KnittySpotting: Deep Fall WIPs and FOs

Coop Knits has a terrific Brambles beret, worked in a silk and lambswool blend.


And a truly fab interpretation of Scare Isle in pinks from elizabethso!

Spooky yet feminine

Gwennyfhar‘s stunning Pretty Maids shawl.


Sapphire2001 finished a pair of Ringwood gloves in record time – only a couple of days!

Elegant and speedy!

Jellyfish Knits is working madly away on a Lia pullover to have it ready for Rhinebeck.

Almost there!

And Jen‘s excellent Carnaby in progress…


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4 thoughts on “KnittySpotting: Deep Fall WIPs and FOs

  1. Juliann

    I want to knit a pair of gloves in a coupla days instead of weeks. I also like the skirt. If I was 40 years younger, I would knit that one. Too bad I don’t have any young ladies in my family to knit that one. I really like the a-line and the thickness of the skirt.

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