Knitty Friday

FO & WIP-spotting from the First Fall Issue

Looking at the Knitty issue  projects never fails to bring us happiness… and inspiration!

KnitMinion’s Hidden Gusset mitts.

Terrific yarn choice for this: the subtle variegation is really good in the ribbing.

gitagiri’s Indigo Cones sweater.

So great.

hgd11‘s Change of Heart cowl.

Just the sort of thing that makes you look forward to cooler weather…

brieri’s Grantangle crochet stole.

Wow… can’t wait to see how this one grows. Clever way to use a self-striping yarn.


Arkus’s Jasseron.

Inspired color choice.

Tamyboy’s Boutonniere is just fantastic, and I love how she’s styled it on her jean-jacket. I think I need one of these.

Exactly how it should be done.






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Surprise Projects

We released our issue Surprise about three weeks ago.

(Do you know about our Surprises? About six weeks after the issue goes live, we release a couple of “bonus” patterns. We sometimes save an extra fun or interesting pattern for the Surprise. Sometimes it’s a pattern that’s a little too seasonal, if you see what I mean.)

For our Spring & Summer issue, there were two Surprises, the Neldoreth Socks, and the Fifteen Love pullover.

Now that looks like summer!

Fifteen Love may well be the perfect summer knit. And I don’t know about you, but if I’d seen these pictures in early March I would have been seriously cranky. It’s mid-May and spring has only just arrived here in Toronto.

There are some great projects underway.

There’s Clellybobus’s terrific red Neldoreth socks.

I think the “foot in half-knit sock” is my favourite category of WIP picture. I do this all the time!

And WillyG’s version is showing lots of promise… love the colorway chosen.

Oooh yeah… Love the blue-green.

And as for Fifteen Love, I think Eirny‘s choice of color combo is just fantastic.

Reminds me of a popsicle!

And this is brilliant:

Helping choose a color combo!

Milanpink built herself an illustration to help her choose her favourite color combo.  Next time I’m doing a multi-color project I have to do this myself.

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On Regenerate

We loved it from the minute we first saw it.

Lots of knitters have been appreciating Mary-Anne Mace’s beautiful Regenerate Shawl in our Spring & Summer issue.

In the introduction to the pattern, Mary-Anne told a story about her experiences with the earthquake in her home town of Christchurch, New Zealand.

This beautiful design was inspired by the regeneration of nature in the fact of such terrible destruction. In a recent post on her blog, Mary-Anne shows us pictures of the city in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, and in later months as the regeneration began. The pictures are heartbreaking and beautiful.

Nature regenerates; hope amid the destruction.

In addition, because Mary-Anne is a helpful designer, she’s created some supplemental charts to help knitters with the project.  There are rows that have large numbers of knit stitches, and Mary-Anne has annotated the charts with stitch counts. The link is at the bottom of the post.




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Spring & Summer WIPs

I think this is one of my favourite parts about working with Knitty: getting to see all the WIPs and FOs. So beautiful! So inspiring! I love seeing how knitters interpret a design with their own color choices, their own styling.

A few lovely things from our recently-released Spring & Summer issue….

Our knitters love an interesting new way to knit socks, and String Theory fits the bill very nicely.

I love the yarn that Evee chose for her version. The variegation works brilliantly with the patterning.

And these, Kalliongimma‘s project… The self-striping Regia works just brilliantly! Go look at the project on Rav – there are even more great pictures.

There’s a number of Sweet Tantalate projects underway. This white silk one from MaryBethLogue is particularly lovely.

The color of Speck‘s Sunday Sunrise is fantastic. So very springy and cheerful.

And in the same color range, Marsdenmoocher‘s Kali vest is just the best.
And I can’t wait to see sophyting’s Anthi finished… she reports starting it the very day the issue came out.

And this is a very promising start at Octopodes from luarn. Perfect color choice.

And I love the color choice for JorunKnits’ Rosarian. Can’t wait to see this develop!

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On Wraptor: A Shorter History & A Yarn Giveaway!

So very clever, and so very beautiful.

As you know, we love an interesting sock construction, and designer Jeny Staiman has outdone herself with the Wraptor sock, as published in the most recent issue.

As Jeny describes it, Wraptor is the lovechild of two previously Knitty socks, Skew and Longitudinal.

She’s written about the inspiration and development of the design on her blog.  It’s a fascinating insight into how designs develop and change and grow and improve with every subsequent iteration – and a good reminder for all of us that if the first attempt doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It began more than two years ago, with a project to yarnbomb a coworker’s headphones.

Where it all began. Sort of.

One of the things we love most about this design – in addition to it being one of the cleverest things we’ve yet seen, of course — is how it uses a self-striping yarn to great effect. We’ve all got skeins of self-striping sock yarn in our stashes, and after a while, a “plain” striped sock gets a bit boring.

Looooooong stripes.

As she developed the pattern, Jeny realized that to get the most impact, she had very specific requirements for a self-striping yarn: she needed a yarn with sufficient lengths of each color that even for sections with 200+ stitches, the integrity of the stripes had to be maintained. And in Twisted Fiber Arts’ most excellent long-repeat self-striping yarn, she found what she needed.

We’re giving away a kit of this wonderful yarn to make your own pair of Wraptor socks, courtesy of Anne at Twisted Fiber Arts. The prize, worth $46, includes a full skein and a mini skein. Leave a comment on this blog post to be eligible to win, by midnight EST Monday, December 23rd. The usual rules apply; if you’ve won in the past year, please let other readers have a go!

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It’s that time of year again…

If you’re looking for ideas for gift knitting, here’s a few suggestions…

For someone you’re seeing next week:
Nozky leg warmers – especially quick in littler sizes.

For your little dancer.

The Grey Gardens turban/headband – tres chic, and a single skein!

Bonus: actually practical, too!

Mr Popper’s Penguin hot water bottle cover

Would make a pretty great stuffed animal friend, too!

Spatterdash fingerless mitts.

Love these, and they’re particularly great if you’ve got a good button stash to dive into. Who says the buttons have to match?

A coffee cup cozy.

Works both ways – protects your hands, also keeps the coffee warm. Or hot cocoa, of course..

The Knotty But Nice Hat

Perfect for fussy men (Would work for the ladies, too!)

For a generous host:

Venezia beaded napkin rings.

Simply beautiful.

Wine cozy.

Again – practical! Stops the bottles banging around in a gift bag.

For someone who takes an off-kilter approach to the season:
Marley’s Ghost

To begin with.

The Nosewarmer

Also wonderfully quick and sure to generate laughs at a secret santa gift exchange.

The Vegan Fox

I made one of these ten years ago, and I love it still.

For someone you love very very much, and who doesn’t mind if the gift is a little late:

The Hibernate blanket. 

Because it’s perfect.

The Bauble Shawl

Simply stunning.

The Latvian Vest

A tour de force.

Need Other Ideas? Go visit the pattern archive!

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Plum Rondo… What about Green Rondo?

We’re all madly in love with Julia Farwell Clay’s new Knitty design, the colorwork circular yoke pullover, Plum Rondo a la Turk.

It’s great, but maybe those colors aren’t for everyone?

Julia has used very striking – and very non-traditional colors – for this fantastic piece. The purple, orange, hot pink and yellow are a lot of fun, but we know they aren’t colors that work for everyone.

Julia’s written a blog post about the color choices for the designs. In the post, she explains the inspiration for the original choices – when Lorna’s Laces has a colorway that’s your last name, you can’t not use it – and talks about the process of choosing colors for this sort of design.

And then she provides a number of alternate palettes, if the original colorway doesn’t work for you.

She’s even provided some suggestions for those of us who like to wear a lot of black…

Totally different yet equally wonderful.




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Latest issue WIPs & FOs

We love the enthusiasm with which you greet the launch of a new Knitty issue, and it’s fun to see which projects get started first. There’s always a rush of quick hit projects, like the Beer Mitt

LisaMarilyn‘s first one – she promises there will be more.

Color-coordinating your mitt with your beverage.

If you’re a member of her family, watch out – that’s what you’ll be getting for your holiday gift. (I wonder if I can get on the list, too… ;-) )

The Wedgie hat just makes me smile, and I’m stalking all the projects on Rav to see if indeed it’s true that it looks good on everyone (but Franklin).

It certainly suits Kupgup!

So great!

Nymphalidea is one of those wonderful shawl patterns that’s easy but still interesting to knit, is endlessly adaptable, and is an excellent way to use up stash yarn.

Iceboxofpaknits‘ version is particularly nice.

Looking good so far… and not just because it’s colors I adore.

And lmermd‘s Deflect socks are coming along very nicely.

I try my socks on like this all the time! You do get funny looks on the bus, but it’s the best way to admire your work.

But I especially adore the commitment of knitters who clearly ditch whatever else they are working on to IMMEDIATELY cast on for a new sweater.

These knitters are doing me proud by swatching….

Jhocy‘s My Favorite Color swatch

Looking good.

Knitter Carlypeas says about the Flippant cardigan… “As soon as I saw the pattern I couldn’t wait to get it on my needles”.

It’s going to be amazing in this color!

Happy knitting!

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Love for Love; On Learning Double Knitting

We’re loving all the Love that the Love Actually is All Around cowl is getting.

What’s great about this is seeing so many knitters fall in love with the design and trying something a little outside their comfort level to make it happen: double knitting.

Kattak’s version

I adore the “non-traditional” natural colors!

RichelleCK’s “I Actually Love Grasshoppers”, also in a great color combo. Richelle says that she’s never tried double knitting before, and although she feels it might have gone better, she learned tons in the process.

I asked her about the project, and she said:

Double-knitting was on my “learn it” list for a long time, but nothing inspired me as much as this cowl did to actually jump in and give it a go. I’d recently taken a class in colorwork, since my tension there had been a problem area. In this class, I gained confidence in two-handed knitting (um, not purling). I think without that class, I may not have even attempted this cowl – and the cowl is what made me jump to learning a continental purl (which I don’t care for much, but can actually do if I have to now!). I’m sure my tension will get better with practice, but I’ll have to find another pattern I want this badly to give it another go!

A perfect example of complementary colors – color theory ahoy!

DianneK’s chocolate cherry version is just delicious


When I asked DianneK about the project, she said

I was always afraid of double knitting. I love this pattern and learned specifically for this. I had fun making this and learned some fun new techniques. I started a second one already.

CraftySBS learned double knitting specifically because she adored the project.

Learning, in action!

If you’re intrigued by the project and want to learn more, the designer recommends a couple of resources…

The cast-on is a bit tricky, and this video has helped a lot of people.

And Space Cadet Creations Yarn is running a knit-along for it. There’s lot of helpful tips and discussions in the Ravelry forum.

If you’ve tried the cowl and love the technique, have a look at some of the other patterns we’ve published at Knitty for double knitting:

If you want to go further, there’s Kate’s War & Peace socks – two socks, knitted one inside the other, using the double knitting technique.

Not easy, but very very rewarding.

And if you want to explore even further, the designer Alisdair Post-Quinn is doing amazing work in this area. His book is called “Extreme Double Knitting” – and it’s breathtaking.

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Knitty Friday: Are You Feeling Creative? Franklin is Hosting a Contest!

In this issue’s Stitches in Time column Franklin Habit tackles a knitted counterpane square with his usual panache.

Templeton Squares

Templeton Square

Franklin was so inspired by the work he did with his Templeton Square, and got us so excited by it that we’ve decide to have a contest! We have fabulous judges and fabulous prizes, all we need now are your creative ideas knit up, photographed and sent in by March 15, 2013, midnight, EST. For all of the details, keep reading. We can’t wait to see see what you come up with!


Contest Time: Square Off with Knitty


Here’s what you’re gonna do:

Use the Templeton Square pattern  as the basis for a finished project. It can be anything at all: a coverlet, a piece of home decor, a garment, a party tent — the type of project is up to you. The only requirement is that the Templeton Square must be a prominent and essential piece of it.

Send us glorious photos of your creation, as many as you want, but three must be:

  • a full shot of your design
  • a flat shot of your design
  • a detail shot of your design

The judges will be judging from your photos so make sure they are lovely and in perfect focus, no smaller than 750 pixels wide.

Include a short paragraph describing your piece, including your inspiration.

Tell us your name, email address and what yarn was used for the project.

Deadline for entry: March 15, 2013, midnight, EST

And here is what will happen:

Our World Famous Panel of Judges:

  • Ysolda Teague
  • Brooke Nico
  • Fiona Ellis
  • Shannon Dunbabin (of Cascade Yarns)

…will choose one winner in each of three categories:

  • Best in Show
  • Most Creative
  • Most Ambitious

Winners will be contacted by email by April 10, 2013
Winners will be announced in the Surprise for the Spring+Summer Issue of Knitty in mid-April, 2013.

Here’s what you could win:

  • Best in Show: Original Franklin Habit illustration, prize value $500, plus 10 skeins of Cascade Sierra yarn (your choice of in stock color), prize value $110, total prize value $610
  • Most Creative: 1 set of Addi Turbo Lace Clicks, prize value $169.95 plus 10 skeins of Cascade Sierra yarn (your choice of in stock color), prize value $110, total prize value $279.95
  • Most Ambitious: 10 skeins of Cascade Sierra yarn (your choice of in stock color), prize value $110
Are you feeling inspired?

Are you feeling inspired?

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