I’m a cheap date.

i kees you, new beloved spindle.

I’m also a gear ho. So it wasn’t surprising that, when I recently visited the Chelsea, MI-area spinning guild — The Spinner’s Flock — that I’d be trolling the tables of fiber and goodies for sale to see if anything was there that I couldn’t live without.

There is a lot of wool. Beautiful 9-month-preganant-belly-sized balls of woolly roving, elegant braids of hand-dyed merino/tencel [from my friend, Carla, which is why I remember the URL], and lots of equipment. Obviously the wool stayed put.

On a second pass through the hall, the spindle shown above caught my eye. Ooh, pretty colors! But more interestingly, the top of the shaft doesn’t have a hook — it has an integrated pigtail. I thought it was neat. I gave it the spin-in-the-palm-of-my-hand test [which means nothing likely, but it seemed zippy], and since it was a whopping $14, I bought it.

I took my new prize back to the circle of friends I was spinning with, and attacked my silk roving, expecting nothing much. Within minutes, I realized this thing was a gem. A keeper. Possibly my favorite spindle. And by this time, the vendor had packed up and gone home. I hadn’t taken a business card. No, really — this IS now my favorite spindle. [I have going on 20 spindles, and they all cost more than this one. Oh, the irony!] Light, spins like a full-on dervish [double rainbow!], and the pigtail is sheer genius.


Can anyone help me find my holy grail?

look how it makes the pretty with the tussah silk.
love the aqua. if my soul had a color, it would be aqua.
looks heavy, but it's actually very light.

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19 thoughts on “I’m a cheap date.

  1. chriss

    Waiting with bated breath to see where it came from cause I would really, really like one too!

  2. Angie J

    I answered via Rav. There are only around a handfull of members that deal with spindles with this particular guild. Scroll down on the website and you’ll see a buyers guide. This has the members. I’d try Bob and Deb Cline at Maple Row first. If it isn’t one of theirs they may possibly know who’s it is. I wish I could see the photo

  3. Mary

    Well, I’ve got an extensive spindle collection and I’ve seen hundreds, nay, thousands of photos of other people’s spindles, and I’ve never seen one like that. The whorl reminds me of a Desko spindle, but he uses metal hooks, not carved ones like that. It’s wicked cool. Let us know once you find out who the maker is. They’ll be bombarded with orders.

  4. Dodgerfan

    There is a picture of one like it in “Respect the Spindle” on page 79. It is part of Linda Ligon’s, of Interweave fame, collection…

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