What’s What Wednesdays returns!

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WWKIP day, which seems to frustratingly coincide with the big knitting convention [TNNA] every year*– well, this year is going to be a big one! Let’s look at what you can do on June 12th to share the knitting love!

Toronto, Canada: Another attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for most knitters in one place [currently held by the knitters at Sock Summit 2009] will take place at Junction Square (2945 Dundas at Pacific) between 1 and 4 pm. Enjoy entertainment, refreshments and prizes. The count for the world record will take place at 3 pm, so please come early to register.

Dublin, Ireland: Don’t just knit — wear your knitwear! Dublin Knit Collective is promoting their 2nd annual Wear 2Be Seen on WWKiP Day 2010.

Lancaster, PA: Knit as you ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the countryside. Want a ride? The Lancaster Yarn Shop is offering rides in the LYS KNiTTING BUGGY, and it requires reservations, so book soon! What a great idea!

London, UK: The I Knit London ‘World Wide Knit In Public Day’ Treasure Hunt is legendary. The annual treasure hunt will take place on 12 June. Meet at 11.30am for send off at midday. People are invited to take part in teams of up to five people. This year’s event will have a bingo element to make it more fun. Participants will be knitting their way around central London hunting for hidden treasure and little bits of knitting.

None of these nearby you? Go check the list…there are events being held all over the world!

*Turns out, the WWKIP organizers know about the conflict and have tried to accommodate the largest possible number of people — the official WWKIP date is actually a time period! This year, it’s June 12 to the 20th. In Europe, organizer Danielle tells me that there are local holidays that would conflict with the later date, so they choose the earlier one.

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10 thoughts on “What’s What Wednesdays returns!

  1. The Sexy Knitter

    Oh man! The London treasure hunt looks like so much fun! In Kansas City we usually just meet up at a public park for a morning of knitting, but this is making me want to organize something a little more exciting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bonnie Zink

    Knitters are a wonderful breed. Celebrating WWKIP day is always a lot of fun. Here in Saskatoon, SK we plan to take over a section of our river side park and knit until our hearts content. Every year we receive lots of passers by, and some are even interested in learning to knit. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t get rained out this year.

  3. Patty- knitdream

    Hey! Great to see that you guys are back!! Anyone else having trouble trying to setup the RSS feed? I keep getting a ‘ Feed Code Error’ weird!
    As for Knit in Public, we’re doing it on June 13th on the grassy nole in Frankfort IL!!!

      1. Patty- knitdream

        Nope, still didn’t work. It won’t let me put it into Outlook with the rest of my RSS feeds. Got another error saying it couldn’t connect to server.

  4. Becky

    WWKIPD I will be in Indianapolis on a bus tour to Indy Motor Speedway and a winery. I don’t see any WWKIPD events in Indiana — however, I predict knitting on the bus … at least as far as the winery 😉

  5. KelleBelle

    British Columbia is definitely representing for WWKIP! June 13th the Fraser Valley Knitters’ Guild is participating by hosting a table to promote the Guild and knitting in general at the Cloverdale Flea Market in Surrey, BC, and Langley’s 88 Stitches is hosting theirs June 12th at their shop.

  6. Amy

    Knit in Public day is on my birthday, so I’m going to enjoy cupcakes and ice cream and knitting on the beach. Yippee!

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