Spin dreaming

It’s Knitty production week and I really should be working, but my mind keeps drifting off to this:

oatmealy BFL

Nearly 3 pounds of oatmeal BFL that I want to spin for the Tour de Fleece.

I dream about spinning it into a beautiful long-draw single that I would full and knit into a sweater.

I also dream about dyeing this bfl, national blue, bright violet with maybe touches of avocado or maybe grasshopper ( yes, those are pro chem colors). Not with total coverage —  I want some of that oatmeal to show.

What are you dreaming about spinning for the Tour?

I met Sasha this weekend at a Maggie Casey workshop. Sasha has a new spinning podcast, The Spin Doctor, where she reviews spinning fiber, tools, dvds and all manner of spinning yum. Give it a listen and tell her what you think!

Stare into into the BFL vortex - if you dare!

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6 thoughts on “Spin dreaming

  1. Braizyn

    I bought a four-pound shetland fleece from Mimi at Windrush Farms in Petaluma. I’d love to get that all cleaned and spin it up for Tour de Fleece

    1. Amy

      Jillian wrote this post, and thankfully for her, she’s not the least bit allergic to wool! 🙂

      You can tell who wrote a post by checking the name at the top by the date.

  2. Mary Birong

    I have not spun in years and then only wirh a drop spindle, but your oatmeal wool makes me want to forget I have way too much to do already and take that spinning class…SOON! Enjoy every moment.

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