Attention non-woolly sock knitters!

The day has arrived. Sock Candy, the non-woolly version of Blue Moon’s Socks That Rock, has returned in beautiful hand-painted glory! Says Tina, “We are offering our Sock Candy for a very limited time as a hand paint. It is not our intention to continue to hand paint this yarn. Instead we’re venturing into having it mill dyed in multicolors.”

One last chance to grab the most beautiful hand-painted cotton sock yarn ever!

Sock Candy, hand-painted by Tina. YUM.

[Yup, Singer was made for me. Literally. How flattering, and irresistible, is that? No worries, I placed my order before I posted this. Because I know what you knitters are like. Because I’m one of you. :)]

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6 thoughts on “Attention non-woolly sock knitters!

  1. Sarah

    My Christmas list thanks you. (Although I’m bummed that almost all the colors had green or orange, which are verboten for my wool-averse sister in law.)

  2. Seanna Lea

    You see probably tons more yarn than I do (both wool and non-wool). I have been looking for a sunset or sunrise inspired colorway for sport-weight yarn. The Autumn and Schaherazade are both somewhere in the family of what I’ve been looking for!

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