Lizard Ridge Leftovers Vest

The minute I saw the Lizard Ridge blanket on Knitty – long before I was part of the team – I knew I had to knit it.  I’m a big fan of Kureyon, and the idea that I could buy and play with 24 different colors – well, how could I say no?

I worked on it over the winter and spring of 2007, and finished it up June 19th, 2007.  It’s a fabulous piece, and I adore my blanket. It sits proudly on the couch – often being rested upon by an animal.

Warm, comfy and gorgeous.

In the 3 years since I’ve finished it, I’ve held onto the bag of leftovers – 48 golf-ball sized balls of Kureyon.

From the depths of my stash

I knew I was going to do something with them, but I didn’t know what.  I tried some crochet, but it didn’t really work.  I knew I had about 400g (about 400m), so whatever I made wasn’t going to be big.

In the last few months, I’ve been playing with top-down vest construction.  I was reworking a pattern I had originally written for a worsted weight yarn, to convert it to aran weight.  And I needed some aran weight yarn to use.  And the lightbulb went on: Kureyon is an aran weight.

And so began the insanity vest project.  When each of the tiny balls of yarn ran out, I’d try to choose something that was contrasting, but otherwise I tried not to overthink the color changes.

Early on, I got a bit worried – I had chosen very different colors for the upper fronts, and it wasn’t looking good.

Too much?

And about halfway through, I had a huge crisis of faith because the stripes in the upper sections were much wider than in the body – this had to happen, since there are significantly more stitches in the body than in the upper portions.

Uneven stripes

Last week, I finished it.  I edged it in plain black, just as I had done for my blanket.  And I love it! I goes with everything and nothing and it’s my current favorite thing in my wardrobe.


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27 thoughts on “Lizard Ridge Leftovers Vest

  1. Martha

    OMG I LOVE it!! I wasn’t sure when I saw the two different fronts but the look of the whole thing together is AWESOME.

  2. Peggy

    So after your crisis of faith, you obviously had a leap of faith because you finished it and ended up with a remarkably wonderful, wearable vest in the process! I love the look and now know what to consider when I’ve finished my Lizard Ridge(someday). Congratulations!

  3. Knitkitty

    Great vest! I adore the Lizard Ridge afghan – am planning to make it some day, but now that I know that there’ll be 48 left-over bits of yarn, hmmmm….

  4. Anna JM

    It looks great! I love stripes and a lot of colour and I think you captured my fascination with the description that it goes with everything and nothing. 🙂

  5. april

    what a great way to use that left over yarn! i plan on doing that with my left over sock yarns for my daughter a crazy pair of socks. she wants them, i just have to MAKE myself do them. after looking at your vest i feel inspired now. thanks

  6. Louise

    What a beautiful vest and a great idea for tidbits of yarn. Of which I have many! Starting one today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. PattyC

    What a great idea and the vest looks great! I will have to keep this idea in a safe place as I have a ton of leftover yarns.

  8. Jamie Wang

    If I were making that vest, my gut would tell me to go for gradual color changes, not highly contrasting ones.

    Your plan was the wise one. The vest looks great and I’m sure you’ll wear it often.

    PS: I have very little left over from my Lizard Ridge because I decided to use those little balls to edge the blanket with garter stitch stripes.

  9. Karen

    Hi! Looks terrific. I am tempted even though I don’t have Lizard Ridge leftovers (yet…). I could picture knitting it in the same pattern stitch, although I suppose that might be a bit much on someone my size. Hmmm…

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