I’m obsessed with plastic glassware.

my introduction to Tervis Tumbler madness: the peace sign mug

This is the dumbest post I’ve ever written, but I guarantee someone reading it will have used these things and agree…Tervis Tumblers are awesome.

A year ago, my sister and my mom took a vacation in Venice, FL, and kept driving past the Tervis Tumbler factory. “What’s a Tervis Tumbler?” we wondered. So we made mom stop [yes, we can still do that when we’re in our 40s…oh, the power of children over the mama] and went into a crystal-clear plastic wonderland.

Tervis Tumblers are kind of a stupid idea, and yet I love them. Understatement. I love them. They’re a hollow-space insulated mug or tumbler [lots of different sizes and shapes available], and each is decorated with an embroidered patch stuck between the two layers of plastic. The patches vary from sports teams and colleges to “let’s get drunk” emblems and cutesy girl icons. Lots of ticky tacky to be found.

hub's favorite Big T Tervis

This is a really stupid idea. Who thought of this? How lame is it to use patches like this? But go look in my cupboards. Clearly I’ve gotten over the stupidness, because I have 6 of these in different designs and shapes in my house.

They keep drinks cold or hot forever, come with really awesome lids that will let a straw in if you want, and I just love the things. Also, if they break, there’s a lifetime warranty. Hub loves the ridiculously huge 24-ounce Big T. I’m fond of the 17 oz mug. Yes, there’s a Tervis Tumbler for everyone.

Sometimes you just have to embrace your lameness.

[p.s. looks like they’re branching out…now they’ve got Fiestaware inspired designs that are actually printed on the glass. Way to go, Tervis!]

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21 thoughts on “I’m obsessed with plastic glassware.

  1. jen

    haha! my parents live in Venice & are very proud of their Tervis tumbler company there & I love my set (& have had to take advantage of their lifetime replacement policy a few times). & while I concede that the little icon is somewhat lame (but fun) the actual design using a hollow space filled with a vacuum to decrease heat transfer (thus keeping cold drinks cold & hot ones hot) is really quite clever. i love my tervis tumblers too 🙂

    1. Amy

      the glasses my husband frequently breaks cannot be recycled. neither can the mugs. at least with these, we buy one (yes, oil-based) product and it lasts for years and years. there has to be a trade off.

  2. Teresa

    I inherited some of these from my Grandfather and I have to admit I kind of like them too. No need for coasters! I’m not super fond of the nautical themed patches in mine though.

  3. Colleen

    Turvies Rock! Especially in Florida where cold drinks and 1,000 % humidity are fairly constant! They’re also great travel mugs. At the office I can make a BIG cup of tea and it stays warm until I’m done. Similarly convenient for sit-n-knits!

  4. Sherill

    I have some vintage plastic tumblers in the same idea – these were my mother-in-laws from probably the 1950s – they have felt fishes in between layers of plastic – very cool!

  5. Alisha in Ohio

    We got a couple as wedding gifts a few years ago. I absolutely love them!

    Though I think it may be because my GRANDMA had a bunch of the little rocks glasses with Tennis raquet patches on them and they were the perfect size and kept my drinks so cold!


  6. Kabira

    My mom and Dad retired to near Venice and had a set with patches that were various sea creatures — I loved them. I think my sister got them — another Floridian!

  7. Dana

    We love them so much, we gave them as gifts to our wedding party and for Christmas gifts to our families. Can’t live without them!

  8. Susan

    These tumblers are what I have been looking for. I had a set similar, but they literally wore out. Thanks for the find. I just wish they had an insert for knitters.

  9. Kathy L.

    So funny to see these here! We lived in Sarasota, FL, and I got my parents a set for Christmas one year. They are pretty hokie, but they work great. And they really do keep the hots hot and the colds cold without sweating!
    The person making comments about the environment needs to calm down a little. They are reusable. Better than using glass or pottery that can break (my husband is a glassblower, I know what I am talking about), and of course better than paper cups that may or may not get recycled depending upon where you live.

  10. Cedar Strings

    Way back in the 60s, my aunt acquired a set of these that I always thought were the height of elegance and practicality. Over the years I have found imitations at various department stores, and even tried one or two different brands. When I found the genuine article at BB&Beyond, I bought a couple of tumblers and a pair of rocks: they’ve seen hard use over the summer, going through the dishwasher at least once a day, and they still look new. Made in the USA of quality materials and functional, durable … I can work through the “plastic” issue because the tumblers are not “disposable” … I anticipate that my grandchildren will fight over who will inherit my soon to grow collection. Much like my 1960s plastic knitting needles, the Tervis is designed to last forever, and won’t need any space in the landfill for as long as someone wants a cold or hot drink.

  11. Goggy from Canada

    The tumbler looks great. Never heard of them. I will have to go to the store and check them out. We visit our friends in Punta Gorda every year or so.

  12. Amanda

    Funny! I found that tumbler in FL and got one with a beach chair patch. It’s perfect for work. How funny to see this when I’m drinking from mine right now!

  13. Seanna Lea

    It sounds very similar in concept to a bunch of cross-stitch tools, which are either trivet or coaster sized (or light switch covers, etc.) multiple layers of plastic, so you can put your own stitched design between the layers. It sounds a little less kitschy as a glass than as a coaster.

  14. Flan

    We have a set of these from my partner’s grandmother, with different bird species on the patches. I’m sure she got them when they used to winter in Florida, and they’re fantastic for keeping drinks cold.

  15. Rose

    Oh my, you may have just given me to the solution to my Christmas shopping this year! Plus, I want the beach chair one for myself! Too, too cute; thanks for the link.

  16. Elizabeth

    According to the company (in response to inquiry), these are made with BPA. If you are concerned about BPA, keep it in mind.

  17. Jenai

    I have family in Sarasota, which is just a few minutes from Venice. My grandparents had tons of Tervis Tumblers and the different patches are a great way to remember which cup was your for the day. It has become a family tradition to own these cups and anytime we are in town we stop by the store to pick up more or buy them as gifts for others. They bring back fond memories of my childhood and time spent in Sarasota, especially now as I am losing my grandmother to dementia and grandfather’s health is quickly failing. 🙁

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