You could win! This time: Kolláge square circular needles

Kolláge square circular needles: what a mind-blowing concept

Remember how, in the new issue of Knitty, we announced that we’d be holding contests on the blog from now on? And to watch for a contest post?

This is a contest post! You found it! Can you stand it?

We’re so excited! We love giving stuff away, and this first contest is extra fun, because it’s a set of needles that we just reviewed in our First Fall issue. Scroll down to read the review, with opinions from both a woolly knitter [Jillian] and a non-woolly knitter [Amy]. We both were impressed with the unique feeling of knitting on square needles and how it tidied our stitches.

What’s the prize? A set of 4 Kolláge square circular needles, one in each of their most popular sizes.

How do you win? It’s just too easy. Leave a comment to THIS POST only, making sure your e-mail address is somewhere in the comment. Comments will be accepted until 5pm EST Monday, July 26th.

How do we pick a winner? We’ll choose one of the comments at random after 5 pm EST on Monday and announce the winner on Wednesday in our WWW post.

Thanks to our friends at Kolláge for donating this very cool prize! Good luck to you all!

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873 thoughts on “You could win! This time: Kolláge square circular needles

  1. kala

    Oooh, I’ve been wanting to try these needles for a while, thaks for having this giveaway!

    -craftytofu at yahoo

  2. emily

    Loving this new blog. It’s great to see posts more frequently! Knitting love! And who can resist a contest. I hear those square circulars are fantastic!

  3. Audrey

    Wow! I’ve seen the square needles before and would be thrilled to try them out! @ gmail . com

  4. trillian42

    I played with the square straights when they first came out, but I’ve been holding out for circulars. I’m really curious about them.

    katydidknits AT gmail

  5. Lana Holden

    I’ve just started having arthritis symptoms (I’m not even 40 yet), so I’m wondering if these needles would ease the discomfort in my left index finger.

  6. Beth

    I love the Kollage DPNs. Great for socks, and they don’t hurt my hands.

    Would love to have circs, too!

    beth.rushing at

  7. Desiree

    I have fibromyalgia and often become frustrated when I knit too much and my hands hurt, these look like they could help me tons! Plus, I’m a knitting needle junkie, I have a ton of my own as well as my late grandmother’s.

  8. Pilaar

    My bumpy arthritic fingers would love to find out how these needles feel to work with, hope I have a shot at winning a set. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  9. Mandy

    I love the idea of these needles – my Continental tension needs so much help!

    my email addy is bolsermatic (@) hotmail (.) com

  10. Kristie

    I have been wanting to try these needles, but afraid to spend the money on them in case I don’t likke them. I would love to win them and give them a try!

  11. D. Graham

    Trying again w/ email address. Crossing fingers for no spam, but getting Kollages might be worth it. Thanks for the contest!

  12. Karen

    I’ve tried this needles at my LYS, and loved the feel of them! However, I’m on a super strict budget and purchasing needles in sizes I already have isn’t on the list. So if I can win them, that would be super-fantastic!!

  13. Kirstie

    These look like they’d be really interesting to try out. Count me in for a shot at them!

    kirstie42 at gmail

  14. Laura

    A square AND a circle? At the same time? My math teacher would spontaneously combust just hearing that. But we knitters know better…


  15. Avimatic

    I really want to try these! I use circulars for almost everything and I’d like to see if they are better for some one who’s still learning a lot like me!

  16. Andrea

    I love these needles. I’ve only used a set of dpn’s for a pair of socks but they just feel so much better in my hands!

  17. Laurie

    I love the double points and I would love to try the circs! I am sure whoever is lucky enough to win these will enjoy them!

    ramona AT sweetramona (dot) com

  18. Sarah

    Can’t you see our email addresses without us posting them openly? I want to enter, though, so I shall do as you said:


  19. Shadow

    love, LoVe, LOVE these needles! I can knit longer and better with the squares and the cable is great! For some reason, I don’t grip the squares as tightly as the round needles.

  20. G. K. Green

    I (e-mail = have a Size 3 set of these with a wonderfully long (40″!) cord. I used them to knit a skirt. They are possibly the best thing since sliced bread, and definitely nicer to knit with! Please award me the prize of four more … I *know* I’ll put them to good use. Thanks for another great issue of Knitty, too!

  21. Billi

    I would love to win those needles. They might help with my carpal tunnel. Good luck to all!

  22. Logan

    PICK ME! I’ve wanted to try these needles for a while now, but couldn’t justify making a purchase… Perhaps this is my chance!

  23. Suzanne

    My email address is in the email field, I don’t want to get it harvested! But cool needles. I’d love to try even one pair of needles, much less a set! 🙂

  24. Renee

    With these amazing needles you could make a sweater with your email address on them, like “RROTHMN@PACBELL.NET 4U”?

  25. Lisa

    I was amazed when I tried the square DPNs — how does the shape make such a big difference? But it really does.


  26. Hannah

    My email’s in the email field, and my fingers are itching to try those gorgeous needles!

  27. Alice K

    my email is in the field above, and I would enjoy settling down to knit something with those wonderful needles

  28. Eleanor

    I haven’t tried out many needle types, usually just the cheapest ones at my local craft store. I’d love to try these out! emwaxman(at)gmail(dot)com

  29. Emily

    Ooh, I would sure love to try those square needles. Email is in the field, but just to be safe it’s tattva1knitsATgmailDOTcom.

  30. Laura

    I’m still kinda skeptical about square needles– but then again, the novelty of crawling around on the floor looking for the needle that rolled off the table has really worn off! 😉

  31. Elizabeth GM

    My favorite feature on these needles is the cable in the middle. It’s so floppy and rubbery — make you wonder why other cables are so stiff and plasticky. (whacademia[at sign]gmail[dot]com)

  32. bellatulips

    So excited to try out the square needles (especially the circulars!)

    email in the email field above! 🙂

  33. KaronM

    Most of the projects I knit are lace so I’m curious as to how these needles work when I’m manipulating stitches. Hope I win a set and get to find out!

  34. Laura B

    well, my email is laura dot prickett at gmail, so now that that’s out of the way – those look so strange that I may seriously have to pick up a pair and try them. if i hadn’t just spent so much $ on addi turbo lace #1’s and some more harmony ones I could do so. 🙁

  35. Melissa S.

    I’m dying to try them! I saw a set of square DPNs recently was was completely charmed!

    mel.stmichael at

  36. Thebookmistress

    My address is in the email field. I *never* win anything knitting related, please change my luck.

  37. Amanda

    These needles look neat! I put my e-mail in the Mail field so ‘bots won’t pick it up. I’ve also subscribed to your feed now (I think)!

    I love Knitty!

  38. LoriG

    Ooo! Ooo! I want!

    Okay, now with dignity: Those look very nice and I would be most appreciative if I were to be the lucky winner.

  39. Willa Jean Dooley

    Like everyone else, I’ve been really wanting to try these.
    Dsrtwillow AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks…. I adore Knitty…. the contest is a really fun bonus!

  40. Aine

    I’ve been wanting to try these for so long! Thank you for the chance to try and win. 🙂

    aine (dot) fengshui (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. theresa

    I am really enjoying the updated Knittyblog and the different contributors. Would also enjoy the needles!

  42. Josie

    I love Kollage’s square DPNs. I didn’t think anything would make me love DPNs. Ever. I thought that magic loop and I would forevermore be bosom companions. I had heard good things about square DPNs, however, and figured $8 was an investment I could handle if only to satisfy my curiosity. Man am I glad I did! I love love LOVE Kollage’s squares.

  43. Bianca

    Found the blog through the Fall issue – thought I’d try my luck in the contest as well.

    My email is littleblueclipper(at)

  44. Angelica

    Someone in my knitting group had a set of square needles last night. They looked interesting. I would love to try some.

  45. Jo

    I have been very curious about these needles and would love to try them out. Do they really tidy up your stitches? Thanks!

  46. Kayten

    I love new needles! There’s a perfect needle for every situation, even if you haven’t found it yet.

  47. RLJ

    New knitting needles – sign me up.
    Having the coolest needles at stitch-in – can I sign up twice?

    ms. waldorf at gmail dot com

  48. CarolK

    Wow! I’d like to try the square needles. I’m always looking for more ergonomically correct methods now that I have arthritis in my hands.

  49. Em

    Oh, all I can say is that I would love some needles. 🙂
    I can be found at emtempest at gmail ddot com

  50. Caroline

    Thank you, Kollage folks and for this giveaway! I’ve heard square needles are easier on your hands and now you are telling me they make your stitches look better as well? I’d love to try them.

  51. Emily Heine

    Oh my! What a fun prize – I’ve been wondering about “those square needles” for ages but never got around to ordering a pair. I’ll cross my fingers I’ll be trying some soon 😉

  52. Lydia

    I’ve also heard square needles are easier on your hands, especially if you have some problems with them, rheuma for example.

    lyttis at gmail

  53. iloveafarmer

    I’d love to try them! They say they’re easier on the hands, which would be great for the knitting marathons I tend to get into. And any help with my stitch consistency would be much appreciated!

  54. Kyra

    I wonder what the most popular sizes are? It’d be wonderful to get a chance to try these! <3

  55. Dixie

    I’ve tried a pair of these, they are fantastic. Perfect for my obsessive sock knitting.

  56. Mary

    I saw these once from afar as DPNs. The person knitting said she liked them because they didn’t roll away from her when she was working on turning the heel of her sock and had the “extra” needle on the table.

    I love the concept, but have never tried them. Would love to enter your contest.

    tactlesswonder @

  57. GinkgoKnits

    I’ve been wanting to try these but my LYS doesn’t carry them. In theory, they’d be fantastic so I’m quite curious about them.

  58. Ann Marie

    I have wondered about these needles. The reviews were interesting.

    My email: amd57432 at yahoo dot com

  59. Susan

    I love Knitty, read the blog on RSS, and LOVE Kollage square needles. I use square DPNs for all my socks, but haven’t tried the circs. I would love to add these to my needle stash.

  60. Heather

    I have heard of square needles, though never tried them — I wonder what they would be like when knitting lace…? It sure would be interesting to try!

  61. plumbum

    These are lovely needles, and I’d certainly like to have more – my originals parted company with their cable.

    Really, a very nice knitting experience!

  62. Ashley W

    These look really cool, and I would love to try them out.

    ashleywarlick (at)

  63. Brig

    What an interesting idea – square needles. I wonder how that would feel.

    I do love contests. My email is brigidDOThueyATgmailDOTcom

  64. Carolina

    These are my favorite needles! My stitches are definitely more even and no hand fatigue!

  65. carolyn

    I would love to try out these new needles. I’ve certainly heard about them but have never seen them in person. Thank you for this generous giveaway.

  66. Karen Shannon

    You know, in my heart I don’t believe square can work, but I’d love to try them! My brain is kicking my heart and saying ‘Don’t be stupid, these are *cool*!’ I suspect my brain makes all my impulse buys. You’d think it would be the other way around…

  67. Kristina Schelde

    Woaw, sounds exciting, I have a weak right wrist, and maybe a pair of these could help with knitting longer 🙂

  68. Daffinie

    This square knitting needle concept continues make me curious…if I don’t win, they are going on my Christmas Wish List 🙂

  69. Gwynne

    Love the needles! As a lefty, I need all the help I can get to even out stitches. Great product.

  70. Nancy

    Would love to try these needles because not having tired hands at the end of the evening would be heaven-sent. nancy dot hum at gmail dot com.

  71. Susan C.

    I’ve been so curious about the square needles, but I so rarely use straights. Now that they have circs I’m extra intrigued!

  72. Adele K.

    I would love to try the square circulars, since I am having wrist problems and hoping that might help to even out the stitches.

  73. Wool Free and Lovin' Knit

    LOVE the idea of blog entry contests and although I absolutely NEVER EVER win anything no matter what, I will still leave a comment in the hopes that this will be the exception to the rule. Square needles sound like fun!

  74. Sharon Kendall

    I just LOVE the square needles. I purchased some double pointed ones a while ago. They are great to work with.

  75. Notme

    Not many men seem to be signing up.

    Does filling out the email field count as “in the comment”?

  76. Anne

    People keep raving about the square needles, but it’s hard to imagine knitting with them. And needles are expensive enough that I have to be really tempted (or win the contest!) before I venture to try them. Thanks for your review of them.

  77. Dawn

    How cool! I’ve always wanted to try these.
    I noticed they also came out with yarn. I hope you review it soon!

  78. Kim Mitchell-Ayers

    I’ve seen these and thought about trying them. Would love to try for free instead of buying. More money for yarn then!!! ;}

  79. Chris

    Even with my years of experience I’ve never seen square section needles. Would love to give them a go! Tried oval ones once and they were great for gripping slippy yarn, wonder if these are the same?

  80. Ginni

    I have been dying to try these but haven’t gotten up the courage to spend the money. Please pick me!

  81. Heather

    I’ve been wanting to try these. I have wrist pain at times and I’ve read that these can help.

  82. Anita

    I’d love to try knitting on these needles – I’ve been intrigued for some time, and I don’t think I’ve heard a negative comment, other than “your gauge may vary”.

    scifiknitter (at) gmail (dot) com

  83. Jenn

    As I try to expand my knitting horizons, I have a number of projects needing circulars in the works, and I only have one pair so far. I’d love to try them!

    historychica (at) gmail (dot) com

  84. sillylittlelady

    Woohoo! New Needles! I could definitely use some right now 🙂 Why is it, in my experience at least, even though you *need* needles to knit, yarn always replaces them in the shopping cart?


  85. Lisa

    Oooooh…intriguing! I would love to win these interesting needles. llmcguire38(at)yahoo(dot)com

  86. Cyndi J

    would love to try the square needles! have heard great things about them. Love the new Knitty!

  87. Kelly

    I’m pretty curious about the square needles I’ve been hearing about, though not enough to buy more needles unnecessarily. Here’s hoping I won’t have to!

  88. Carol

    WOW these needles look interesting.Do they really knit nice even tension stitches? Would love to try them!

  89. Shawnna

    They look like they’d be less slippery than round needles – so fewer rascally stitches falling off – but I’m wondering if they also slow your knitting down. Only one way to find out 😉

  90. Melissa

    I love kollage’s square needles. I’m using them now to knit a wool & mohair lacy sweater and they have kept my stitches nice and tidy.

  91. Roz

    Supposedly these needles reduce hand and wrist strain. Since I’m launching my “git ‘er done” project — in order to reclaim my living room from all the UFO’s — I’d love to try these needles. I really have a lot of knitting to finish!

    ravinroscoe *at* hotmail *dot* com

  92. Faith

    I keep hearing good things about these needles – I’m curious to try them out sometime.


  93. Anna

    I’ve heard so much about how much easier these are for arthritic hands to use. I’m quite curious to see if that’s true for me too!

  94. Phyllis

    Have been enjoying your blog very much, even when it is about spinning, in which I do not indulge!

  95. Holly

    I have a pair of square needles that are really nice. They are hard to find but worth it. They hold slippery yarn better than round metal needles. I would love to try these.

  96. Lydia-Ann

    Showed my sister these needles, she whondered if the stitches would be square (forgive her, she crochets). But these look interesting, I wonder if they would ease the stress in my hnds after knitting?

  97. Toni

    I have quite a collection of needles of all sizes and textures, but I’ve never heard of square needles. I’m game to try them. Could be a new adventure.

  98. Suzanne R.

    I recently tried these needles and they are every bit as wonderful as I’d heard. My tension is so even and I can knit for hours with them! I’d love to eventually have one in every size.

  99. Gamba Girl

    My friends have tried these and liked them. I’m open to something new! hoover DOT tracy AT gmail DOT com

  100. Carol

    Now that they’ve come out with a circular version of the square needles (wait, that sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?) I’d like to try them and see how my knitting would change.

  101. Kathy M

    I just recently purchased a set of the square DPN’s on a vacation trip to London. I haven’ tried them out yet but am very curious to see how they feel. I’d sure love some circs to try, too!

  102. Diane

    I’d love to try these out. I found out about square needles a long time ago, but I’ve never been able to find them!

    diane dot j dot donald at gmail dot com

  103. Jani

    I love contests! And I love Knitty. I’ve been wanting to try these needles, too, so thanks for offering them!

  104. Lori

    OK I’d like to try them. I don’t think I’ve seen them locally.

    lseeger7 at gmail daht com

  105. jacquie

    What will they think of next? Hee!

    I’m crossing my fingers I win!

    jacquieblackman AT gmail DOT com

  106. Msvicki

    I’d love the opportunity to try these out.

    Fingers crossed … even tho that will make knitting, uh, difficult!

  107. Brandi

    Square needles are so intriguing–would love to try them!
    Yay contests!

    biddywink at gmail dot com


      Would love to win these. I’ve read about them and thought they would be fun to try! Pick me.

  108. Jonty

    This is an exciting contest. I have been so intrigued by these needles and would love to give them a try.

  109. RichelleCK

    I really appreciated it that both Amy and Jillian reviewed these, with the no wool/wool aspects in mind!

  110. Jen

    Fabulous contest. Fabulous Knitty! …and I am always interested in needles that will bring tidier stitches, especially to my non-wool knitting.

  111. Kathy

    I tried square needles at my LYS and loved them. Apparently they weren’t big sellers, because she no longer carries them. So I need these. I really need them. Really.

  112. Kelly Lopez

    I have always wanted to try these needles out. I have wrist issues and have heard they are much better on the hands. Me likey!

  113. Margay

    I’ve read about these needles before! They look really cool.


  114. Maggie

    First of all, LOVE Knitty. Second, love your giveaway! Such a great way for people to have the opportunity to try something new!

  115. Allison

    Square knitting needles… something that has been on my wish list since I started knitting!

    Oh, Great Random Number Generator, pick me!!!


  116. Jackie C.

    I’m curious about the square knitting needles and would love to give them a try :-).

  117. Sue

    Awesome! The square needles; I’ve always been interested in how they might actually work.


  118. Antiqueight

    Not only do I not have circular needles I don’t have square circular needles – So I need THESE needles.

  119. Nigel Pottle

    I bought a pair of Kollage needles at Sock Summit but have yet to use them. I got the 2 mm for some crazy reason and realize they are not a size I use.

  120. K Graham

    I would love to experiment with these needles. I knit about 30 projects a year (some quite small) and my hands are never far from something for friends, family or charity. Thank you for doing this.

  121. allison

    Wow! I really can’t imagine knitting with square needles…but would love to try! Sweet!

  122. Dorothea

    I’ve been enjoying the square dps. I’m planning to try the circulars for my next needle purchase.

  123. Alix

    Circular needles are my favorites! When I inevitably drop one, I don’t have to search for it–it’s right there on the end of the cord. And having square needles sounds like the ultimate comfort tool.

  124. Jean Dotson

    me! me! choose me!

    Just had a conversation with the guy who owns the local hardware store about knitting with barbeque skewers. How do you size square needles? or skewers?

  125. Jen D

    Someone let me borrow her square needles and I loved them and would like to have some! What a good give-away!

  126. KathyR

    These needles look really great! I’ve only seen them advertised before as I can’t get them in this country. Would really love to try them out, though. Thanks for giving us the chance!

  127. Jackie

    These look like really interesting needles. I would love to try them out!

    a i l s a 2 3 @ y a h o o . c o m


  128. Francie

    I was just looking for a longer circular needle to finish the sweater I’m working on. I’d love to win!

  129. Meg Bee

    I’m wondering how square needles do with lace. And how cool to be knitting in the round on square needles…Go Figure!

  130. Anne-Marie

    I tried those needles briefly at the Stitches West knitting event last time. At first they felt really weird but after a row or two it got very comfortable to hold them.

  131. katem

    I need new needles! I’ve just decided to move away from an old interchangeable set to something else (undecided as to what just yet).

  132. Robyn

    I knit almost exclusively on circular needles now and would love to try the mind bending square circular needles! Love giveaways!

  133. Stormimay

    Oooh, I have been saving up for a good set of circular needles for a while. I would love to use that money for yarn instead!
    stormimay AT gmail DOT com

  134. Barb Thames

    How wonderful! I’ve been wanting to try these. A great way to try something new.

    blthames AT gmail DOT com

  135. Libby

    I understand they may be helpful for arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers. Would love a set!

  136. Mary Ann

    Wow another new needle to try I love trying to find just the perfect one…thanks for your generosity
    Mary Ann

  137. laura

    ooh, i’ve had an eye on these ever since they were announced. what a seriously cool giveaway, thank you!

  138. deb christopher

    i’ve just finished “sweater quest” and am visiting sites and peopel in the book.

    can’t wait til my next trek to toronto to visit the yarn shops!

  139. Bonny

    At our Friday night knit group I was talking about these needles to my friends and wondered if anyone had tried them. They hadn’t heard of them before and I was thinking I’d like to try them myself.

    Good Luck to everyone entering the contest!! 🙂

  140. Bristol

    Wow, I’ve been looking for these needles! I loved the cord on them when I tried them before, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Would love to get my hands on them! =)

  141. Anna

    I’d love to give these needles a go! And anything that helps my work stay neater is always going to be a good thing 😉

  142. Dragonfire

    Castin’ my ticket in (or on, whatever)!

    moonchaser_of_dragons AT yahoo DOT ca – thanks!

  143. Billie


    Ohh these sound interesting. I’ve only recently started knitting on circulars and now prefer them to regular needles.

    I wonder what the square ones will be like. I struggle with R.S.I so would be interested to see how these new needles feel.

    Great blog, please put my name in the hat to try to win a set of these needles.



  144. michelle

    i sure do like my square chopsticks so these sound perfect! ( caperkaylee at gmail dot com )

  145. Teresa Baker

    I love trying new products! I plan to buy a set to try anyway. Winning the contest would be a happy bonus though!

  146. Mary

    Thanks for the chance to win. I have wanted to try the square needles but can’t justify any new needles (I have plenty). Good luck to all

  147. nora

    I’d really like to try the square needles – my hands are beginning to act a bit arthritic & I’m curious if the square needles would help me modify my needle grip.

  148. Sara

    I’ve been curious about the square needles! Intriguing that they tidied up stitches… my first thoughts were about how they’d feel.

  149. Sandy

    I have heard lots of good things about square needles, but haven’t tried them yet…..maybe this is my chance!!

  150. Kae

    I work almost exclusively with circs. I’ve been dying to try these ever since I saw them in a mag.

    kgregis (at) gmail (dot) com

  151. Melody Netzer

    Yippee! I love a good contest. Pick me, pick me, I would love to try out these square needles.
    redmelbug (at) yahoo (dot) com

  152. Yvonne

    Yikes what are my chances here with over 600 comments! Nonetheless I’d sure like a chance to try out these needles.

  153. Darci

    I have been wanting to play with these…Please and thank you


  154. Mary

    I have been hoping for needles to relieve my arthitic hands and contests are always fun!!

  155. Nienke

    Would love to try these. I never know what I might like. I wouldn’t even consider circulars ’til I tried them, now they’re my favourites.

  156. Jennifer

    I tried these at Stitches East last year, and they were really cool. And I guess I could never have too many needles…. Thanks for offering them as prizes!

  157. angel

    Wow, so excited to hear about new needles! I hope I got a chance to try them in the near future!
    Thanks for the contest…it’s always exciting to hear anything new about Knitty!

  158. Rosie

    I recently saw some square chopsticks, apparently easier to eat with. Maybe the principle is the same!

    I was interested to read on their website that it changes the tension most people get from rounded needles. I’m not smart enough to work out the science of that, but I’m curious!

    rosie_wills at

  159. Allison

    What a wonderful website! I just got started on knitting, and need some supplies. I’m so excited to have found you!

  160. Melanie

    The word-nerd in me gets a kick out of the idea of calling anything “square circulars” — and the knitter is intrigued, to say the least. Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

  161. angela

    Hi Knitty,
    These needles sound interesting to use… Here I am checking out your blog with the summer heat and humidity BLASTING!!!!! It must be some sort of addiction…


  162. Delia

    I got a 2.0 mm 40″ Kollage circular in a closeout sale and I absolutely love it! it’s terrific for 2@AT socks because the cable is beyond flexible. count me in!

  163. Carrie B

    Mr stitches really need to be tidier especially my purls!! Love your blog AND of course love Knitty.

  164. Ann French

    So do you suppose I will get square stitches if I knit with these? I would certainly like to try.

  165. mwknitter

    I tried these needles a few months ago & I love, love, love them. The super flexible cables make them perfect for Magic Loop which I like to use for knitting socks for my grands (a couple of rounds difference in length is far mor noticeable on those little feet than on adult feet). I also love the DPNs for socks. I tend to knit just a wee bit loosely & the slightly smaller size (because of the square shape) means that I usually get the exactly right gauge with the same size of Kollage. Even though they are metal & I usually hate metal DPNs, their light weight makes them a good choice for socks & I think that they do make your stitches a bit more even (my sock knitting tends to be very even anyway – not sure why.)

  166. Lori McCleary

    Kolláge square circular needles: I have heard were easier on the hands. With suffering from Arthritis throughout my body including my hands, I would love to try these needles.

    Knitty has out done themself with the latest issue of Fall ’10. The patterns look wonderful!!!!

  167. Gwendolen Gross

    Oh! I’m a wooly AND nonwooly knitter. My dog, he’s wooly, though it isn’t spinnable, it just gets into the food. I’d LOVE to win these needles! Thanks!

  168. Melody

    I have heard so much about these needles, however, none of the LYSs carry them. I would love to try them out.

  169. Tina

    Totally bad-a**! I’ve been wanting to try these for a while now. Pick me oh Random Number Generator!

  170. Robotknitter

    First I’m hearing of these needles. Neat!

    Have just moved to CA and will have to find a new LYS that carries them.

    1. Robotknitter

      Does the email field count or does it have to go in the comment field per the instructions?

      Just in case… jeannienu(at)gmail(dot)com


  171. Judy

    I’ve just found knitting again after many years. Now I remember how much fun it was and can’t think of why I stopped; work, kids?? I’m going to try socks next and it sounds as though these needles will help my tired fingers. Pick me. Pick me.

  172. Jessica

    I would love to try these needles! What an interesting design!

  173. Nancy HD

    I don’t know why square needles would yield a more consistent gauge, but I’d sure like to try and see why. And a super-flex cable is a winner!

  174. mxp

    thanks for the contest. I’d sure like to try those needles. Also, thanks for the website! I look forward to seeing the next issue.

  175. ann webb

    I have a pair of the straight needles, which I like a lot. It is amazing that the shape does seem to make a difference, and be easier on the hands. I’d love to try the circulars . . . Thanks for the contest!

  176. Libbi

    oh my goodness, i need needles (and have such a hard time convincing myself to buy them, so i choose patterns for needles i already have!

  177. Deb in central CA

    Would love to try these, I have heard they are fabulous.

    btw, just curious, why the email in the comment when we already give you the email as a requirement and it says it won’t be published? Just curious….

  178. Jennie

    Would LOVE to have new needles. I have a motley collection and it would be fab to have a great pair! Keep up all the great work. Xo

  179. Elizabeth

    I now knit exclusively on dpn – so much easier! I would love to try these needles. They sound great.

    esik at umich dot edu

  180. Debbie

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  181. Mary

    OMG – I’ve never heard of these needles so thanks so much for reviewing them! Gonna be on the lookout for them in a local LYS….or maybe suggest the LYS get some in so I can try them! Thanks for reviewing, they sound awesome! Mary (

  182. Phyllis Haynes

    I’m kinda new to knitting and trying to build my supplies. Four sets of needles would be great.

  183. Alexis

    I’ve just started seeing ads recently about square needles and am curious to try them!

  184. Pamela Mchugh

    I have a silly fear when it comes to circulars. Did they really make your stitches tidy? Interesting. pamela dot mchugh70 at gmail dot com.
    P.S. Thanks. 🙂

  185. Emily

    I would love to win. I have heard great things about the needles but can’t afford to buy some of my own right now.

  186. Julia Shinay

    I love knitting in the circular (in fact I’m practically a circle only knitter these days, its just so simple!) and I would love to win these. *crosses fingers*


  187. Tori

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    alystyn @ yahoo . com (remove spaces)

  188. Kathy L.

    Please include me in the contest! I didn’t include my e-mail in the comments since it says it is required above and I don’t really want it published on a blog. Is that OK?

  189. Jackie Jeffery

    Ohh, i’d love to win some square needles, better than square wheels, i’m told!

    jack at rosedene dot com

  190. Kate

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  191. Jen

    cool needles – I’d love to try those out! I hope my email on the comment form is enough – I get too much spam as it is…

  192. Shawna T

    I’ve been wanting to try these needles. Every time I go to buy them they are either out of stock, only on size, or straights. Thanks!

    slt2 (at) rogers (dot) com

  193. Alyssa

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    My e-mail is alyoops at y mail dot com!

  194. MzTallulah

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  195. Magi

    I would love to win these!! Haven’t won anything since I was nine 🙂 I need some new needles badly – especially for lace stuff since the ordinary circs that I have are not very easy to make nupps with…… The price is better than Addi’s too!

  196. MaryEllen

    I’ve always wanted to try out the square needles… I’m starting to develop stiffness in my extremities (my dad says early-onset arthritis runs in the family) and I’ve wondered if they would make knitting more comfortable.

  197. Kelli Ladwig

    Loved the square dpn’s for socks. I have carpal tunnel and found them very helpful with knitting fatigue. I actually got a blister.

  198. Sue F

    I had a quick chance to try out these needles. It would awesome to do a whole projects 🙂

  199. Janie

    Needles that tidy up stitches…wow, I could really use help with that! I would be thrilled to have a set.

  200. meesh

    Square needles seem like they’d need some getting used to, so you should send them to me, so I can get used to them.

  201. Retha

    would seriously love to try these. I’ve heard such great things about them. keeping my fingers crossed! rethahase at gmail

  202. Ruth Labovitz

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  203. Carol Griffin

    A friend just started using these and is raving about them. I would LOVE to win! Wonder if the square-ness would help reduce hand fatigue.

  204. Nicole

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  205. Jessica

    Whoops! Forgot to leave my email addy in the comments: drgullion (at) sbcglobal (dot) net. I’d love to try these…

  206. Cathy

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

    n3tue AT embarqmail DOT com

  207. Sue

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  208. WebGirl_Lisa

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  209. Diana

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  212. Cyndilou

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  213. Katie

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  214. Shelby

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    Thanks for running the contest. Love Knitty!

    Shelby dot Claxton at gmail dot com

  215. Captain Sharmie

    Wow! That’s amazing! I’ve heard good things about the square needles.

    Is it true that gague comes out a bit tighter? That’s what one of the women at my Knit Night said, though she was using square DPNs.

    I’d love to win a set, but I’m sure whoever does will treasure them!

  216. lisa

    I have held these needles once, and would love to knit something with them. So exciting … for some lucky winner. Whoohoo!

  217. Kim

    I’ve tried their DPNs but not the circs yet. The DPNs were fabulous 🙂
    lavackerly at gmail. Thanks for running this contest!

  218. Erica

    As an equal-opportunity woolly/non-woolly knitter who uses circs for pretty much everything, I would LOVE these needles. Thanks for running the contest! I’m ericat at live dot com.

  219. Gillian

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  220. Kim Stone

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  221. Dana

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  222. Andrea

    Thanks for the great review – the needles do look very interesting. I wonder how they’d affect my tension, as I’m a continental knitter who knits a bit loosly.

  223. Tammy Castleberry

    I’ve heard they are supposed help if you knit really tight. Sometimes I swear my knitting squeaks it’s so tight! They’re also supposed to be better if you have trouble with your wrists. The pliable cord is one thing that really has caught my attention.

  224. Shelley

    One way or another, I want to give these square needles a shot! I just want to tell people I’m knitting in the round on square needles 🙂

  225. Jan

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    vtcjan at yahoo dot com

  226. Henni

    I would love to try these needles. It would be great to win them. And, by the way, you’re doing a wonderful job – with Knitty and this blog.

  227. Bonnie

    I’ve heard the claim that these needles are easier on a knitter’s hands. I’d love to see if it’s true. And, if I win, I’ll gladly share my research findings with everyone else!

  228. Valerie Van Cleave

    I bought a set of these for my Mom and she likes them so much she won’t let me borrow them! Gotta get some of my own.

  229. Maggie

    I would love to see if these needles help to eliminate some of the pain and numbness I get when I knit.

  230. Kimberly HOlling

    These are a rather unique idea. I’m interested to see how well they help ease the hands from long bouts of knitting.