What’s with the pink?

You may have noticed text in pink in a Knitty pattern and wondered what it means…

Pink text indicates an update or correction to a pattern.

Mistakes do happen.  We try very hard for them not to: our technical editors review everything, but no matter how many sets of eyes proofread and no matter how closely our two technical editors review a pattern, sometimes a mistake can creep in. This is one of the reasons we love publishing on the internet: we can make corrections and updates in real-time at any time!


As soon as we are alerted to a possible issue, we check it out, and update the pattern as required.  For example, after publication, there was an update to the yarn requirements for Clapotis. We found that some knitters were using slightly more yarn than the designer originally called for.  It’s not uncommon when knitters’ gauges vary, and we wanted to let knitters know that they might need another skein of the called-for yarn.

If you do find a mistake, or see something that needs to be clarified or improved, please contact the designer at the e-mail address at the bottom of their pattern. The designer will contact Knitty and let us know about it so we can fix it. [Why do we do it this way? Because sometimes it’s not an error, it’s a misunderstanding between knitter and pattern. The designer can clarify the issue and make sure the change needs to be made.] Designers, don’t forget to let us know if you’ve found something that needs changing in your pattern!

And before you cast on, if you’ve already printed out a Knitty pattern, check back and see if any pink has been added since your last visit. We want your knitting to be as enjoyable as possible!

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One thought on “What’s with the pink?

  1. Karen

    What you say? You make mistakes?!? There are mistakes in knitting patterns?


    Kidding aside, keep up the good job. I love the Knitty.

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