Tour Update: 16oz and Counting

Liked the fiber, love the yarn.

I’m 4 oz behind where I want to be for the Tour de Fleece. So far I’ve spun 12oz of my BFL singles and I was hoping for a pound by now. I’m going on a short hang out at a cabin vacation later this week, so I think I can catch up.

Softy Singles

I absolutely love the yarn I’m making. The colors and loft are exactly what I was hoping for. I haven’t finished any of it yet. I want to just slightly full it. I’m hoping it will have a wonderful hand at 5 stitches to the inch, because I’d love to make Goodale.

My last 4oz of the Tour so far are a merino/bamboo from Three Waters Farm in the Lynne Vogel colorway Black Hollyhocks.

How are you doing with your Tour goals?

Black Hollyhocks in merino/bamboo

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11 thoughts on “Tour Update: 16oz and Counting

  1. jeannie fagerstrom

    Your BFL looks wonderful and will make a really cute cardigan.
    I am finally knitting again after an eye injury.
    I need to start spinning again too.
    Love the new Knitty issue -already printed Purlieu -I have 6 sisters to knit for. Perfect for all of them in different yarns.
    Thanks for Knitty and the blog.

  2. Sarah

    Love the new yarn that you’re spinning up! The colors are beautiful! The top picutre really shows all the wonderful variance in colors, – yellow, blue, light greens, purples, etc. Very pretty!

    I’m not doing Tour de Fleece, but I like to encourage all those that are! I think it’s a wonderful challenge and hope to join one day!

  3. Sarah

    I love the beautiful colors that show up in the top photo. The blues, greens, yellows, and purples are just wonderful! I’m very envious of your product so far and hope to join in on th eTour de Fleece one day. I’m only just beginning to get the spinning bug.

  4. Rebbie

    Goodness. Love those fatty singles. Gotta just talk my little wheel into cooperating with the idea, and I’ll be right along with you. Good luck on the TDF!

  5. LivvyLove

    Love the color! I’m about 8 o.z. in to the tour myself (been super busy with work and school and all that so I’m waaaaay behind). So many colors in the yarn *jealous*.

  6. bj of LaColline

    Lovely choice and beautifully spun fiber for Goodale (love the pocket design). My favorite though in today’s post is that luscious Black Hollyhocks from Lynne Vogel. Your spinning has done it justice and tweaked me into wanting! My goal for Tour de Fleece is simply to spin every day. It has been a wonderful ‘ride’.

  7. ~S

    I’m SOOO far behind but I did get my 4oz of BFL/Silk Black Hollyhock spun and Navajo plied this weekend. I just love Lynn’s colorways! Love what you have done with yours!

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