It’s Wednesday!

Have you been wondering if an iPad is worth buying? Read what knitter/designer Amy Swenson has to say on the subject. [Neither of us have any financial stake in Apple or iPads, by the way. We’re just geeks who like toys.]

O-Wool has new owners — the Tunney Wool Company. Glad to see this brand continue!

i ate the whole thing. and then wore the shirt home.

What is this TNNA everyone’s talking about? It’s The National Needlework Association, and people in the industry use the abbreviation as shorthand to refer to the semi-annual tradeshow.

The biggest one of the year happens next weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and yarn companies, manufacturers of bags and needles and notions, publishers and designers will all descend on the city to find out what’s new.

Many of them will walk across the street to the North Market for a daily dose of Jeni’s Ice Cream, too. Ice cream consumption doesn’t count when we’re working, right?

This weekend, many of our Knitterati are off to Squam. What’s a Squam? Not really sure, but it sounds fabulous. It’s an art camp in New Hampshire, and Toronto’s own Yarn Harlot is on her way there as I type this, as are Ysolda Teague, Jess and Casey from Ravelry, and many more.

Sounds like something to pencil into your calendar for 2011, no?

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3 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!

  1. Seanna Lea

    I only found out about Squam in March, a little too late for my budget to sign up. It sounds like a wonderful summer camp for adults and all of the people I’ve talked to who have been there before are huge fanatics, talking it up to the nines.

  2. Luise

    As you may know by now, Squam is considered by many the most beautiful lake in New England and has remained relatively unspoiled by the onslaught of visitors and the passage of time. It’s just two hours from Boston, well worth a stop when you can fit it in.

    It was a treat to hear you in Cambridge a few weeks ago (I was the lady to your right with a copy of your book), and I hope your knee is no longer a problem. Do return when you can.

  3. Megi

    I’m going to be fascinated to hear more about Tunney Wool Company! It’s my mother’s last name and I’m always tickled when I see it pop up.

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