New Yarns, A Few Events for Your Calendar, A Surprising New Spinner

The Knitty Spring+Summer contest winners have been chosen. The lucky winners’ names are on the Contest page. They’ve been contacted and are excitedly awaiting their prizes! Stay tuned…more contests will be announced for our upcoming First Fall issue, which goes live any day now.

We were excited to learn of the launch of Quince and Company, a new independent US yarn company founded by Pam Allen (ex-editor of Interweave Knits, designer and author), designer Carrie Bostick Hoge and their friend Bob Rice, who happens to own a spinning mill.  They have beautiful yarns, some lovely and very accessible patterns, and a wonderful sensibility: they have focused on sourcing products as locally and as environmentally and socially responsibly as they can.  Patterns and yarn are available from their website, and they are looking forward to distribution in local yarn stores in the near future.

A rainbow of yak gorgeosity. Image courtesy Lorna's Laces & Bijou Basin.

Last week, Lorna’s Laces announced a collaboration with Bijou Basin Ranch, to dye their delicious yak yarns in fabulous Lorna’s colors. The colors are “nearly solids” with a gentle, earthy edge.  Three different yarns will get the Lorna’s treatment.

Question: Why is it that the ugliest beasties make the most beautiful yarn? The yaks, that is, not the crew at Lorna’s!

Anyway, I personally adore the Bijou Basin yarns, and this is terrific news.

Image courtesy Knitter's review.

Registration for Clara Parkes’ 2010 Knitters’ Review Retreat opens today at noon EST.  Instructors include Ann Budd on the math of knitting, Clara herself on Yarn 101, Cat Bordhi on creating new stitch patterns, and Melissa Morgan-Oakes on knitting with beads.

It all takes place in Williamstown, MA, November 12-14.

The Bust Summer Craftacular London edition runs this weekend, July 10 at York Hall near the Bethnal Green Tube Station. Shopping, crafting, workshops and dancing from noon to 7pm! What more could you want for £2 admission?

And if you’re in London, don’t forget to put the iKnit London Weekender on your schedule, September 10th & 11th.

Prince Charles learns to spin, just in time for the Tour De Fleece.

Yarn bombing your own car? Brilliant!

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61 thoughts on “New Yarns, A Few Events for Your Calendar, A Surprising New Spinner

  1. Linda

    Love the new yarns! Both the new colors of yak yarn, and the new Quince look yummy!

  2. Kayla

    great fall knitty up! love the yarns picked for the roundtable. I signed up for the august roundtable 😀

    Could you also enter me for the contests?

  3. Bonnie

    Lots of great ideas! Love the jump start on fall needs, too. Put my name in the hopper please.

  4. Liese

    Great Fall Issue-Can’t wait for cooler weather-Have been a faithful reader since the beginning of Knitty and love every issue-Thanks for keeping it going-

  5. Betty S. S.

    Can’t wait to access the Mythos pattern. It looks so beautiful. I also love that it comes in such a large range of sizes.

  6. Ara W.

    I LOVE Mythos! Beautiful! I can’t wait to see if I have yarn around to make it! (or, you know, maybe you could enter me to win the yarn for it? please?)

  7. Debbie W.

    Mythos is just brilliant! Can hardly wait to get the needles going on this one!! Thanks for all your patterns!

  8. Christina F.

    Very excited by the First Fall issue, and now saving up for some new yak yarn too!

  9. Amy

    I was hoping to make more hats as the summer progressed since they take less time than my usual sweaters and I can give them away at Christmas. Minty looks like a blast. Great pick for this issue.

  10. Susan

    Thanks for mentioning Quince – I checked out the website. Love having some more U.S. wools!

  11. Dana L

    Great Issue. I think the ugliest beasts make the prettiest yarn because because all animals have some redeeming qualities, no matter how ugly they are. (That includes humans too.)

  12. Amy

    You have to enter each contest as its entry has been posted. We haven’t posted any contests yet, so you’ll just have to stay tuned!

  13. DJ

    Would so love to go to London to knit, but will have to read about it, instead. Thanks for entering us into the contest!

  14. kkkkate

    So many choices! Quince and Bijou Basin–both look wonderful, now I’m thinking of projects for both.

  15. Carla

    What a good idea to get an early start on Fall. I am always knitting so why not knit now for the fall weather…. It might just get done by Winter’s end!

  16. Marion

    The usual interesting selection of patterns and features! When on earth will I find the time to read (and/or knit) them all?

  17. Angeline

    I love Knitty and eagerly await each new issue. Since learning to knit just over 2 years ago Knitty has been an integral part of my learning and a well used and valued resource. I particularly love Mythos, any light weight knitwear is always welcome for us that live in the warmer parts of the world!

  18. Dianne

    Love the socks especially with unusual construction. I think there will be a few classics in this issue, thank you for all your hard work.

  19. Shirley

    I always get so excited when I get my email that the new knitty is out! And as usual there are more things to add to my list of things to make. Here’s hoping i can get a few things finished up so I can start them!

    I am also very excited about the contest.

  20. Ginny

    Great patterns for First Fall. Can’t wait to cast on for something, but which one? So hard to choose…

  21. Jessica

    Oooh, a new Knitty! Great issue!!
    And the yak yarn here, just gorgeous!
    Please enter me in the contest as well, Knitty prizes are the best!

  22. Wendy

    Thanks for all the patterns in a variety of skill levels. I just began knitting a year or so ago and your patterns and articles keep me pumped!

  23. Vanessa

    I love the new format! Knitty is indispensable! I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from your great techniques articles. I come back to them time and time again. Thanks for all your hard work!

  24. deedee

    I am such a fan of Pam Allen, so glad to hear of her new endeavor and cannot wait to purchase yarn/patterns

  25. Seanna Lea

    I just took a look at the Quince yarns and they look wonderful and affordable. There was a sweater in VK a couple of years back knit in Magnum, and I just couldn’t deal with the cost even though by the yard the yarn is pretty affordable. This looks a little bit better and a bit wider color selection!

  26. Cathy Briggs

    The new Quince yarns are beautiful. Love the colors. And that they are spun in the US. Wish more stores carried them.

  27. Susan Paul

    oh thankyou thankyou for the yarn maven car design…it confirms my deeply held intention to decorate the hardtop of my Miata (comes off when the rag top is up, and now, I know that I will decorate the rag top, too…i can knit something outrageous for the ragtop, and know that it will go up…and down…and up. something to do with the hemp i like to knit with, but it’s too stiff to wear. everytime i look in here, i find something i could not have thought up alone….

  28. Cristin

    I love the new First Fall Issue. Thanks for keeping things fresh and mixing things up 🙂

  29. Erin

    Love the way you’ve changed the issues. This really helps the way I plan my knitting projects for the seasons.

  30. CJ

    I love the new fall issue. I am drooling over all the patterns. I like the timing a lot better too. Thanks so much!

  31. Betsy Bradley

    Love the Mythos sweater. You’re right everyone needs this imaginary sweater in their wardrobe!

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