Multiple personalities?

If you’ve been reading the KnittyBlog for a long time, it might be sounding a little different to you lately.

It used to be all Amy all the time. Which can be anything from amusing to annoying, depending on your perspective. But mostly, that didn’t really reflect the true backbone of Knitty. Sure, Amy does lots of stuff and is the big boss, but there are other super-important Knitty people that, if you don’t know yet, you will soon.

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2 thoughts on “Multiple personalities?

  1. Liz A

    I’m enjoying the new flavor — it has a real Lime & Violet twist to it that has been missing since the end of the Daily Chum.

  2. theresa

    This is great format. The different perspectives, the frequent updates, and the various pictures make the site fun. Many thanks!!

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