WWW: Big gestures, big knits & big stars

For a good cause!
The Knitting Noras, a group in Bolton, England, has announced a follow up project to their successful 2010 Naked Knitters calendar: postcards.  The calendar project raised £5,600 for Christie’s Hospital Cancer treatment unit.

The postcards feature bonus pictures from the original photoshoot, and are being sold online, for £1 each, £4.50 for a set of 5 and £9 for a set of 10.  There’s equal opportunity sauciness – ladies and gentlemen, knitting and crochet.  Something for everyone!

Proceeds raised will go to After Adoption, a charity group in the UK that provides support and assistance for people affected by adoption.

The cards will also be available at the Manchester Stitch and Creative Craft Show  3 to 5 September and at the I Knit Weekender in London 10 & 11 September, and at events in the Bolton area throughout the autumn.

And on the other side of the pond, Knots of Love has announced that as of earlier this month they have donated over 58,000 knitted and crocheted caps to to chemo patients and others facing life-threatening illnesses and injuries.


Lantern Moon announces a new line of knitting needles, the world’s first wooden needles made from Forest Stewardship Council certified and sustainably harvested trees.  And they’re beautiful!

They will be available in September.

Jared Flood has posted stunning photo essay of his visit to the Shetland Islands. First part, second part.

Julia Roberts has a knitting and sewing room!

Not a new one, but still worth six minutes of your time: Artist Rachel John indulges in some of her trademark Extreme Knitting – this time, 1000 strands of yarn at once.

Getting gauge might be tricky...

On the topic of big knitting, the ultimate scarf and quick knit, shown in the fall 2010 collection of Maison Martin Margiela. Remarkable website design, too.

This is all part of a revival of Aran knits seen this season on the runways… more about it in this Irish Times article.

On a related note, there will be a talk on Wool Craft & Traditional Clothing on an Aran Island, August 28th at the Galway City Museum, Galway, Ireland, as part of the Galway Heritage Week.

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7 thoughts on “WWW: Big gestures, big knits & big stars

  1. Reb

    What wild backstage scenario left huge ends hanging out on the runway model? Look, I know weaving in ends is the devil, but for crying out loud. No wonder the model’s eyes are blacked out – the shame.

  2. Pilaar

    Lovely Julia also has a cleaning lady, not sure which I covet more, the knitting room or the cleaning lady…

    1. Lisa

      I can assure you Seanna that with the skills of our wonderful photographer you would look fabulous!

      None of the images were airbrushed – we all really look like that – on a good day obviously – and none of us are super slim model types either.

      To be honest we were slightly astonished with the images too!

      I bet you’d look fantastic, we’re all beautiful in our own way – and when wool is added in things can only get better!


  3. Kelly

    OMG. I love the big knit! I’m thinking how I could adapt this idea to fit my 2-year-old grandaughter. . .she’d be so cute in it.

  4. Zoe OB

    I married into an Irish family and not one person knits, despite growing up in Ireland. This year, the men are receiving Aran waistcoats and the women are getting hats and scarves. They’re always amazed watching me knit but no one has shown any interest in picking it up themselves. Oh well…maybe next year.

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