Mythos kit ninja-bonus giveaway!


Our next ninja-bonus giveaway is a kit for the gorgeous Mythos sweater, designed by Laura Nelkin, which was published in our First Fall issue. The sweater is designed in Schaefer‘s scrumptious Audrey yarn [50% merino wool/50% cultivated silk].

Here’s what one lucky winner will receive:

3 skeins of Audrey
Color: winner’s choice,
based on availability

Prize value: $114.00

Want to win? Leave a comment to this post by 9 am eastern time Wednesday, September 22st. We’ll pick one winner and announce the lucky person on our WWW post later that day.

Good luck, everyone!

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9,717 thoughts on “Mythos kit ninja-bonus giveaway!

  1. Claudia Horner

    What a great little sweater — looks fun to knit also! Oh for hours and hours to just knit to my heart’s content….

  2. Jonty

    Love love love everything by Laura Nelkin!! This would be a definite treat if I were to win it!

    Thanks for the offer.

  3. Brandi

    Ooo, great ninja-bonus giveaway! I have this great cardi queued up in Ravelry, just no yarn for it. Brills!

  4. Katy

    C’mon random number generator! I’ve had this pattern on my to-do list since the moment I saw it – just gorgeous.

  5. Susan D

    Merino and Silk! What a delight it would be to spend hours with those fibers at your fingertips. Who needs to knit? I’d be happy just fondling the yarn. πŸ™‚

  6. AnnieBeeKnits

    This is such a sweet cardi – exactly the sort of thing I’m reaching for these days. I love the way that the directionality of the stitches gives this one an almost wood-grain effect. I can just imagine it in the Julia Child colourway, looking all toasty and chocolatey.

  7. Jennifer

    Pretty! *crosses fingers* It’s a beautiful design and the shawl pin just puts it over the top. Whoever wins this one is sure getting a gem!

  8. Annie

    I’ve been eyeing this pattern since it came out, so sign me up…if only the giveaway ninjas could also supply some extra knitting time!

  9. Lark

    This is an intriguing pattern — I love the way the side-to-side knitting in the tonal yarn creates subtle vertical striping. Please sign me up for the giveaway!

  10. Cathy W

    I haven’t been as excited about a sweater pattern as I have been about Mythos in a long, long time. I hope the ninjas pick me!

  11. Carolyn

    I’ve been wanting to make the sweater but lamenting the lack of suitable yarns around me. So winning this would be perfect!

  12. Carolyn

    This would be a great gift for me this week. This is the Week of my 50th Birthday!! But of course I am not feeling 50!!! Love the sweater!!

  13. Linda

    Pick me! Pick me! I’ve been trying to figure out my next big knit whilst trudging through a boring scarf I promised to a friend. THIS would be PERFECT.


  14. plumbum

    Mythos has recently made its way to the top of my queue. It would be wonderful if the yarn fairies provided the yardage πŸ™‚

    They won’t though, I’d never be so lucky. Good job that I have a backup plan…

  15. Leah

    It’s gorgeous, and exactly the kind of sweater I’ve been restless for; easy knitting with an intriguing construction and a work-cardigan end product.

  16. Mary Ellen

    Love this sweater and I’d love to win. Now that I’m in CT instead of GA, I could use a new sweater ( or 3)…….

  17. MsVicki

    I’ve wanted to get started on this since I first saw it … this would sure be a good step in the right direction!

  18. Susanne

    I have been eyeing that pattern but wasn’t sure what yarn to use. Well picking me as the winner would solve that problem now wouldn’t it??
    Great blog wish you would change the background colour though as it sometimes is hard to read through the brown on my monitor…see ya soon!

  19. Robyn

    Yarn looks gorgeous! Would love to have this kit in my stash (am trying to finish some longstanding ufo’s before casting on anything new!)

  20. Whitney

    I would love to win this. I’ve had to forbid myself from buying yarn for any new projects for myself until I a) finish a bunch of baby presents for friends and b) use up more of my stash. But I think this contest presents me with a loophole!

  21. Heather W.

    I’ve totally been considering knitting a light little cardigan for my office since they keep the AC on well into October, and it’s far too cold for wimpy little me. This would be perfect! ::fingers crossed::

  22. cmspe (ravelry)

    Knitty.. so enabling and such “loverly” contests!!!Would love to win this to knit for my BF for Christmas!

  23. Elizabeth W.

    Such a beautiful sweater! And such a convenient solution to the whole crafting budget thing,too πŸ™‚

  24. Tawnyone

    Oh my, this cardigan has been on my ‘must have/must make/where are the knitting fairies when you need them?’ list since it came out… My fingers are just itching to start knitting it. The perfect cardi for keeping off the chill in a Victorian office as the weather turns!

  25. Kathleen

    I am on a kick,knitting these kinds of sweaters. This one is gorgeous! And the pattern is already in my queue of items to make next!

  26. Janie

    I love this pattern and was thinking of knitting it from some New England Shetland I have in my stash…but I just don’t have enough. So the Audrey would be very much appreciated!

  27. Shay

    I’ve been wanting to knit this since the issue came out, and would love the chance to do it in the suggested yarn!

  28. Rebecca

    Ohhhhh….have been lusting after this sweater for a while and am in the middle of a shawl using the lovely Audrey (which I loooooooove!) Thanks for the giveaway – you guys rock! Cheers,

  29. bellatulips

    Oh, squee! Been looking for that perfect fall transition sweater project… and this one could absolutely be it! πŸ™‚

  30. Cecelia Dunlap

    That would be wonderful to win! I love the color in the picture! Thanks for doing such a great job with Knitty!

  31. jennybookworm

    Oh great random number generator – please pick me! Gorgeous sweater and would love to work with the yarn!

  32. Lyn

    OOh, the times I’ve drooled over this lovely sweater! Gorgeous!

    (Crossing fingers, eyes, and any other crossable parts for the Winning Fairy to see!)

  33. Erin

    While approaching the last steps of my previous knitting project (the Roam hoodie, which I am currently wearing!) and beginning to think about what I would knit next, I looked through every sweater pattern on knitty, trying to find the perfect one. And I did. Mythos! I decided it has to be my next project. THEN I noticed that there would be a giveaway sometime this month! Since then I have been reading the knitty blog every day and was delighted to find this post today! Please pick me!

  34. Kate

    It’s a great cardigan. It looks like it’s easy to wear, and that it would be a fun knit. It is definitely in my queue!

  35. Seanna Lea

    This is definitely the type of sweater I love to wear, and I had been wracking my mind as to what yarn would be a little more affordable while still allowing the garment to have that pazzazz of the original. Please count me in!

  36. linken

    Oooh…me me. I’m on a yarn embargo for the year….and wow…new yarn….to knit a pattern I luvs! That would be awesome πŸ™‚

  37. Meadowlark

    Don’t let the “arm in a cast” stop you from picking me!!! This would be just the kind of thing I need as a first project outta the gate when the darn cast comes off. πŸ™‚

  38. Tara K

    Oh, that’d be an awesome sweater project! I’ve been looking for one but can’t find a pattern that matches yarn I already have. This would totally solve my problem. So pick me. πŸ™‚

  39. Isobel

    It’s a beautiful sweater – and looks like it would be fun to knit! Please put me on your list for the draw.

  40. leenah

    Entering! If I win, I’m gifting the kit to a friend, since I don’t knit, and can’t wear wool. I do have knitty friends would be thrilled with it. πŸ™‚

  41. Mindy

    My daughter spent one month in Greece on a Study Abroad program – the color of the sweater, reminds me of the photos she took of the waters around Greece. It’s just beautiful.

    1. Roz

      I really want to make this for my sister whose going to help take care of me after my surgery next month. It’s just her style.

  42. CraftyGryphon

    Ooo, I remember that pattern! Count me in for wanting to win such a great prize. But oh my gosh… lookit the color combinations! Emily Dickinson? Catherine the Great?

    (I’m totally hoping I have the “problem” of having to decide!)

  43. Deb

    I just last night finished the last non-sick project, and so have a new opening for something just like this. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  44. Nellie

    this looks exactly like a sweater I saw at Nordstroms.
    I stood at the mannequin looking at it from the front and from the back. I felt the yarn. I did notice the sales clerk looking at me with a strange look.
    Sure would be nice to win!

  45. Mary Kulas

    awesome, absolutely AWESOME sweater….to go along with an awesome website with great designers, lots of variety and a great source for all knitters. Thanks for all you do for the knitting community!

  46. Terry Biehl

    It’s Monday, I don’t expect I have a snowballs chance in Hades to win, but here’s to eternal optimism.

    BTW – Nice sweater!

  47. Rosanna

    Wow! What a generous give away. I love the pattern and the yarn is gorgeous… if only I could win! If not Mythos is still in my queue for my next cardi!

  48. Barbara Baker

    This is on my list. I really like the freeform front, it looks completely different closed and open. Definitely great with variegated yarn!

  49. Shirley M. Scott

    I agree – you can’t win if you don’t play. I have this sweater on my long list of things to do and I would be more than happy to bring it to the top of my list.

    Good luck to all!

  50. Bobbie

    Love it! I would so knit that! More and more, I find I like cardigans with shawl pins rather than traditional buttons!

  51. JohannaB

    That looks like the absolute perfect early fall sweater… off to my Rav queue, whether I win or not. (Abashedly – I hadn’t had a thorough look through the Fall Knitty yet).

  52. Vicky

    Yes! I’ve been wanting to knit this sweater (in Schaeffer!) but cannot afford that yarn right now. I knit one other laceweight gauge sweater and wear it constantly (but could use another as I’m getting sick of the first.)Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  53. Jacqueline

    It’s my birthday Sept 21st! Clearly that means I should get the yarn :D. (Also, my current sweater is on its way to frog pond AGAIN, so a new friend would be great…)

  54. Annika

    I am about 2/3 done with a Smooshy Mythos, but I can already tell that it will be my favorite sweater, and who doesn’t want two of something so beloved?

  55. Andy

    Fabulous sweater! And who wouldn’t love the added nudge to knit it by winning the awesome yarn it was designed to be knit from!

  56. freewaydiva

    I *just* started knitting it for my mother using yarn from a vintage skirt/sweater kit – I’m loving it! Being able to knit one for myself would be supercool!

  57. Jane

    This sweater is a great shape, looks like it can be worn open or with a pin. I like how it can define the waistline!

  58. Vivienne

    Ooooh, the things I would wear with this delicious sweater! I’m imagining it with tapered jeans under soft knee-high leather boots and a silk camisole with lace trim πŸ™‚
    Luck, be a lady who loves this sweater as much as I do. Entering to win!

  59. Beverly

    This is in my queue on Ravelry; it would be loverly to win…but if not that, I would be equally happy if Amy discovered the maker of that adorable piglet spindle!

  60. Jackie C.

    How cool! I’m just weaving in the ends on the Three Sisters sweater from Cheryl Oberle’s Knitted Jackets book, and was planning to knit Mythos next! My fingers are crossed :-).

  61. Cami

    What a wonderful giveaway! This is a beautiful sweater, and I know someone’s going to be very very happy with this yarn. Hopefully me πŸ™‚

  62. Angela Pearson

    How cool! Such a lovely sweater and looks like a great project for an intermediate beginner like me. I hope there’s a green available.

  63. Debbie

    Winning would be a fabulous way to begin the fall season of rain here in Oregon. Thanks for the chance!


  64. Viki

    I would Love to knit this for my daughter who is ready to give birth to my first grandbaby any day now!
    Thanks for the chance!

  65. Amanda T

    Looks lovely! Has anybody tried this pattern with a substituted yarn? (wondering how it would knit up with a sock yarn….)

  66. Kate

    Would love to win some pretty yarn! I have a hard time with patterns because I can never figure out the gauge… this would help greatly!!

  67. Hendy

    I’ve lost 20 lbs this year, and this sweater would show off my new curves SO nicely! Finally I’d get to knit something for me that isn’t socks! πŸ™‚

  68. Christine Scantlebury

    I’m always up for something new to knit, and that is just gorgeous. Wouldn’t it be lovely to win!


  69. Joelle

    Gosh…I haven’t had money to buy yarn in 2 years now – and my stash is nearly depleted.

    This would be an amazing pick me up!

  70. Liz

    Love Knitty – thanks for all the patterns and inspiration. As I like to tell my friends, “Knitting isn’t just for Grandmas!!”.

  71. Linda Martindale

    Like the style of this sweater. Flattering to most body types. The option of a shawle pin (or button) for a closure is super, since so many shawle pins are out there now, and gorgious buttons. I would definitely love to make this sweater. Yarn looks lushious!!!

  72. Rachel FD

    Love this cardi! It would be perfect to knit for my mom (or me…!) for the winters here in MI to keep at work.

  73. Carrie Anne

    I know my chances of winning are as mythological as the sweater that inspired the designer, but I’m hoping that sometimes myths are based on facts!

  74. maryann

    … nice design … wonderful color options … lovely fiber content … I’d be a Very Happy Winner! πŸ™‚

  75. Shawn

    I would LOVE to knit this in this lovely yarn! I have it in my queue.. it is one of the most interesting patterns I’ve seen…simple and elegant.

  76. Michelle N. McCrillis

    One more luscious sweater to knit! Hmm, how would I fit it into the lineup for fall??? Keep the yarn out the sight of youngest GD, that’s for sure.

  77. Susan

    Ooo, ooooo pick me! (hand raised high) I just bought a new home with a beautiful sun room that I have renamed my winter knitting room. This would be a wonderful knitting project to christen it. Please send me this beautiful yarn in a nice bright color asap Γ’β‚¬β€œ or at least before the Minnesota snow flies. I can hardly wait to get started!

  78. cardamombraid

    Dang to bad this wasn’t available a few weeks ago. Especially since its silkish. Silk was this years anniversary so my husband gave me silk alright, Silk Soy Milk…….Think this is a silk I would have appreciated more 8)

  79. JamieD

    Oooh! I need to make this sweater. It’s just so versatile and it’ll give me something to do with my ever growing stash of lightweight variegated yarns.


  80. Liz

    I’m already knitting this pattern but I wouldn’t mind the yarn anyway – I could make another in a different color…

  81. Kristal

    this is the sweater I was eyeing the most from the fall issue! thanks for putting this giveaway together; my fingers are crossed πŸ™‚

    (hope this doesn’t double post — the site crashed under the influx of knitters when I tried the first time)

  82. Denise

    Yummmmm, I love it. Mythos appears to be an elegant sweater pattern that can change with the seasons and your mood. Even though I am an experienced beginning knitter, I can visualize the potential this pattern offers; a blank canvas inviting embellishment be it varigated yarn, decorative closers, duplicate stitches, add on knitted flowers, etc. This multisized pattern will soon be at the top of my to do list.

  83. Brie

    Wow, what a sexy sweater. What’s that camisole doing under it? I want to make this for an evening with my husband, which we haven’t had in approximately 50,000 years, and I will NOT be wearing a camisole underneath! Gorgeous pattern, and looks like it might even hide a flaw or two. πŸ˜‰ It would be fun picking out a special ornament to hold the wrap closed. Ahh, symbolism …

  84. Susan LaMontagne

    Oh my … all my ‘girls’ will want me to make it [daughter, daughter-in-law (x2) … ADD my name to the list!

  85. Christina

    I’ve knit a lot of sweaters in my day, but silk blends are usually out of my price range. I would LOVE to win this!

  86. Fromagette

    Oh, wouldn’t I love to have some nice yarn! If only the random number generator gods would favor me this time.

  87. Beth

    I’m so sorry if this is a duplicate post, but the browser gave me an error when I tried to post before and there are so many posts, I can’t be sure if my other one make it or not! I love this sweater and would love to make it, whether I win or not!

  88. Jan

    Would love to get a new project started with this perfect sweater/jacket/topper! Living in the south makes this a year-round piece for me.

  89. Milly Cluckey

    I didn’t think Knitty could get any better… awesome free patterns and great informative articles, Now giveaways too! I’m positively swooning!

  90. Olivia

    Lovely sweater and drool worthy yarn. It would be a crime not to at least try for the kit. Thanks Knitty team for opportunity.

  91. mandybird

    i’ve been wanting to knit a fine-gauge sweater with sock yarn for a long time—this pattern is excellent!

  92. Tracey A

    I just started running, for health and self esteem -the bonus is losing a few pounds !
    I would love to look shwank
    in my Mythos and a tank !

  93. Sherpa

    This is exactly the pattern a fellow knitter suggested I add to my ever-growing list. A cardigan for all seasons.

  94. Justina

    Oooooohhhhhh…pretty yarn that is definitely not in great grannies budget…maybe there really is a Santa Claus. One can only hope as winter is fast approaching, and I really need a new sweater!