WWW: NYC Yarn Crawl, Considering the Environment, Knitted Wonder Wheel

Get on board!

The second annual NYC Yarn Crawl is scheduled for October 9, 10, 11th. More info here.

Each of the 14+ stores participating will have prize draws, special offers and other goodies. Each store visit entitles a participant to a raffle ticket for one of the many great prizes donated by the stores and participating yarn companies.

And to add to the fun, there’s a scavenger hunt… themed for the Big Apple, of course. Find the knitted apples hidden on the crawl route to win more prizes.

If you’re interested in the environment impact and origins of the yarn you’re working with, check out Green Knitter. The site has a great discussion of the various terms that are used to designate different facets of green-ness and environmental friendliness – “organic”, “local”, “vegan”, “natural”, “sustainable” and so forth. It provides detailed information on the processes used to turn various fibers into yarn and their environmental impact, and provides a list of products and producers that are “greener” options, with less of a negative environment impact. The links page is great -providing a list of books and other online information resources, and links to stores with a particular eco-friendly focus.

On that note, a really great article about the benefits of wool in home construction – notably, for use as insulation.  (Excellent justification for ongoing stash acquisition?)

Another great Fiber Festival to add to your list: the Woodstock Fleece Festival, October 23rd, in Woodstock, Ontario.

Great pic of Lion Brand’s knitted replica of Coney Island’s famous Wonder Wheel, from this past weekend’s NYC Maker Faire. Photo from Craft Magazine’s Twitter stream.

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13 thoughts on “WWW: NYC Yarn Crawl, Considering the Environment, Knitted Wonder Wheel

  1. Elizabeth

    How to get from NYC crawl to Woodstock Wool Festival????? definitely will not crawl … maybe a car wash can raise the needed travel funds!!

    Thank you! Thank you! for Knitty~~ have been with you from the first … and, each issue seems to be the ultimate … then comes the next one!!!

    how do you do it? however how, I bow to you in great gratitude! Blessings, Elizabeth

  2. Linda

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that there is now justification for my huge yarn stash!!! I might have to re-evaluate people signing up to be first, second, third, etc. in line to inherit my stash–maybe I’ll just have to put it between the walls!!

  3. Gayle

    Now I have yet another excuse to visit my daughter in Brooklyn NYC- Only problem, my knitting children live in Western Mass. Oh mercy-I can’t even bribe my NYC child with the promise of a hand knit item. She got a scarf once and she said she doesn’t want anything else. I could really use a ‘knittervention’ yarn expedition. Perhaps I can induce my knitting children to join me.

  4. Donna

    Love a Yarn Crawl! What a great idea – we need one in T.O. !!
    Love Knitty too – keep up the great work – you inspire me to greater knitting feats. Donna

  5. Nina

    Wish I lived a bit closer to NYC! If anyone of you do happen to go to the Yarn Crawl, definitely check out Knitty City. They are at 208 West 79th street in Manhattan (west of central park by a few blocks). They have, hands down, the best yarn selection I’ve ever seen, though I am from Los Angeles where yarn is not as much of an obsession. They had a huge selection of sock and lace weight yarn over the summer when I was there. Hope some of you get a chance to check it out.

  6. Ammie

    LOL. I love this justification for buying more wool!

    Thanks tremendously for the link to Green Knitter. I’ll be bookmarking that.

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