Obsession: Iced Coffee with A Shot of Vanilla

Slurp, slurp

It’s hot where I am – you may have already heard that.  I know it’s hot where a lot of our readers are.

When I was younger, my favouritest hot weather treat in the entire world was ice cream.  Now I’m a lactose-intolerant grown-up, my favouritest hot weather treat in the entire world is an iced black coffee with a shot of vanilla syrup.  It’s like a grown-up version of a coke float, in an odd sort of way — but with more caffeine!

Without giving any too many of our secrets, I can tell you with absolute authority that more than one iced coffee was consumed during the production of the First Fall issue of Knitty.

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20 thoughts on “Obsession: Iced Coffee with A Shot of Vanilla

  1. simon

    Iced coffee while knitting! Ah…such are the things of life.
    ps…Crochet with iced coffees is delictable too!

  2. Seanna Lea

    Ice cream is definitely one of my favorite treats. I make it with lactaid milk for friends or make granita and sorbets instead.

    Now I want to go home and eat ice cream!

  3. bj from LaColline

    Already have coffee in my cup, just need ice and vanilla syrup. I wonder if extra touches will help me spin faster?!

  4. Lisa Ward

    I adore iced coffee as well! I’m surprised no one has asked–what’s that knitting in the photo?

  5. Holly

    The coffee shop nearest my home makes the best iced mochas in town. They use dark chocolate. YUMMM

  6. Jenny

    Iced vanilla latte or iced chai latte, knitting and a small breeze, knitting heaven. In the winter change this to Hot lattes and a warm fire. Also, if you like ukulele, you must like Jake Shimbukuro.

  7. Kaycee

    M-mm Vanilla iced coffee is the perfect way to cool off, something we always need here in Florida. The heat doesn’t keep me from knitting, thank goodness for air conditioning.

  8. Ana Filipe

    Well anything iced is good at this point at Alentejo – Portugal. The weather is very hot and no one dares to walk in the streets!

    Knitting? Only with something to give some refreshment!

  9. Jen D

    Not usually a coffee person over here… but I do like the occasional Frappe… Vanilla Tea, iced of course!, sounds perfect to me.

  10. Jen D

    Not usually a coffee person over here… but I do like the occasional Frappe… Vanilla Tea, iced of course!, sounds perfect to me.

  11. Carol Fyffe

    I am 60 and had my first iced coffe with my mom when I was 14. Mom is gone now, but I still drink iced coffee on Saturday afternoons and “toast” mom. What a perfect afternoon…knitting with a glass of iced coffee. (after the cleaning is done, of course)

  12. emily

    I can no longer have coffee (stupid IBS) but I friend told me it’s devine to have iced coffee with a shot of mint in it. That sounds devine to me!

  13. Rachel

    Iced coffe is a real treat. I save it for quiet times when my children are not around, and I can knit uninterrupted.

  14. Stephanie

    I have never been a coffee drinker, but I discovered iced coffee about a year ago, and I love it! I don’t know if I could drink it without cream though. Is Almond Breeze lactose free? I bet iced coffee with a splash of vanilla Almond Breeze would be pretty good too.

  15. Janey

    For those who are lactose intolerant:
    Have you tried frozen yogourt?

    I too am lactose intolerant. And ice cream used to tempt me unmercifully – especially in the summer. So I used to “treat” myself to a small amount, along with a handful of Lactaid pills.

    I have since discovered that yogourt (sp?) has little or no lactose in it! The acidofulous (sp?) in the yogourt takes care of it.
    So now I restrict myself to frozen yogourt – the flavours of which make that no hardship whatsoever!

    I have seen also Chapmans ice cream in the store (but have never bought any). It is advertised as being lactose-free.

    BTW, Buttermilk is also lactose-free (or only has a very low amount). From the name, you’d never expect it, right?
    So bread made from buttermilk for example, is edible. Or anything else that you substitute buttermilk into.

    Janey (who has made herself hungry)

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