newest member of Knitty. Think of her as a master sorter and organizer. In addition to spending time each week to find interesting, intriguing, and unique links to share every Wednesday on the knittyBlog, as our Blog Editor, she’s also our Patreon Rewards Whisperer. What does that mean? She wrangles the data in the magic spreadsheet so Patrons can receive their rewards each October.

When not assisting small businesses with their technology needs, she’s knitting, crocheting, spinning, or begging the cats to let her weave. She loves muddy trail runs, fosters kittens, and lives in Westchester, NY, with her husband and two resident cats.

Do you have some fiber-related news you’d like to see on the knittyBlog? Send Penny the details and she’ll feature the most newsworthy stories here every Wednesday.

Amy is the editor of Knitty. She’s also the publisher and founder of the magazine. In 2002, it came to her in a dream while sitting on her living room couch that she should start an online knitting magazine to feature the knitting talent she’d been seeing on blogs all over the world in one tidy, professional-looking website. And here we are 16 years later. Cool.

She loves ukuleles, rabbits [she lives with a Flemish Giant mix rescue bunny named Tully], things with pushable buttons, and stuff that’s shiny. She’s allergic to wool and sensitive to all animal fibers, so she’s the non-wool knitter in the Knitty crew. Amy taught on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for almost a decade and now is enjoying staying put, saving her travelling for vacation-type relaxation. Two carpal tunnel surgeries in 2016 have finally paid off…she’s knitting again!

She lives in Toronto and can often be found hanging out, having an iced latte and knitting, at The Purple Purl. She is frequently obsessed with technology and gadgets, and quite likes shoes that don’t hurt.