The Walker Treasury Project

Here at Knitty, we’re big fans of the Barbara Walker Treasuries.  There are four books, each containing hundreds of stitch patterns – lace, cables, ribbings, texture patterns, color patterns, you name it.

The legend herself, Barbara Walker, teaching a class at Sock Summit 2009.

They’re revered by knitters all around the world, and Ms. Walker herself is a genuine treasure in the knitting community.

An international group of knitters, inspired by Nicole Hindes, is leading a giant knit-along, with the objective of swatching up every stitch pattern in the four books – and the unofficial fifth book in the series, Mosaic Knitting.

It’s all at The Walker Treasury Project blog.

A high-quality picture of each swatch knitted is posted to the blog, complete with information about yarn and needles used. It’s an incredible way to improve an already outstanding reference library.

The search facility is remarkably sophisticated – you can look up a stitch pattern by book, by name and by type, of course – but you can also look them up by number of stitches in the repeat.  And patterns are also categorized by whether they are the same or similar on both sides, or attractive or interesting on both sides – with photos of both sides provided! – or whether they are simply not reversible.

As a designer, I use this resource on a regular basis when exploring the Treasuries.

To date, there have been over 600 swatches photographed for the project, and new ones appear regularly. Get involved by adding a swatch; the instructions for how to contribute are posted on the blog.

Read more on the Ravelry group.  In addition to Nicole, the group is maintained by a great group of volunteers, and credit goes to them, also: Emilee, girlontherocks, veiland, VictoriaJicha and zephknits.

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6 thoughts on “The Walker Treasury Project

  1. Carol

    The Walters’ international knit-along makes a nice tribute to Ms. Walters. Thanks for the tip and resource links!

  2. Geknitics

    Amy, as a member of the WTP, I wanted to thank you for highlighting the project. And for those who would like to contribute, I would say don’t be afraid because you’re a new knitter. Designs in the treasuries are designed for all skill levels. I taught myself to knit using Barbara Walker’s books, and have contributed several blocks to the the WTP. 🙂

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