WWW: An important date, wool bones and rubber balls

A very big Happy Birthday to Amy, our Editor-in-Chief. Lift a cupcake in her honor today!

With sugar on top

Seasonal, and utterly inspired.

This knitted skeleton is an absolute masterpiece.   Ben Cuevas, an artist based in California, created it as part of a mixed media piece for Wassaic Project (an arts collective and residency program located in New York state).  The skeleton sits in the lotus position atop a stack of cans of  condensed milk, with a cloud of screen prints on Flexi glass suspended above it. look and be amazed.

The artist uses a lot of fiber – specifically  knitting and crochet – in his work.  In his bio, he states that he enjoys “the rich cultural and social history that surrounds fiber arts, as well as blending the distinctions between art and craft.” A man with the soul of a knitter, he understands that the “time-intensive and repetitive nature of knitting allows me to meditate on a piece as it comes into being, further revealing the nature of the work as part of the process.”

Cat Bordhi blows our minds with yet another wonderful “unvention” – Spinning and Plying with Balls. Rubber balls, that is.  Just watch it.

The Tricksy Knitter has recently launched an online color chart-making tool. It’s free, and is designed to help you create your own charts for colorwork without having to resort to graph paper and pencil crayons. There are sample charts you can use as inspiration, or create your own from scratch. It’s like coloring, but for grown-ups.

The Lion Brand Yarn Studio store in New York has announced that they are accepting donations of knit and crochet blocks for the Warm Up America! program. Blocks can be dropped off at the studio and will be displayed in the window until November 30th, when the blocks will be assembled into afghans to be donated to shelters, hospitals and social service agencies. Info about the program here, about the studio here. December 12th, the studio is hosting a finishing party to put them together.

A few great events this weekend: the Knitting & Stitching Show in Dublin, Stitches East in Hartford, Connecticut, the Southwest Fiber Festival in Tuscon, Arizona, and the Seattle Weavers’ Guild Show and Sale.

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18 thoughts on “WWW: An important date, wool bones and rubber balls

  1. Amy C

    I love the ball/spinning and am going to try it!!! I also think that my spinning would look better if I could do it on that gorgeous rug!! Super idea.

  2. sam

    wow, that skeleton could not have had better timing! I just took my skeleton test in my biological anthropology class! thanks what an awesome artist!

  3. Sonja Stanford

    Couldn’t let the day pass without saying a hearty “Happy Birthday to you, Amy.” May you be blessed with many more. Thanks for all you do. =0)

  4. jerusha

    happy birthday amy!
    i saw the skeleton in person at the wassaic project, it was an amazing feat. so cool.

  5. Patty

    Happy Birthday Amy!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for giving a shout out to the Warm Up America collection. We have done a charity project each fall since we opened, and we are always blown away by yarncrafters generosity. We have collected over 345 blocks so far!

  6. Laurie Wanat

    The skeleton is way too cool! Perfect for Halloween. And how could I not love the cupcake? Mmmm…cupcakes….

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