Washing Fleece – What Do You Use?

I bought two fleeces at Maryland Sheep and Wool, a Finn and a Corrie Cross. Now I have to decide how I want to wash them. I originally wanted to compare two wool scours, Unicorn Power Scour and Kookaburra Scour. Then I listened to the Modern Wool podcast on wool scouring, and I’m not sure that I shouldn’t just use Dawn or clothing detergent. Then I went back and reread Sarah Swett’s blog post about scouring fleece (she uses Kookaburra), and I swayed that way again.     Both of my fleeces are pretty middle of the road as far as staple and fineness so I feel like I can do some experimenting. ...

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Sunshine's new jumper
Perhaps you need some Sunshine. Yes, she did get a new jumper. Woollinn, Ireland’s Festival of Yarn, is coming up on June 14th – 16th 2019, City North Hotel, Gormanstown, Co. Meath, Ireland. Learn more about the epic marketplace and not-to-be missed workshops (our Kate Atherley is teaching) at woollinn.com. The newest quarter in the U.S. Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarter Series celebrates Lowell National Historical Park (Massachusetts) with an image of a mill girl working at a power loom. [via Jillian]

Schacht’s 50th Anniversary Spin Along

    For Schacht’s 50th Anniversary, Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns created a colorway called Barry’s Jubilee. It’s 85% Polwarth/ 15% tussah, I know, such a dreamy blend. As part of their 50th anniversary celebration the folks at Schacht are hosting a spin along during the month of June. If you sign up for the spin along newsletter you’ll find out all about it. I’m in, and planning on spinning two different yarns with my braid.             Besides this fabu colorway, Schacht has several special anniversary products.   Everything from an ...

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Knitting Pilgrim
This animated embroidery by Alexis Sugden is adorable. [via Kate] The Knitting Pilgrim is a multidisciplinary theatrical experience that uses storytelling, image projection and a one-of-a-kind textile installation called Stitched Glass. It opens at the Aga Khan Museum (Toronto) May 11-12, 2019 and tours Ontario until Nov. 2019. Knit 1, purl 2: Assembly instructions for a robot? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) have created soft robots with a knitting machine. What do they do? They give hugs when poked in the stomach! ♥

Teaching at MDSW

As you read this, I’m am probably driving home from teaching at Maryland Sheep & Wool, after taking a day to recharge with my daughter in Buffalo. Yes, my car has a stash of Southern Tier beer and Polar nestled among the wool, and I did buy it at Wegmans. It is rare that a teaching gig that doesn’t just meet all of my excited expectations, but exceeds them. Teaching at Maryland was crazy good! It was one of those rare experiences where everything and everyone just clicked, students, the volunteers who run the show, the other teachers, and the festival itself.     My students are so talented, ...

WWW: All Jillian all the time (Interweave backstory + Fruity Knitting Podcast)

Did you know our Jillian Moreno was a vital part of Interweave for many years? Learn more about her role, and about the legendary Linda Ligon in this fascinating portrait of a company we hope will continue into the future. Someone buy Interweave, please! In more Jillian news, we’re happy to share her appearance on the Fruity Knitting Podcast right here. She’s a super-smart spinner and a great teacher. Grab a beverage and watch. Last bit of Jillian news: if you’re lucky enough to be at MDSW this weekend, do some Jillian spotting. She’s teaching (looks like all her classes are full!), and she ...

How Do You Store Your Tools?

How do you store your spinning tools? I’m having trouble figuring out where and how to store my middle-sized tools. I’m good with my little tools, they live in my spin kit. My big tools like wheels, and my drum carder have their own space. But what about hand cards, combs, hackles, little looms, kates, and storage bobbins not in use? Those tools can fit in a lot of different places. Mine are scattered all around. Combs and hackles I have stored out of the way because, ouch.   Most other things are scattered around with no rhyme or reason. I want to figure out a way to organize them, so I can always ...

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World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship to launch in Finland – for more information about this inaugural event, please visit the official website. Did you know you can knit a sports car with carbon fibre? The second annual Local Yarn Store Day is happening this Saturday April 27th. Stop in your local yarn store and celebrate! Many will offer exclusives colourways, special kits, and more. These items will only be available in shops. Learn more and find a store near you at www.localyarnstoreday.com.

Maryland Sheep & Wool First Timer

Maryland Sheep & Wool fans, I need your help! I’m teaching at the show before the festival starts, and I hope to see some of you in my classes. I’m staying an extra day, Saturday, because I have never been to Maryland Sheep & Wool. Tell me please, what are the things, food, and vendors that I shouldn’t miss? Things that are unique to MDSW. Including great places to eat nearby. I am excited to teach and excited to prowl the grounds of a new-to-me show, but with almost 300 vendors, it’s a little overwhelming. Yes, I am customizing a map, with a checklist, and may even make a spreadsheet. ...

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Weaving Mathematical Principles Into Indian Carpets. A conceptual artist worked with weavers at a village in the Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradeshmade (India) to weave a carpet based on the mathematical concept of on cellular automaton. This year Woolfest (UK) is Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June 2019. It is the fifteenth year of the show. Further details can be found at the website, www.woolfest.co.uk. Engineering the Perfect (Winter) Sock looks into the science of socks. If you’d like to knit your own pair of socks please check out the knitty sock library. [link via Kristine]