Obsessed with linen

layers of breathable wrinkles. be still my heart.
I hate hot, and I don’t do summer well. But about 3 or 4 years ago, Jillian took me to Acme Mercantile before a speaking engagement at the Ann Arbor Public Library, and she introduced me to my new summer love. Flax Designs.

Brenda Dayne, goddess of the Cast-On Podcast, tried to do the same thing with me, calling the style Lagenlook [the German word for “layered look”]. But I kept finding pages like this and never quite got the fever for it that she had.

That’s because I had been looking in the wrong place. Flax Designs are also Lagenlook, but pared down. It’s about layers of linen, sometimes in bold colors, sometimes soft and almost vintagey, like the picture at left.

There are styles upon styles, and years of different cuts and shapes to find for sale online [eBay is great for Flax].

What I love, more than just being able to put on easy, breathable shapes for summer is that the sizing is very friendly, to all body shapes. It starts S, M, L and then moves to 1G [g = generous], 2G and 3G.

Jillian and I stopped into Acme today and they’d just marked down their summer stock. I scored a white tank, my favorite pants [the Floods style] in screaming turquoise and a round-necked jacket in a rich, vibrant peony for layering when the temperature starts to finally go down. Here…take a peek at the crazy-fabulous summer Bold color palette for 2010 [thanks to TenderTreasures.com for the great photo — also a great place to find Flax]:

Like softer colors? There are tons of those. I dare you not to google.

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10 thoughts on “Obsessed with linen

  1. Ana in Austin, TX

    I discovered FLAX when I was in Minneapolis in college. I bought their heavyweight linen for fall and a bunch of the light stuff for summer. Now that I’m back in Texas – I wear the stuff all the time. I’ve had most of these pieces for 12 years and they still look as good as when I first got them. I LURV the colors for this year. I may have to venture out and get some new stuff now that I’ve seen that! And no – I don’t iron it. I hang it damp, give he collars and button bands a quick tug to smooth them and then let them finish drying. Done.

  2. Ana

    Gudrun Sjoden (www.gudrunsjoden.com) also has similar linen pieces but I don’t know if they’re available in the US.

  3. claudia horner

    Now you are a true Flaxista! I have pieces that are 15 or more years old that I still adore! I wash and then hang out on the line to dry, and only iron something tricky that won’t lie flat, like a button band. I find Flax at the thrift shops a couple of times a year, and sell the ones that are too small or big for me on eBay. The ones that are just right, I keep forever! Now here’s a nerdy-knitty admission: I even have some of the Flax dolls. They are grown-up cute with little Flax outfits of their own, and I knit them cardigans with leftover sock yarn (these dolls are 14 inches tall and the free Purl Soho Rabbit sweater pattern on their website is a perfect fit). So there’s how Flax comes full circle around to knitting.

  4. Mary Kay

    I’ve been wearing Flax for years. I’ve not been able to afford new clothes in the past year or so due to unemployment & under-employment, so I didn’t dare put myself in temptations way to see the new colors. Thanks for the glimpse.
    My closet is still well stocked with lovely linen, so glad I invested when I was able.
    If you want some more Flax, say while you’re at SS11, or check them out on-line, Magical Creations in Portland always has at least one rack of Flax. They carry “size 14” and better!

  5. Mary Lou

    My flax label today said I relax, I let go, my life is in perfect flow. This was easy to read, because I realized at about 6:00 in the evening that it had been on backwards all day.

  6. Zoe OB

    Thank you! Thank you! I don’t “do” summer either and can never find anything modern, comfortable and cool enough in natural fibers.

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