What’s Your Groove?

Not too long ago my friend Erica & I both spun worsted weight-ish types of yarn. We’re both part of a group of fiber friends who meet weekly at a coffee shop to spin, knit and generally laugh off our weekly stresses. Our worsted weight yarns, hers worsted spun, mine woolen, were our groove yarns, our sitting on the couch go-to yarns. What our hands and wheels just spun when left to their own devices.

Erica decided she wanted to spin thinner, she used smaller whorls and weekly I could see her yarn getting finer and finer. I decided to spin fat lofty yarns, I took some classes and practiced a lot and my yarn got thicker and thicker. I didn’t think our groove yarns had traveled that far apart on the the wpi road, until I shot this issue’s Fiber Fiesta. Take a look at our versions of Three Waters Farm, Lynne Vogel LTD, BFL/Tussah:

These mamas have a brand new groove

Erica’s has a wpi of 20, mine a wpi of 5. I say were were successful in finding our new groove yarns.

This weekend coming up, our little fiber group is going away for a long spinning weekend, four days of spinning with friends. I think I’ll take a smaller whorl or two and see if I can’t get started on another new groove.

What’s your groove yarn?

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41 thoughts on “What’s Your Groove?

  1. Rebecca

    My groove yarn is a fingering- or sport-weight, 2-ply woollen yarn, in some natural sheep colour. I discovered this when I was moving and packing the handspun stash into a box—it’s, uh, basically all the same.

  2. Lynne

    Lately my groove is dk to worsted weight long draw singles. Makes a great yarn for felted knitting. So sensual to spin, and totally not tedious.

  3. Wannietta

    OMG – you make me itch to get my wheel out!! I’d like to develop the skill to spin a nice, fine fingering weight (plied) but for right now I’m quite the free wheelin’ thicker spinner.

  4. Rachelle

    I’ve been spinning for a couple of years now and although I was grooving towards laceweight, I now do lace, sock, dk and worsted fairly easily; not quite so groovy with bulky yarns though!

  5. Leslie

    I love to knit with anything laceweight in jewel tones. However as a newbie spinner, my stuff hasn’t gotten near consistent enough to use in any of my projects.

  6. Sarah

    My groove yarn is a mess! I haven’t been spinning for long, and frankly, I hate the wheel I’m working on. That being said, I tend to spin around a DK weight 2-ply. I suppose that makes sense, since I like to knit with that weight. I knit a lot for my kiddos.

  7. Sascha

    Easiest yarn for me is a 2 ply fingering unless I am spinning fine merino when I groove into lace weight 2 ply. It’s a big effort to spin DK but I like to do that now and again if that is what I need or just to show I can.

  8. Linda

    As a formerly infrequent spinner, my yarn is not consistent yet. I seem to fall into a lofty2-ply DK or light worsted weight when I hit my stride.

  9. Margaret L Curtis

    I do not yet spin, have been resisting it for awhile. The desire is there, I just somehow feel I should not start another avenue of my craft. So I content myself with knitting my current “groove.” DK weight from Stott’s Ranch, such a fine yarn and lovely to wear. It’s a delight to have it on my needles.

  10. perenna in Rav

    Oh, how I envy you the spinning-girls – it must be a special feeling to make your own yarn! Unfortunately, I know me & I just cannot add one more “want-to-try” hobby into my long lasting list – instead of it I knit-knit-knit-and-knit-more! But I am enjoying your beautiful pics and stories 🙂

  11. amgknit

    My groove yarn is anything Hedgehog Fibres, orangefloweryarn, or skein. I agree with Perenna, for me, I’ll leave the spinning for now to these incredible artists.

  12. heather

    I don’t spin, but it is yarn like yours and Erica’s that make me Want To! I love the colors and the two vastly different yarns you both created:)

  13. Anne

    Don’t spin yet, but I will once I can figure out how to balance my 3 kids, hubby, 2 careers and obsession with knitting! I want to roll around in that stuff!

  14. Thelma

    It is so interesting how different your yarns are. I don’t spin but love yarn.

    My groove is fingerweight yarn. I love knitting socks.

  15. Denise Williams

    I don’t spin yet but have been thinking about starting with a drop spindle and who knows from there? I find my groove yarn is mostly worsted weight or DK, but just bought some fingering to try knitting some socks for the first time! Wish me luck…..

  16. Alikya

    I pulled out some decade old singles and was shocked at how fat they were. I guess that means practicing has paid off! I have been experimenting with bamboo, silk and milk so everything has been pretty light.

  17. Diane

    My groove yarn is a sport-ish weight navajo ply, done woolen. I have a great wheel and do long draw occasionally, but the wheel needs some repairs before I can do it very regularly. Personally I just like the look of finer, smoother yarns, though I feel like I need to improve my spinning chops and learn to do fluffier yarns, more consistent singles, and art yarns.

  18. Kathleen

    I have no groove yarn. I like chunky and lace-weight…to say nothing of everything in between. And I loved both examples shown. I’d buy them both (not being a spinner). In fact, I love both of them.

  19. DebraEmanon

    My groove yarn is fingering weight, self-dyed, home spun on my lovely drop spindle….yep it takes a little time but the end result is so satisfying.

  20. Bobbie

    What beautiful yarns you made! I would give anything to be able to spin either one. My yarn groove is fingering weight, mohair and wool blend – green mountain spinnery!

  21. Seanna Lea

    I don’t spin, but I love seeing how the same fiber can look so different (yet both beautiful) with two separate spinning styles. Lovely, though I would be more likely to knit Erica’s. I just don’t do bulky knits very often.

  22. Aimee

    My groove yarn is a heavy laceweight singles, usually spun supported long draw. It’s thick enough to use on its own but thin enough to ply. Huzzah!

  23. string

    I used to spin for the CMF sock hop and that created a very strong heavy fingering groove that I am working on pulling myself out of, I am really terrible at spinning fluffy lofty yarns and I would love to learn, but I feel like I need to watch another spinning do it, and I don’t know anyone to watch.

  24. Maria

    I am not a spinner though I have a few fiber friends who say I would love it! Just wanted to say I love your colors..if only I could touch them!

  25. Colleen

    I want to learn to spin yarn, but I have not found anyone in Oklahoma to teach me on my days off. Those yarns look Lucious!!!
    If y’all know of anyone in Oklahoma who is willing to teach, or has idea where to go to learn. Please let me know. 🙂

  26. Anne

    I always love seeing the same fiber spun up by different people. My handspun tends to be towards the lace/fingering weight rather than bulky. I tried spinning up yarn for a worsted weight pattern and ended up having to do a 5 ply to get it anywhere close to gauge!

  27. Lori Lynn

    Mine is a pattern. I don’t spin. But I was in a funk. Not liking anything I was knitting or crocheting. Then I took a class over the weekend and got started on a lace and cables scarf. I was up until 2 AM working on this scarf! I’m so into it. I can’t wait to work on it all the time.

  28. deb

    I love knitty! I love the colors of the new yarns I see and wish I had all the time in the world to spin and knit! I have all the equipment but no time! deb

  29. Maralyn

    After initially spinning fairly thick yarns, I’m now trying for a thinner 2 or 3 ply since that’s the weight I prefer to knit.

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