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Obsession Thursday: Bunny behavior

photo of my hand with healing rabbit bite marks
I got bit.

So this happened. —>

My first reaction, as Tully clamped down on my hand intentionally and angrily, was to be angry back. I didn’t lash out; I just removed him from my flesh.

As I treated the wounds, it changed to sadness. This is the 2nd time he’s done this.

The next morning, I remembered what I learned the last time he did this.

Flash back to the two days before the bite: I’m trying to deal with the disaster that was Tully’s corral. A cage that he liked because it gave him a 2nd level to hide in (bunnies like to feel safe), and a big enclosure so he can run about when I’m not around to supervise. Except he was peeing all over the place, no matter what I did.

So I stripped it down to the bare essentials. I dismantled the cage and cleaned the whole area. I replaced his body-sized litterbox with one 3x his size with high walls. And because I’d found him shredding his foam-square floor, I covered the whole area with a plastic floor protector (like you use in offices under rolling chairs). I gave him several places to hide (a cardboard box with holes at two different places), an area to cuddle on that used the same fuzzy mats as he’d always had, and then I introduced him to it. He seemed fine. He liked it. He hid in the hiding places and lounged in the lounging places. He didn’t pee anywhere but the litterbox. Success, right?

That night, because his water bottle’s bracket had broken in the changeover, I used his food dish for water instead. I reached in to deposit a scoop of pellets (his favorite) on the floor in front of him, and he lunged for my hand and bit down hard and wouldn’t let go. WTF?

See, I had made an agreement with him, and I’d broken it. Previously, I picked up his bowl, filled it with pellets, and he lunged for the bowl when it hit the floor. That last change was one change too many in such a short time, and he had had enough.

I told my boyfriend that Tully speaks English, and got a stare back like “why am I dating this nutjob?” Except this is what I mean: Tully tells me what he wants. When he follows me to the kitchen, he wants food. When he jumps on the couch, without exception, it means “pet me”. He is a clear communicator. This bite, then, was a clear message that he’d had enough changes for one day. It was a harder bite than was necessary (or than another non-rescue bun would give), but I understand it.

(I have no idea how he was treated in his first 10 weeks before he was rescued, but based on his aggressive food-motivated behavior, I expect he was starved. Frequently.)

Here’s some good reading I’ve done since bringing Tully home. I’m so grateful for the internet and how people are willing to share their experience.

Prove that you love me (lots more on that site about behavior!) | Aggressive rabbits


Obsession Thursday: Reorganizing for the new year

Not Knitty…reorganizing my apartment! It is rather small as 2-bdr apts go, but I do love it so, and it’s what I can afford, so I’ve gotta make it work.

Over the holidays, I started another wave of tidying and purging. My office started out like this:

mid-purge/tidy: notice the large quantity of Ikea bags, now empty after putting their contents in their proper places (sometimes that was the garbage). big black monolith is my desk chair. 

…and then I made it better. Took a few days and cleared away tons of crap, and properly put away tons of NOTcrap. There was more clear floor space in here than there has been since I moved in in Sept 2014 once I was done.

Of course, that meant that I had to fill it up again.

Tully has been living in the living room. He’s young (not even a year old yet) and he can’t be fully free range until he chills a bit. So he needed more space than he had in just his cage when he’s tucked in for the night.

Squeeze, having vacated the office for her new home on Toronto Island with her daddy (my ex), left more than enough room for Tully to move in. Today, he moved in.

The exercise pen around his cage came from a Facebook trading site called Bunz.
The exercise pen around his cage came from a Facebook trading site called Bunz (only in Canada, I believe). I traded two bags of dog treats for this baby.

The cage is his security, so I kept it. On the top right, that huge black thing is a Sterilite plastic bin which holds — get this — a half bale of hay. And it’s full. That’s how much hay this guy eats. It cost almost nothing to buy it from a hay farmer, which is much better than the $14/wee bag I was paying before. (Each bag lasted a week.)

Anyway, He’s been exploring this new room and finding out how it connects to the rest of the world he knows already. He seems quite happy. Has eaten, groomed himself and is now drinking from his water bottle. This indicates a relaxed bunny.

Job well done, I say! Woot me!

Intrepid explorer Tully susses out his new digs. Yes, there’s a lot of crap on my desk. That’s the next task.


Obsession Thursday: All Tully, all the time…

Not really. But at home, it kind of is. He’s such a different bunny from any I’ve ever cared for before.

Last few nights, he’s decided he enjoys jumping on me when I’m on the couch and demanding to be petted. This, as you can imagine, is not a hardship for me. Except when I stop. And he decides I need to be back at it. So he tells me with a not-gentle nip. He’s still a baby, and only 3 weeks since his neuter, so testosterone is still in him. He gets the high-pitched bunny squeal of pain in return, which is a language he understands. Eventually, the nipping will stop. Or get gentler, anyway.

Meanwhile, I’ve been posting these videos the last few nights. People tell me it’s very soothing to watch. So here you go.

Should you want to see more of these, you can follow me on Instagram. That’s where I post them.

Obsession Thursday: A new rabbit in the Knitty household

Some of you may remember that one of the two mini-rex sisters who lived with me, Boeing, died in October 2015. Since then, it’s been just me and her sister, Squeezle.

Squeezle is 11 and then some, and that’s pretty senior for a bunny. She’s been happy as a solo bunny. I guess she always had secret desires of being top bun than now can be realized. Me, though…I wanted a puppy. Someone furry to hang out with me on the couch, go on road trips with.

Baby Tully won my heart with this picture. Look at those ears!
Baby Tully won my heart with this picture. Look at those ears!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a dog person, however. I’m a rabbit person. So when I found a listing for a Flemish Giant mix rabbit (mixed with what? Beagle?) whose foster mom said was “like a dog”, I decided I was ready.

Meet Tully —>. 10 weeks old in this picture, after being rescued from an open field in a large plastic tub with his two brothers. They’ve been adopted to other loving homes.

Tully was neutered just before I brought him home. He has some mellowing to do as the hormones leave his system, but basically he is the biggest, love-loving bunny I’ve ever met. Maybe even more than little grey mini rex Newton (1993-2005), and that’s saying something.

See, mini rexes are notoriously high strung, but I love them anyway. However, there are a few breeds of rabbit that are mellower. Flemish Giants are one of them. Tully ain’t scared of much except sudden noises. Driving in the car? No biggie. And now that he’s explored the living room/kitchen area where he roams, he’ll sit at my feet forever for pets. One day, he might even make it up on the couch next to me.

Tully would like me to pet him. All the time.
Tully would like me to pet him. All the time.

Purebred FGs can grow to 22 lbs. He’s about 7 lbs right now, which is as big as Boeing was at her largest.  The vet thinks he won’t get much bigger. Those may be famous last words, but I don’t care. I love having a big bunny again.

I have a harness waiting for Tully, when I feel he’s calm enough to handle it.  It’ll probably take a while to get him used to it. I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to taking him on road trips with me, or on overnights to friends’ houses.

As for Squeezle, she and Tully will never meet. Bonding bunnies is stressful for both of them (and for the human, honestly) and even if it was successful, then Tully would lose his mate sooner than is fair. So they live in different zones of the apartment for now.

Tully came home with me the day before my birthday. Best birthday present ever.


Here he is. Home at last.
A side view of my big bunnydude.