Fresh from TNNA

crazy Columbus art car, parked near the convention center

TNNA [The National NeedleArts Association] is the organization of manufacturers of almost everything we all knit with, from yarn to needles to notions to bags and more. Going to the TNNA trade show in Columbus, Ohio, every June is a tradition for those of us in the industry. Knitty first attended TNNA in 2004, and every year, what we see gets more interesting.

Most importantly, we get to meet in person the folks that make the stuff we love, sometimes after having corresponded by e-mail for years. It’s pretty neat.

So this week’s What’s What Wednesday is devoted to what we saw and a few peeks at what you might see in issues to come.

All photos were taken with my iPhone, so they’re of modest quality. Next year, I bring the good camera.

Knitwear designer ## Melanson## in super-fabulous sunglasses. We'll get her in Knitty one of these days.
Stephen West models ##, this time in a new smaller version which you'll find ##
Larissa from ## Designs## showing us her new bag hardware on a felted sweater turned into a bag...more on this in a future issue!
We loved these ## socks##, knit in ##'s Laces Shepherd Sock##, shown at their booth!
## had a booth this was 100% delicious.
One picture is never enough.
Welcoming new yarnies ## from Sweden, run by two sisters with the loveliest British accents.
Millamia is a wool yarn with kid-centric pattern support...really fashionable and truly adorable
The awesome Norah Gaughan poses for a teaser'll be seeing something from her in a future issue, made from ##, my favorite find from this year's show. Wool-free tweed, light as air, made from recycled fibers including silk, cotton and linen. Thank you, Berroco!
New from Knowknits, the ## bag## is now available in faux-fur. Can you stand it? Soft as anything, too. Two other new colors have been added: a pale purple and a soft gold, seen here.
##'s## booth was the talk of the show...tea and cakes every day at 3! The booth was furnished like a living room, and was a great place to hang out. Previews of Ysolda's upcoming book -- Little Red in the City, due out this September -- could be seen as well as garments from ## Collective## and ## Shetland Trader##.
I happened to stop by when Ysolda was taping a segment for Knitting Daily TV, with host Eunny Jang. Marilyn Murphy of ## watches over the proceedings.
Stephen West, Casey (## Guru##) and Laura Chau (## watch on as Ysolda and Eunny prepare for the segment. Casey's not angry, just concentrating as he works.
Was this year's TNNA a success? Absolutely Yes! (Artwork by ## Palnik## Â -- his studio is next to the ##'s## location on High Street. Frustratingly, it's never been open when I've been there.)
More of That Car

Overall, I found the show to be much more upbeat than it has been in the past few years. The floors weren’t necessarily crowded with attendees, but those there — from what I was told — were placing orders. Some booths were busy the entire show; others had spurts and quiet times. The trends this time? Well, I was a little surprised to see what seems to be a small resurgence of novelty yarn from a few manufacturers. But overall, I found most manufacturers were adding yarns with longevity to their lines…rich wools, creative new blends, and lots of deep fall colors were everywhere.

Jillian and I were also delighted to see much more spinning fiber on display than at any previous show. Beautiful indie-dyed wools of all description, silks and delicious blends. Watch Knittyspin, where you’ll see these beauties in an upcoming Fiber Fiesta feature.

There was an aisle mostly dedicated to newer products, many of which you’ll soon be seeing in our Cool Stuff section in upcoming issues. The Yarn Roundtable closet is now restocked with a huge selection of yarn, with more to come as manufacturers and dyers return home and start shipping their TNNA orders.

Yes, there was a lot of Jeni’s during this trip for Jillian and I. We needed to keep up our strength, you know! [This year’s favorites for me were the Meyer Lemon Blueberry and the Salty Caramel. Jillian favored the Goat Cheese with Roasted Cherries.]

There was more than I could ever capture at the show itself, but this gives you a taste of our weekend with the fiber peoples. For more coverage, don’t miss Clara’s post at Knitter’s Review, next Thursday — KR is on an every-other-week posting schedule for the summer, Clara tells me. Reading her event wrap-ups is a must, whether I’ve been at the event or not. The Ravelry folks did a great job of covering the floor during the show — you can find their pictures and video at their Hello TNNA twitter feed.

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  1. kristi

    I see you were as transfixed by this car as I… I talked to the owner while I took my pictures. He told me I could stick my toys to magnets and the magnets to the car and I’d be good to 40mph if I wasn’t sure I was truly ready to commit to “art car”.

  2. Seanna Lea

    So much fun. I love the idea of a non-wool tweed; double the love if the tweed is also machine washable. It sounds like a perfect yarn for a sophisticated blanket.

  3. Sam

    I’m so glad I got to see you at the tradeshow- you can guess how much I was hoping that I’d see that there, that I brought my Citron (dark grey louet gems fingering weight) to wear. : ) That knittylove pin and my photobooth picture with Ysolda are just about the most awesome things ever.

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