WWW: Memorials, Mochi and Mobsters

Congratulations to the winner of our Ninja-bonus giveaway contest [August 30]: Peggy H. wins a copy of the brand-new Sockupied mag!

The Scarf of Hope is a massive cooperative project in Peru to create a memorial to the over 15,000 men and boys lost in Peru’s bitter internal conflict between rebels and state forces in the 1980s and 1990s. Women who lost members of their family are being encouraged to contribute to the scarf – every square features names of the missing – which organizers expect will reach over a kilometer in length. Many of the victims remain officially missing, as they were never found.

The choice of a scarf is significant, not just because of the strong handwork traditions in Peru, but also  because in a part of the world where formal ID documents are rare, clothing was often used as means of identifying the victims. A sad story, but an uplifting project.


Crystal Palace Yarns has launched a newsletter, and their first issue talks all about their  long-variegation Mochi yarn line.  The newest addition to the Mochi family, Chunky, is just stunning.

Mini Mochi, the first yarn in the family, was used for the Coquille shawl, in the First Fall issue.

An interesting piece on the BBC News Magazine about how Girl Guides played an important role during WW2 supporting the troops and citizens of the UK. Knitting socks was a key contribution!

Beep-beep, yeah!

As a VW driver, I couldn’t not bring your attention to this… a truly wonderful vintage VW bug done up yarn-bomb style.

Upping the game somewhat, 20 Swiss grandmothers have knitted a cosy for a Smart Car, and have contacted Guinness about a possible record for the largest hand-knitted car cosy.  I love the idea that there is a record for this, but a Smart Car is pretty small…

And Sony is up to something yarny … Sony Japan has posted some sort of teaser page on their Playstation website, and it seems to depict a crocheting mobster. We are officially intrigued.  Visit soon, as the countdown is pretty close to finishing.

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12 thoughts on “WWW: Memorials, Mochi and Mobsters

  1. Latisha

    I love the feel of the Mochi, I have plans to make a shrug for my daughter in the Berry Compote.

    OMG, that is too funny because while alot of people play “slug bug”, my family has a few more cars we ‘call for points’. We call the Smart Car a “pregnant roller-skate!’

  2. Ann Marie Dunn

    A note on the Sony ad. While the mobster seems to be crocheting the stuffy created is knitted.

    Just saying.

  3. Genevieve

    It is an adorable teaser for Little Big Planet 2 I believe. That’s definitely sackboy and the game has lots of teasers & trailers. Should be released in the US in November.

    If there is actual crochet in the game looks like we’re getting it!

  4. Lisa

    I just had the opportunity to hold some of the Mini Mochi at Upstairs Studio in La Porte TX yesterday. I am in love with the Caramel Latte colorway…..le sigh….

  5. Christina

    Sackboy 2 – yay. My husband is a super gamer, and me not so much. There are a few thought hat I really love and “Little Big Planet” is one of my very favorites. He’s just so cute, how can you resist? We’re both looking forward to game #2.

    The smart car trainer cozy – Oh I love that. I’m having difficulty imagining the effort that went into building it, but I’m still very impressed.

  6. marcia lincoln

    About 3 years ago, for the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Festival, knitters, crocheters, and probably other fiber workers produced numerous big swatches that were combined by a dedicated crew who knitted special sections so that they fitted the curves of a Volkswagen bug. The finished product was displayed at the Festival, to everyone’s delight.

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