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Every single class at Craftsy is 50% off today through Monday the 5th. It’s an excellent time to stock up for fall crafting and cooking. Do you want to learn something new or brush up on a technique that’s gotten rusty? Now you can do it on the cheap.

Craftsy Sale!
Craftsy Sale!

Knitty is a Craftsy partner, so when you buy a class through a link on our blog or any of our social media we get a little bit of the purchase price. Thank you for that!

All of My Tags

All the tags
All the tags!

I cannot spin anymore without tags. Not just one or two either, I have a whole range of tags for different things. See? Lots of tags. Some of them I use interchangeably, but most of them I use very specifically. Here’s how I use them, moving left to right:

The biggest tag I use for sampling. I wrap singles and hang my ply back sample on the tag so I can check that I’m on track when I’m spinning. I will add the wheel, wheel set up, fiber, dyer, colorway,  wpi , ypp and all of my yarn information before I’m done. I’ll also hang a plied samples (before and after finishing ) on it. It’s all there on one tag. Sometimes I rewrite the information in a yarn journal, most of the time I put it into a ziploc bag with fiber samples when I’m finished.

The second tag I use two ways. I use it on finsihed yarn to note yardage, wpi, fiber, dyer, color and possible project. I also hang one of these on my wheel when I’m in progress. This is where I note what’s going on when I stop spinning for the day or for awhile. I often have several projects on bobbins across a couple of wheels and I am not ashamed to admit I get lost. I note what project this is for, wheel set up, if I am spinning worsted (woolen is my default) any drafting lengths or treadling counts that are different than my default. Sometimes what I was watching while spinning. If I am leaving this project for a bit, I paper clip the big tag to it or hang it next to it. Note: this will not work if you have small children or cats in the house. The hanging tags mysteriously disappear.

The third tag I use to label finsihed yarn, when I only need yardage, wpi, ypp, and fiber. The round tag (and other fancy tags) I use on yarn when I am gifting or selling it. The orange stickers are for marking bobbins. I wrote about that in more detail on the PLY Magazine blog. The tyvek wristband I use to mark fresh yarn while it is still on my niddy noddy – all of the fiber and yarn info. Sometimes I transfer the info to one of the white tags after the yarn is finsihed and dried, sometimes not. You’ve heard me talk about these wristbands many times – they never come off, which means all of my info is there, with the yarn, all the way through finish.

If I all of a sudden became limited in the tags I could use, I would pick the tyvek wristband and the biggest tag. I can’t imagine spinning without either of those.

What tags do you use in your spinning?




Sample Looms: A Little Obsessed


Swatch Maker Looms
Swatch Maker Looms

Have you seen these swatching looms? I can’t quit playing with mine. I don’t have time right now to warp and weave on my rigid heddle loom, but still want to play with weaving.

I have been carrying one of these in my bag for weeks, weaving a little here and there. It’s so satisfying and for me it’s the perfect thing for the winding down of summer, when all of a sudden there is no time left for all of the big projects I was going to do.

These three looms are different setts (sett is the spacing of warp threads, much like knitting gauge or wraps per inch in spinning. These are 12,10 and 8 ends per inch) and I woven on them with the same three colors of Brooklyn Tweed Loft.

I love being able to play with color without having to commit to a whole project. I can also work on getting my edges neat and even, something I always struggle with.

Yesterday it occurred to me to use my handspun yarn on these looms. I want to weave more with my handspun this year and am curious about twist and ply in weaving which is a perfect project for these looms. I don’t have to spin and warp for my rigid heddle loom to learn about handspun and weaving.

What are you obsessing over at the end of this summer?



The  folks at Purl and Loop sent me their Swatch Maker looms to review for Knitty.I reviewed the 3 in 1 loom in the current issue and will review the single Swatch Maker looms in the next issue.


A New Class Question and PLYAWAY 2017 Classes Posted

natural + singles collageHow often do you like teachers to have new classes?

I’ve been teaching a lot the past couple of years and don’t know when to add new classes. For 2017 I tried to have at least one new class for each multi-day teaching gig. I’ve noticed some teachers don’t add new classes very often.

What about exclusive classes for big shows and events? Is that something that appeals?

I personally love designing new classes, but they take about four months to develop. So I need to be sane about how many I add. And let me know if there is something that you’d like to see me teach.


Do you like to plan ahead? Jacey has already listed the classes for PLYAWAY 2017. That woman is organized!

The dates are April 25th-April 29th. The location is the same as last year, the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City. There is a fountain pen store just off the lobby, plan your budget accordingly.

I’m teaching three classes and two of them are new and one of them includes sheep cheese tasting!





Here, There and Everywhere




I’ve heard that my new book has landed in the publisher’s warehouse early. Let me know when you get your copy and what you think about it. I’m equal parts nervous and excited to hear what everyone thinks!


While most of the staff was at Convergence Amy Greeman and I snuck into the WEBS Podcast, Ready, Set, Knit and talked about my book. Did you hear us? You can listen anytime here.



Spin singles with me
Spin singles with me



Are you interested in spinning singles to knit? I have a new video out this week from Interweave called Spinning Singles. It’s under and hour and full of tips on how to spin a stable, consistent singles yarn. And  of course I talk about manipulating color in singles yarns, too. I can’t help it, really. It’s available as a download now, with the DVD coming soon.




Because I have to do what everyone else is doing, I’ve dusted off my spindles. My family is going camping for a few days next week, where cell phones don’t work (I’m so excited). I will be the one spinning on a spindle in a hammock. We picked our campsite based on the number of trees for hammock hanging. So think of me here, spinning.

Camping time!
Camping time!

What are you spinning as summer winds down?

Spinning and Knitting PSA : Rhinebeck

There are 73 days until Rhinebeck!

Is that enough time to spin and knit a sweater? Even if I have other work to do, lots of work, including other spinning and knitting?

I’m considering this handspun classic – Amy King’s Less is More

Less is More - Is there time?
Less is More – Is there time?

I don’t have yarn spun to make it, I checked. If I make the short sleeved version, that’s about a pound and a half of fiber to spin. This is what I will be deeply mulling over the next few days and tossing my stash . I could make it out of singles or fatter yarn or with less ease to cut time. Or maybe I should make something smaller. But I feel like making something!  Are you spinning and knitting something for Rhinebeck this year?



Knitting at Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley!
Diagon Alley!

A bonus of having a kiddo that does a traveling sport is sometimes you get to go to very cool places. My daughter competed in the AAU Springboard Diving Nations last week in Orlando, Florida. We are huge Harry Potter Fans, so in the few hours before our plane left we went to Diagon Alley at Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. I was giddy with the knitting.


Harry and Ron's Sweaters
Harry and Ron’s Sweaters


I saw the Harry and Ron sweaters for sale. These were acrylic, but they did a good job of looking like they were knit from Rowan’s Felted Tweed.



Yarn Shop!
Yarn Shop!


There is a a yarn shop! Spindlewarps sadly is a display shop not a shopping shop (just like the bookstore Flourish and Blotts), but can you imagine if it were open for shopping? I stood in front of the window filling it with inventory in my mind for a long time. Even if they just sold kits, it would be fantastic!



What I bought
What I bought


We had frozen Butterbeer, rode the Escape from Gringotts ride and shopped a little. I bought Molly Weasley’s wand and a Time Turner because  crafters always wish we had more time.




Our favorite thing was sitting a watching people. Everyone is so happy and excited to see everything and all of the other fans. It was a great way to recover from the stress of a big meet. I’ll leave you with a little video of Molly’s magical knitting needles, something I really wish I had!





Spindles Are Everywhere!

spindles bowling
Akerworks Mini Spindles

Is it my imagination or are people spinning on spindles more right now?

I don’t know if it’s because of summer and they are portable, but I have seen more spindle spinning around in person and on social media.

I’ve heard rumors that there are fewer spinners now, that the spinning trend is leveling off and maybe dropping. The rumor is that spinners are turning to weaving and sewing and not spinning, not buying fiber or wheels.

I know spinners aren’t going anywhere and that this is part of the ongoing rhythm of fiber crafts in general. I also think that spinners are turning to spindles again. We are spinning on all spindles, but I have seen a crazy amount of spinning on Turkish spindles. I’ve also seen more spindle classes being offered at fiber shows and retreats.

Am I imagining things? Are you spindle spinning more?

Llamas Block Tour de France Route

I can’t tell you how much I love this.

Llamas in the Tour de France  (Photo: Joel Adages/Facebook)
Llamas chillin on the Tour de France route (Photo: Joel Adages/Facebook)

Last week llamas blocked the route of the Tour de France in the Pyranees mountains. They did not interfere with the race however.

Other animals including sheep (!) have caused trouble during the Tour, here’s an article about the recent history of animals interfering with the Tour, including a flock of sheep causing a slow down on a climb. I know it’s dangerous to both the animals and the riders, but I can’t stop giggling.




Craftsy Sale 50% Off of Best -Sellers

It’s hot outside and maybe you’re sick of binging Netflix. How about a new to you Craftsy class? Craftsy has a lot of their knitting, spinning and crochet classes 50% off this weekend. You could hang out and learn from Lucy Neatby, Amy Herzog, Kim Werker or Jacey Boggs Faulker for just a little less dough.

Craftsy Sale!
Craftsy Sale!

The links are part of the Craftsy affiliate program. When you use them to buy a class, Knitty gets a little money from the sale.