WWW: Sheep & Dogs

warm and woolly

This week is the kickoff of HRH The Prince of Wales’ Campaign for Wool, which aims to educate the world about the versatility and sustainability of wool in fashion and household uses. Many events are scheduled – lots of opportunities to ‘meet the sheep’ all around the UK. Even if you’re not in the UK, or a sheepy knitter, the website is worth a visit for its beautiful photography.

The Guardian hosts a slide show and free Jack Russell pattern preview for the book “Best in Show: Knit Your Own Dog”, by Sally Muir and Jo Osborne. The designs are all great, but the Old English Sheepdog is particularly good.

The 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee has organized the “Super Scarves” program. They are encouraging local knitters to create scarves to be given to the over 8,000 volunteers who help staff the Superbowl activities. Pattern and info on materials at the link above. Many stores in the Indianapolis area are selling the materials at cost.

Our very own Judy Becker, the creator of the world-changing Judy’s Magic Cast On has the coolest iPhone case in the world. Picture from Judy’s Twitter stream.

Something for every head

For those of us in the northern hemisphere – especially those of us with dogs or sheep to walk – we’re starting to think about hats.  Annie Modesitt’s recently published “1,000 Knit Hats” should provide some inspiration.  The book contains many phenomenal hats, and a well-chosen collection of patterns.

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6 thoughts on “WWW: Sheep & Dogs

  1. kashurst

    Omg! The itty bitty knitty doggies are soooo cute! If they have a lab in there, I am so buying the book!

  2. Aine

    From the Jack Russell pattern:
    “Row 20: K2togbk, k4bk (hold 5 sts on spare needle for tail), cast (bind) off 7 sts bk and 9 sts cr, k1cr icos, k3bk, k7cr (hold 11 sts on spare needle for neck).”
    Any idea what “icos” means? I understand all the other abbreviations. thanks

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