WWW: Alice Starmore, Classes and Knit Chicken

Back in print this September!

Alice Starmore will be appearing at the upcoming IKnit Weekender in London, September 10 & 11th. This coincides with the republication of her books Aran Knitting and Fisherman’s Sweaters. Many of Ms. Starmore’s classic books, originally published in the 1980s and 1990s, are slated for republication, and they are must-haves in any knitter’s library.  Fair Isle Knitting appeared last year. Copies of the old editions can be hard to find, and sell for hundreds of dollars, so these republications mean that we can all have copies.

Also in the UK, in August, don’t forget our Amy’s classes at Knit Camp in Stirling, Scotland.

And while we’re talking of classes,  Stitches Midwest takes place in Chicago, August 19-22nd.  Expect the usual full slate of classes, shopping and general yarny fun for all.

A group of over 500 grandmothers in South Africa – many of them living in poverty – knitted more than 23,000 hats that were sold to tourists at the World Cup. Video news item from Brisbane Times in Australia.

Own a piece of your very own sheep farm! Read about yarn CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture share). Buying a share in a CSA helps support the farm and the flock, and you are repaid with a share of the shearing.

The Daily Mail tells us that crocheted fashions are making a comeback. We’re amused by the callout that says “Crocheted fabric uses a third more yarn than knitted fabric, but only one hooked needle is required to crochet – knitting requires two.” Because using two needles makes it so much harder? Silly mainstream journalists.

Image courtesy S. Caspar.

Firmly in the knitting as art category, Knit Meat from Etsy Seller Stephanie Caspar.

Add another name to the roll-call of glamorous knitters around the world…

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4 thoughts on “WWW: Alice Starmore, Classes and Knit Chicken

  1. Seanna Lea

    A yarn CSA is definitely one of those things I look into each year, and then forget about when it comes time to pay for one. I really should fix that!

    (And knit meat is just odd from my vegetarian mind’s standpoint.)

  2. Barbie S

    I am sooooooooooooooo happy to see the reprint of Aran Knitting !!! That was such a wonderful book !

  3. Jennifer

    I can’t wait to see Amy’s book!

    Knit meat though – I’m left without anything to say!

  4. X-Lydia

    Knitted meat: If it’s knitted out of 100% plant fibres, wouldn’t it be suitable for vegetarians?

    My first thought on seeing the picture, however, was of an old Woody Allen standup routine in which he said his mother was sitting at home knitting a chicken.

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