Author: Penny Shima Glanz

Penny Shima Glanz spends her days spinning yarn and code into memorable projects. Small businesses rely on her for smart technology decisions. She creates understated elegance in her hand-knit and crochet designs. She loves muddy trail runs, fosters kittens, and lives in Westchester, NY with her husband and cat.

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Sunshine's new jumper
Perhaps you need some Sunshine. Yes, she did get a new jumper. Woollinn, Ireland’s Festival of Yarn, is coming up on June 14th – 16th 2019, City North Hotel, Gormanstown, Co. Meath, Ireland. Learn more about the epic marketplace and not-to-be missed workshops (our Kate Atherley is teaching) at The newest quarter in the U.S. Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarter Series celebrates Lowell National Historical Park (Massachusetts) with an image of a mill girl working at a power loom. [via Jillian]

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Knitting Pilgrim
This animated embroidery by Alexis Sugden is adorable. [via Kate] The Knitting Pilgrim is a multidisciplinary theatrical experience that uses storytelling, image projection and a one-of-a-kind textile installation called Stitched Glass. It opens at the Aga Khan Museum (Toronto) May 11-12, 2019 and tours Ontario until Nov. 2019. Knit 1, purl 2: Assembly instructions for a robot? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) have created soft robots with a knitting machine. What do they do? They give hugs when poked in the stomach! ♥

WWW: Heavy Metal Knitting Championship; knit a sports car; LYS Day

World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship to launch in Finland – for more information about this inaugural event, please visit the official website. Did you know you can knit a sports car with carbon fibre? The second annual Local Yarn Store Day is happening this Saturday April 27th. Stop in your local yarn store and celebrate! Many will offer exclusives colourways, special kits, and more. These items will only be available in shops. Learn more and find a store near you at

WWW: mathematical weaving; Woolfest 2019; socks + science

Weaving Mathematical Principles Into Indian Carpets. A conceptual artist worked with weavers at a village in the Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradeshmade (India) to weave a carpet based on the mathematical concept of on cellular automaton. This year Woolfest (UK) is Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June 2019. It is the fifteenth year of the show. Further details can be found at the website, Engineering the Perfect (Winter) Sock looks into the science of socks. If you’d like to knit your own pair of socks please check out the knitty sock library. [link via Kristine]

WWW: Giving toward the future

Congratulations to The Monforton School in Bozeman, Montana and Hawlemont Regional Public School in Heath, Massachusetts (USA) for being recipients of this year’s Schacht Tools for Schools Grant! You can find out more about this program and other teacher resources at Purl & Loop has a new monthly program, Purl & Loop Weaving Project. Once a month, they will donate up to 25 Wee Weavers (4 sett) to a teacher or organization leader who can demonstrate how they will use these products to expand weaving to a population that might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a ...

WWW: Kate’s Bakes & the Barcelona Handmade Festival 2019; love sheep; HoTTea solo exhibition; knitting for dogs

Artist Kate Jenkins is known for her knitted and crocheted food. Her newest exhibitions, ‘Kate’s Bakes’ will be opening 3rd-5th May at the Fira de Barcelona as part of the Handmade Festival 2019. The Campaign for Wool (UK) has a fun sheep photo contest, with interesting facts on sheep! Click through to learn and vote for your favourite sheep! [There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the number of images you can vote for at this stage in voting. /penny] Photo: “Cuddles” by Pia. Yarn artist HoTTea takes over Wayzata Gallery (Burnet Fine Art, Wayzata, MN, USA) with a Solo Exhibition that ...

www: distinguishing blue; a new knitted suit; goats

There’s Evidence Humans Didn’t Actually See Blue Until Modern Times The Himba tribe struggled to see blue, but can distinguish many more shades of green than many. “This all suggests that, until they had a word from it, it’s likely that our ancestors didn’t actually see blue. Or, more accurately, they probably saw it as we do now, but they never really noticed it. And that’s pretty cool.” Knitting with a repurpose: Woman makes suit of plastic bags Rosa Ferrigno knit a suit from plastic grocery bags. Please enjoy these goats on a slide. (links to a video on Twitter)

WWW: knitting robots ; unconventional weaving; periodic table of the elements

Do robots dream of knitting? Knitting machines exist, but there’s something different about knitting with two sticks and string. At the University of Berlin (Germany), research by Dr. Pat Treusch is underway to determine how to teach a robot, PANDA, to knit. You can learn more about PANDA at Do robots dream of knitting? – Träumen Roboter vom Stricken?. Can you weave that? For artist Anne Samat the answer is often yes. She mixes traditional yarns with unconventional materials like rattan sticks or metal. [Photo Anne’s work Freedom 1 … To Be Me (rattan sticks, yarns, washers, rakes, PVC chains, home ...

WWW: ancient sewing needles; math & knitting; Philippine weaving

Sewing Needles Reveal the Roots of Fashion. Not only were they used to sew seams, but also to provide embellishment. (Photo: F. d’Errico/L. Doyon) [via JM] This article explores the research of Elisabetta Matsumoto. She looks into how different stitch types determine the stretch and shape of knitted items. Not only is it useful traditional knitting but also for material science. (Photo: “Topological defects in the square can shape the (a) out-of-plane and (b) in-plane deformations of knitted textiles.” Elisabetta Matsumoto) The Great Women Project Revives The Philippine Weaving Industry. The textile ...

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Irene Bennalley walks her herd of Navajo-Churro sheep out to grazing land where extreme drought has gripped the Four Corners region near Two Grey Hills, New Mexico. Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times
This article looks at the impact of drought on Navajo shepherds in the SouthWest. The Navajo Sheep Project set up a drought relief fund to help shepherds and their sheep sustain this latest challenge. via LG. Photo: Irene Bennalley walks her herd of Navajo-Churro sheep out to grazing land where extreme drought has gripped the Four Corners region near Two Grey Hills, New Mexico. Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times Three keen needleworkers, all in their 90s, have come away with first and highly commended prizes for their handicrafts at the Newcastle (Australia) show. Photo: Whiddon Redhead residents Linda Felton, ...