When last we met…

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Two Mondays ago [Knitting Mondays, to be specific], I hinted about my first knitting project after beginning to recover from treatment for my RSI — the RSI that has prevented me from enjoying knitting for more than a year.

The project was Annis, and I knew I wanted to knit it from the moment it came into the Knitty submission mailbox.

[Do you wonder if I ever knit anything that we don’t publish? I don’t. I think that would be super-tacky. Plus, if I like it well enough to knit it, that’s telling me I should consider publishing it!

Patterns that come in that we aren’t able to publish get archived for our records only, and after about a year, the mailbox gets purged.]

Anyway, Annis. I am not personally fond of bobbling or nupping, so when I saw this gorgeous beaded Annis, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I dove into my stash, found the yarn: Araucania Lonco Multy in color 4010. This was the only yarn I bought in Hawaii, and I was excited to get to use it!

I also went stash diving for beads and, well, wasn’t smart about it. I’d bought some beads a while back at a knitting/needlepoint shop, blindly assuming that, since it was a knitting shop, the beads would fit on yarn. And this Lonco stuff is lovely and quite thin. But it’s not dental floss. And these were seed beads. Nevertheless, I was blinded by the perfect color match and went ahead. The beaded rows were unbearably frustrating, and the result? Well, you tell me if you can see the beads:

there are beads in this picture. can you see them?

What a waste of effort. But it doesn’t matter, because I love the finished shawl. Look:

look at the crazy shape of that shawl. I love it.
another angle of pretty.

At this point, a shout out to the Cocoknits people for their Knitters’ Block sets. As you can see, this shawl is not any conventional geometric shape, but the Knitter’s Block sets allow you to put blocks together in any way you need to. And the carpety layer on the top of each block means the knitted thing doesn’t want to move, even without pins. Damned clever product, these blocks.

p.s. I am now knitting more comfortably than I have in years. Happy? You can’t even imagine.

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23 thoughts on “When last we met…

  1. Knot By Gran'ma

    First off… congratulations on being able to knit again. I had a mishap where I couldn’t crochet for a month and it was horrible. I cannot even imagine a year.

    Now onto this shawl. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the colors and the shape, and I can see the beads…. wow!

  2. Heather Wiese

    I love the edge shape–it reminds me of bat wings. It would be nice to see the edging worked into a top or skirt, or even a bedspread! Love it, love it!

  3. Aine Ruane

    The very first thing I saw were the beads. What a beautiful shawl. It must be knit by one and by all.
    Happy to hear you are knitting again. I remain an law abiding citizen knowing that knitting is not allowed in most US prisons.

  4. april

    i love that last picture- it really shows the colors. awesome!
    glad you are knitting again, its no fun sitting out.

  5. cookknitwine

    Welcome back to happiness … how you survived so long, relatively sanely, without knitting is a mystery and a credit to your internal strength!
    The shawl’s not bad either!

  6. witnwool

    I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and knitting can keep my hands moving and help me relax and ignore chronic pain at times. There are other times when it is difficult to knit. I am so glad to hear that your RSI is better. Such a frustrrating condition for you!
    I love the Annis shawlette. I hope to knit to use for a summer wedding!

  7. Tasha

    I couldn’t knit for 4 years because of an accident. It was hell. Glad it didn’t take you that long. Gorgeous shawl.

  8. Jessica

    You know, when I first saw this on Knitty, it didn’t do much for me. But seeing yours on the knitting blocks… I love it!! Just printed it out and am off to stash dive.

  9. BunnyQueen

    Gorgeous! I recently knit Annis in a 65/35 blend of Merino and silk and I love it, but I clearly didn’t get gauge since my version only just covers my shoulders. It’s more a fichu than a shawl. 🙂 Since I am typically warm, though, it’s perfect!

  10. Jess W

    Oh, that’s gorgeous! And I think the beads will give it a hint of sparkle in the sun. Well done 🙂

  11. Roni

    Great that you can knit again. The shawl is so beautiful- love the color choice and I can see the beads.

  12. Seanna Lea

    This pattern was the first one I printed out from the issue, and while I haven’t made it yet (I keep falling into the sweater trap), I really want to make it. I love the beads. They are pretty subtle, but still noticable.

  13. Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

    Love, love, love that wool free shawl! I might just have to try that pattern. BTW, you did such a great job promoting those knitter’s blocks that they are all SOLD OUT — grrr! I’m on the waiting list. Need to have me some of those blocks!

  14. Dorothy

    Looks great! I was wondering what you would make with that yarn! I still haven’t knitted mine up. I’m debating what I should do with it….

    BTW, there was a Tuscany-along at knitting last night. A bunch of us decided to knit shawls, so Megan and Anne and one of the other ladies who took the class decided it was time to finally knock those out. 🙂

  15. Claudia

    These colours are so beautiful and those beads seems dewdrops to me! How results blocking a cotton shawl? Recently I finished my Annis made from a wool/acrylic-blend yarn and loved it so much that I had to cast on instantly another one…

  16. Mary Kay

    I like your version of Annis. You call that beading SUBTLE!! I’m happy for you that you are knitting again.

  17. kate johnson

    I’ll be darned if I could cast on loose enough for this lovely project. I tried using size 12 needles and then it was too loose, I am considering knitting it backwards, ie from the top down. I am really good at casting off loosely. Anyone got a brilliant idea?

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