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I don’t choose what to publish based on what I want to knit [especially since I have stupidly annoying restrictions in my knitting due to my wool allergy]. But lately, I have found two Knitty patterns that were just up my alley for right-now knitting:

Annette, knit here in Knit One Crochet Two Babyboo

First to cast on, Annette. Cute, quick to knit, because it’s lacy and it’s not a huge body-coverer. I chose to go a different route, yarnwise, pulling some gorgeous Hempathy from my stash [bought at my LYS, The Purple Purl] in the most amazing deep dark purple (color #12). I’m almost at the 2nd buttonhole [it starts at the hem] and it’s an easy, almost mindless knit. It also uses a surprisingly small amount of yarn, even for a big girl size.

Then, as a result of my spontaneous trip to Ann Arbor, I found myself within reach of Knit A-Round, so Jillian and I went this morning. I came home with this, irresistible when found in colors I never knit [but love] and also half off.

Araucania Lonco Multy, in color 4009 this time.

I recently used this yarn in a different colorway for Annis. It’s for Coquille, of course. I can’t get the colors right in this pic [it was too hot to fiddle with white balance outdoors], but it’s mostly deep yellowy-greens, chocolate and super bright orange. Not exactly like, but a little reminiscent of, the colorway in Knitty. This is to be saved for vacation knitting when I go on the London, Bath, Wales trip this October. I want to finish Annette now.

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5 thoughts on “Knitting from Knitty

  1. Becca R.G.

    …I was just in Knit-A-Round. I got some of the Ranco Multy for half-off. That shop is lovely and I hope I get back there someday.

  2. SarainBrooklyn

    I love that yarn, and had been unable to figure out what to do with it till I saw your Annis – thank you! If I ever have more, I’ll keep Annette in mind.

  3. Stephanie

    I love these colors. It will be interesting to see how they stripe when you knit Coquille. I’m almost done with mine, using Zauberball in the teal-black colorway.

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