WWW: Spoooooky! + a contest!

the Hip Holster, by Namaste

Our next ninja-bonus giveaway is the Hip Holster from Namaste, which we reviewed in our Deep Fall issue.

Our reviewer said this: “A great little bag, when you want to take along the bare minimum…The quality is exactly what you expect from Namaste, bombproof. The nylon is tough and stiff enough to stuff the bag beyond full if you want, and it stands up by itself. There are two adjustable straps that come with the bag, one to wear it as a hip bag and one to wear it as a shoulder bag. This is a great little bag for days you want to take along just a bit of knitting.”

One lucky winner will receive a Hip Holster in blue, prize value: $45.00

Want to win? Leave a comment to this post by midnight eastern time Thursday, October 21st. We’ll pick one winner, ask them a skill-testing question, and if they get it right, announce them as the lucky winner on our Knitty Friday post the next day.

Good luck, everyone!

Halloween approaches! The young and young-at-heart are thinking thoughts of costumes and candy and spooky knitting…

So here are a few suggestions from our Library to get you in a frightful mood.

Felted pumpkins


The Frankensocks


My Vampire Boyfriend Socks


And a couple of wigs to help with your costume…

the classic Hallowig


and Desperate Hausfrau.


And of course, the Allete wings – angel or devil variants, as you wish.


We are also rather fond of the full-on Pumpkin costume for the little ones, courtesy of Berroco.

All the candy in the world to those wearing this costume...

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1,567 thoughts on “WWW: Spoooooky! + a contest!

  1. Katy L

    I hope I am so lucky!

    I currently have the Vampire Boyfriend socks cast on, which I like to knit at while watching Angel.

  2. Amy

    Ooh, pick me 🙂 I’ve had my eye on one of those bags ever since they were announced. That Berroco pumpkin costume is ADORABLE!

  3. TiWi

    Just discovered this blog! And it’s totally rad! Think I will trade my sewing machine for a kit for learning how to knit….

  4. Kris

    pick me, pick me! Love Namaste bags and I need something like this. With 2 more fiber festivals to attend this fall, must keep the hands free for shopping!

  5. Melissa Colbeth

    For Hallowe’en, I shall wear knitted wrist warmers and go as someone not freezing to death while shopping the outlet mal! 😀

    And I really want that bag! While at a con the weekend before last, my knitting purse gave up the ghost; the strap broke in the middle of the vendor’s room! Doom!

  6. Tammy

    I’ve been wanting this hipster bag, and I’ve already knit the Monkey socks in Dream in Color’s Smooshy in Chinatown Apple – so I think it’s a sign! 🙂

  7. azterya

    So I’ve never really one that much for Halloween but that pumpkin costume is so cute it makes me want to.

  8. Emily M

    Those felted pumpkins are amazing! Too bad all of the orange in my stash is non-feltable. Might be time to remedy that!

  9. Maureen

    ooh, I love bags, and when I saw this one reviewed I really, really wanted it–but I have so many I shouldn’t buy another! winning one, however…that’s a different story!

  10. Leah

    auuugh I have been wanting one of those bags so badly since knitting came out… Please enter me into your contest 🙂 Thanks!

  11. VThuskies

    I’m totally making a Hallowig! I wonder if I can finish it by this Saturday, in time for the parade and festival downtown?

  12. AmyB

    ::ponders the potential difficulty of the “skill-testing question”::

    It’s such a cute bag, though… I think it’s worth the risk 😉

  13. Sally

    Looks like a very handy bag! I love these posts highlighting patterns from the Knitty archives–worth another look!

  14. MsVicki

    I’ll probably be wearing my Hallowig again this year, but I LOVE that Desperate Hausfrau … may have to think about doing that one sometime.

  15. Heather W.

    Ok, the pop quiz has me a little nervous, but that’s totally overshadowed by those cute felted pumpkins and the ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE pumpkin costume.

  16. Harriet

    Love the little pumpkin costume! The bag is pretty great, too. Don’t think I could make the Hallowig in time for this Halloween, though. Too many other projects on the needles. LOL.

  17. Megan

    I recently took a class with Franklin Habit and he was wearing one of the little bags you’re giving away – I’d love to have one!

  18. Anita

    Adorable Halloween goodness and an adorable giveaway! Here’s hoping I get lucky. (But as I frequently say, no one can win unless someone is willing to lose…)

  19. Jenn

    LOVE those wings!!!
    that gets me thinking of clever ways to keep warm AND dress up for Halloween . . .
    perfect 😉

  20. Azar

    Ooh, I love those stitchy socks! And I keep meaning to make the hallowig. Maybe I’ll whip one up and wear it when I answer the door for trick-or-treaters.

  21. Kai

    Ooooooh, pick me! Although you’re making me nervous about a skill question . . . should I be memorizing Kitchener stitch or something?

  22. Corvus

    Test away! I’d love a bag like this- and since I’m a) neurotic enough that I can’t stand having more than one or two projects going at once, and b) typically have the most bare-minimum purse (wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Chapstick? Check. And that’s all.) of any of my friends, it’s the perfect size for me.

  23. Jen

    I already have a project that would be perfect for that Namaste bag! We don’t want it to remain homeless, do we?

  24. Erin

    The bag is awesome. It would be nice to have a chic bag for minimal accessories – all the others I have usually seem to be too big or too small.

  25. BunnyQueen

    That baby costume is adorable! I may have to make that for my friend’s (yet to be born) twins for next year.

  26. Dibble

    I covet few things, but I’m so fed up with my open (think Land’s End canvas) tote for sock projects that I’ll brave the skills test if chosen.

  27. Tara

    Cool bag!
    Also, thanks for spotlighting the wig pattern. I ordered a costume online that should arrive by Friday. Soon as gets here I’m going to stash dive for some yarn to whip up a coordinating wig!

  28. Meredith C.

    Love! Both the bag (which I was already fantasizing about) and the knitting ideas. I think I might knit a wig. it’s too cute!

  29. Lark

    I’d really love to win the bag. I’d give it to my daughter, who likes to walk and knit at the same time!

  30. Bekah

    Cute baby pumpkin! My 9 yo daughter loves it – but thinks it would look better on her younger brother. 🙂
    Sadly, I don’t think I can knit that fast *and* keep him out of trouble at the same time!

  31. L.J.

    Wow, that bag looks better every time I see it. I’m going to follow a fellow commentor’s lead and place it on my birthday wish list, just in case I’m not as lucky as the winner.

  32. Lisa

    I think that Hallowig is just the coolest LOL! Love the bag too – thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  33. Merrie

    That bag looks large enough for me to fit a brain in there. A knitted/felted brain, I mean. Not the real thing of course. That would be too messy.

    I figured it’s near Halloween so I’ll leave a weird comment. 🙂

  34. Jennifer

    The Namaste bag is awesome. You can never have too many bags for your knitting.

    I love, love, love the Hallowig. I’m going to make them in several festive colours.

  35. Laura Duren

    The Namaste bag is so cute. I would love to have a way to take my knitting with me other than a big canvas tote.

  36. Anne

    Oooh, I forget between times how much I like that bag. I also think I am going to have to add it to my wish list in case I don’t win. That would be a fantastic bag for carrying projects around in! (Much better than the bag I am currently using.)

  37. Linda Hart

    I suppose that begging doesn’t really help in situations like these, but consider this a plea — I’m on my knees! I want!

  38. MzTallulah

    Namaste rocks, and they have an exxcellent customer service. And the Halloween projects make me wish we actually celebrated it over here…

  39. martie

    Man, I have been eyeing that bag. Maybe the huzbeast will get it for me for my b-day next month if I don’t win.

  40. Elizabeth

    That would be perfect for days I’m going to be stuck on campus! Good luck to all, and congrats to whoever wins (hope it’s me though)!

  41. Alex

    Oooh, I’m a little scared about this skill question, but I would love to win the bag.
    And those wigs are too funny! Too bad I don’t knit that fast. I want those wings!

  42. Chris

    Ooooh – pick me pick me!

    I knit the Hallowig a year or two ago – it’s so cool! I like the desperate hausfrau too – maybe for this year…

  43. AudreyGS

    That bag is perfect for a minimalist like me, let’s hope I can answer the skill question ( not if it involves Kitchenering or ML, though…)

  44. RichelleCK

    I want the Hipster bag so much!!! I’ve put it in my cart several times only to convince myself to wait a little longer…maybe winning this contest is just what I’ve been waiting for…that or my birthday, whichever comes first! 😉

  45. Sada

    please to be entering contest for beautiful bag!!! it would be perfect for carrying socks-in-progress 🙂

    love that pink wig 🙂

  46. AnaB

    I bet my #2 needle size cardi would fit in that bag nicely, for a loooong time, which is how long I’ll be working on it! Such a cute bag! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Sylvia Titgemeyer

    I seem to be just about as addicted to collecting “bags” as to stashing yarn (and eating chocolate). This would be a perfect addition to my collection. Good luck everybody!

  48. Amanda

    Oh, my daughter saw this bag at the LYS last week and went nuts! And her birthday is just a month away. 🙂

  49. CrazyVet

    That’s such a cool bag, looks real comfy for knitting on the go. I could use such a handy tool, taking my knitting on the train every day 🙂

  50. BlondiKnits

    *That* is a great bag. Will you post the “skill-testing question” after the contest? I’d like to know if I would get it right!

  51. LA

    Now I know my new hairstyle for Halloween – the Hallowig! Should keep me nice and warm on such a cold night. Plus, the bag would be a great place to hold all my Halloween “tricks.” 🙂

  52. Sarah

    Heh, I wear my Hallowig every year for Halloween! <3 love it! The bag looks awesome and I'm totally intrigued by the skill-testing question. 🙂

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  55. Shadrach Anki

    That looks like a very awesome and useful bag to have. And the patterns linked in the post are great. Love the pumpkins!

  56. Sarah

    Loved the review of this bag it made me want to get one for myself. Hope I get a chance to win this.

  57. Livvispatula

    The only problem I’d have with that bag is trying to figure out which projects I want to carry with me at *all* times…

  58. Sara

    Ooohhh – pick me! pick me! (and too bad I didn’t come across that pumpkin costume two years ago when I needed it!!)

  59. Michele / akasha

    The bag looks very handy. I just hope I could answer the question should I be so lucky. I don’t know if I will be traveling tomorrow or not!

  60. Kathy

    Awesome contest! This bags looks awesome – wouldn’t expect anything less from Namaste, of course. Thanks!

  61. Domestic Minx

    This is a great little bag! I want it I want it I want it! I’m making wrist warmers right now so this would hold everything I need to continue my little project!

  62. Sarah Coleman

    Love the bag… and the Hallowig! That is beyond adorable. My daughter may have to have one made for her. Thanks!

  63. Hadda Acevedo-Delcamp

    I totally would love that bag. It would a great addition to my small Namaste collection.

  64. Michelle

    I love this bag! I’ve always take knitting with me. This would be perfect to keep my knitting safe! :0)

  65. Stephanie

    Love the idea of a sturdy hip bag! I’m a super klutz, and I tend to get stupidly tangled in my on-the-go project bags. I think this would solve that problem!

  66. Nancie

    Asking a “skill-testing question” ? Oh, I hope I pass! This looks like a perfect type of bag for all my carry-along projects. Pick me, pick me!

  67. Trishia

    I’m leaving a post, contact me. I hope I can answer the skill question. 😀 The bag is super cute.

  68. Christine Wolf

    Love the bag and would love a chance at winning it. Been busy knitting getting ready for a Craft Show on November 13 but I love the Halloween stuff you are showing.

  69. Pam

    What a perfect bag for on the go!! I forgot about that Hallowig…. may have to whip one of those up in something sparkly!

  70. judit

    that’s greatness in small things…
    I can see a pair of socks coming out of this bag….
    I love Namaste!

  71. Sarah

    What a gorgeous bag! I’ll bet it stands up to anything. Like dragging your knitting along with you on the bus.

  72. Stacey

    Wow, I’d love the bag, that’s really cool. And the spooky knits are cool too! Thanks for reminding me of the Hallo-wig, geez I’d forgotten all about that!

  73. Linda

    Boo-tiful bag! I hope I win it … then I can carry my knitting to my brother’s wedding in California!

  74. Suzyknitz

    Wow.. I LOVE this bag! Great for many things like ’emergency’ knitting needles and notions, going on a hike, and traveling. Squeeee… I would love to win this bag!

  75. Wanita

    Love it! I was just shopping around for one and definitely appreciated the review. Looks like it’s the perfect size for taking my latest project to visit family and friends. Still will need a bigger one and I think the Monroe in lime will work nicely! Thanks for the introduction to Namaste 🙂

  76. Christina

    Those are such adorable Halloween knits, I especially adore the socks. I’d like to make the Frankenstein ones. : )

  77. Gaile

    Hadn’t seen the Frankensocks before – too funny! The bag looks great and beats the ziploc I usually schlepp around!

  78. Judy Bandieri

    Bag is beautiful, but what I really
    want to know is: What is that yummy yarn poking out of it??? Just my color!!

  79. abby brooks

    Love this bad, I would love to have one! Sadly, poor college students can’t afford knitting luxuries 🙁

  80. Tiffany Butler

    What a great take-along bag! I need something like this to keep my projects from being destroyed in my purse. Thanks for sharing Knitty!

  81. catspaw

    I can’t believe I didn’t know there was a Knitty blog.Where have I been? Great costumes, great bag.

  82. Jane

    Somehow I had missed and/0r forgotten about those amazingly cute felted pumpkins. Thanks for the reminder!

  83. Louise in Maryland

    I had forgotten about the felted pumpkins. Still have time to make some for this year.

  84. Martine

    I love this bag, look like it’s perfect for travelling. The frankensocks are too funny, I think i’ll make one pair before our hallowen party!

  85. Erin

    I need this bag! My kitten just chewed through the working yarn on one of my projects because the top didn’t close.

  86. Rebecca

    Love the bag! Having a knitting bag that’s carried hands-free would be so convenient. I walk with a cane, and often needing to take along both purse and knitting bag/tote — which is often — can be cumbersome.

  87. Jessica

    This bag is so cute. i love that is is tough too! i go threw alot of bags because the fabric isn’t strong enough

  88. Angie

    I’d love this bag. Love the ideas. I was thinking of knitting a kitty ear hat for a Cat in the Hat costume. My favorite was from my friend who did a full on kid’s Oscar the Grouch costume for her son last year. 🙂

  89. Tia

    OOOOH.. what a cute bag! I often need a smaller bag when taking my son out, but still something knitterly and strong.

  90. Erin

    I need this bag–my kitten just chewed thorough the working yarn of a project because the top doesn’t close!

  91. Susan

    I’m kinda worried about the question I would need to answer if I were to win(I’m not good under pressure) but I could really use this bag!

  92. Kat!

    Ohmygosh! Everything in this post is so cute! And I still have time to make some felted punkins! Yay! Love the bag. I’ve craved a Namaste bag for quite a while now. Happy Halloween!

  93. Courtney

    I’m thinking of making the Hallowig this weekend since I still don’t have a costume and we are HOSTING a party this year!

    Or, I’ll finish my pretty leafy shawl and show it off while I wear something ‘costume’ like from bits in the closet.

  94. Lyn Wilson

    The pumpkin costume is adorable. Makes me wish I had a little one to knit for… my youngest is 6’1″ and 210 pounds. His doctor tells me he’s not done growing. (Yikes)

  95. Kate

    Great bag. Would look great with my projects stuffed in it! I’d be the envy of all my friends at our knitting group!

  96. Gail Marshall

    I love this bag and want to put it on my Christmas list. As I scrolled down the page, I saw the pic for “Hallowig”. I made that for my daughter’s “punk” halloween costume out of some really scraggly purple pink yarn

  97. Eleanor

    I am totally going to make these socks. I wish I could finish the pumpking costume by Halloween, but my baby will have to be content being Hawkman.

  98. Julie

    Not only would I LOVE to use this little bag for knitting but it would be great for short little day trips!

  99. Sheigla

    I have so much knitting to get done for the holidays, and a portable project bag like this would really help me stay on schedule. 🙂

  100. Amber

    I absolutely love the bag! I had forgotten about the knit wig and now can use up my funky yarn bits.

  101. Robin

    This is so much cooler looking than the paper shopping bags that I carry around my knitting in. Help me change my image and stop being a knitting bag lady. I hope I win!!

  102. Beth

    Having both the Hallowig and the Desperate Hausfrau in my costume box, now I need to decide which to wear!!!

  103. Kittenears

    Oh my! I LOVE the Namaste bags, but they’re out of my price range. 🙁 I have a verryyyy small little budget for fun things, I would love to win this <3

  104. Melinda

    Love the bag. I’m not knitting anything for halloween this year but am working on felting some pumpkins with my 5 year old.

  105. Telia

    I LOVE this bag..I previously forwarded this one to my boyfriend to buy it for me for Christmas!!! I would love to win it so he can buy me yarn!

  106. Donna

    Thanks for posting the link to the Vampire Boyfriend socks – exactly the sort of pattern I’ve been looking to make up. That is the main reason I read blogs – to see what everyone is knitting & get ideas! That is a great looking little bag & would be just perfect for me since about 90% of my FO’s are socks – love to knit & love to wear them (as do my grands).

  107. KnottyWench

    I love the bag, perfect size to take on the bus when I chaperone field trips! Oooooh oooooooh pick me, pick me!!!!

  108. Kari Verge

    I’ve been salivating over this bag since I saw it earlier this year.

    And the pumpkin costum is the most adorable thing ever. And in wool it would be great for Canadain trick-o-treating!

  109. Jen M.

    Canvas may not be swank, but it’s totally perfect for my new-mom life style and the long strap is pefect when your hands are full of knitting goodies!

  110. Amanda Downs

    Ooh, that bag is gorgeous! I hope I win; I can’t carry elegant sock yarn in a plastic grocery bag anymore.

  111. CindyA

    Hallowig is on my needles right now. I figure I’ll wear it all day in the shop on Halloween so as to be “appropriately” attired. 🙂

  112. Mariah in Iowa

    Oh I hadn’t seen that bag, it would work so perfectly in my life right now. Oh and felted pumpkins, so sweet. I need to make a few of them.

  113. BlackChaos

    I like that bag…I would love to win!!! and thanx for the link to frankensock…I see that in a pink/purple variation…

  114. Jennifer

    I love the bag! I hope I win! 🙂

    Also, that Hallowig is super cute….I may need one! 😉 hehe

  115. Joan

    I bet a lot more can be crammed into that little knitting bag than it looks like! Perfect for traveling.

  116. Lisa

    That looks like a great bag! I’m new to knitting and that would be perfect to carry around my first fingerless mittens project.

  117. Nicole

    What a neat little bag!

    Love the pumpkin costume, too. Though I can’t imagine my Weasel would be too pleased to wear it…!

  118. Toni Van Buhler

    Namaste bags are great bags for all crafting — I love them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that maybe I’ll win this one:-)

  119. Cheryl

    Wish our entire knitting group would knit and then wear those wigs to knitting every week!! LOL… Thanks for the contest!

  120. Clare

    I’ve been on a search for the perfect bag,
    With no velcro to pull, no long strap to drag
    I tried me a bumbag (it’s okay; I’m a geek)
    And got 8 stitches in my left bumcheek
    I tried a tote with a self-crocheted rope
    It caught on a tree and I hung there like soap
    Till the firemen came and suggested I’d take less flak
    With a sturdier, sensible pack
    So the rucksack came down from the attic
    And the instant success made me near ecstatic
    Till my mates complained that I looked like a tramp
    Who thought the pub was a hippy camp
    Plastic bags attract holes and tend to collapse
    Getting doggy doo on my socks or wraps
    Quilted sacks with plastic straps from ebay
    Makes me feel so old my hair turns grey
    I’m clearly knitting’s special needs
    The unpicked queen of yarn misdeeds
    So help a slapstick kick this shtick
    Bag me up as your charity pick!

  121. Elaine

    That full pumpkin costume is precious. All the candy in the world to the darling who wears it and to the adult who made it too!

  122. Heather M.

    I’ll admit I have 8 projects on needles (probably more if I looked hard enough). I’m curious to as how many I can fit in that bag at a time.

  123. Diana K

    I’d love to have one of these bage! I’ve been known to carry my projects in gallon ziplog bags!

  124. Naomi

    I love this holster! It seems perfect for knitting on public trans where you don’t want your actual purse sitting there, hanging open.

  125. Martha

    I have 2 Namaste bags and I LOVE them both! This one would make a great addition and make my projects easier to take along with me on the go!

  126. Karen

    Really need a small bag to tote my knitting project. Tired of the big bags just to travel with one little project–and LOVE Namaste bags in general 🙂 🙂

  127. Loraine Boyce

    I love the wig! I need to make one for next year’s costume. I need one of those bags as I am a bag hog. LOL

  128. Lacey

    I’m on vacation right now and I so wish I had a great bag like that one! My current project keeps getting tangled up with either my hairbrush or my headphones – not cool.

  129. Lisa

    I use a small ziploc bag to take along small knitting projects and would love to have a more eco-friendly bag! A Namaste bag would be an amazing prize 🙂

  130. Jodi

    Some great ideas for Halloween costumes. I’m thinking I might make the Hallowig. Just have to figure out what to wear with it.

  131. a.n. brooks

    I would use it to hold my yarn as I knit a multi-cup brassiere for my very elderly & somewhat overweight cattle dog cross.

  132. Sabrina

    Wonder if I do the wig in black it will be appropriate for the office. Hum…. I know the bag is. I want it…..:-D

  133. Bob S

    Don’t forget the Marley scarf, it makes a great addition to so many costumes and keeps your neck warm too!

  134. Kathleen Becker

    That’s one handy bag and the child in the costume needs a huge hug and of course candy!

  135. Natalie

    Love the felted pumpkins. I’m a little afraid of the skill-testing question, but I guess I should face my fears.

  136. MoniQ in WI

    I really need to knit myself some pink hair….and that bag would hold the project splendidly!

  137. Ruby

    Oh, goodenss, I’m always on the lookout for bags that would work for my knitting, and have been very unlucky, so this might be my chance to get a great one! (I don’t know why my favorite insisted on simply disintegrating last winter after several years use!)

  138. Susan

    Namaste bags are awesome and this one is perfect for taking small amounts of knitting anywhere ( and could problaby stick in the other bare essentials…like money)

  139. Gloria

    Love the little kid in the pumpkin costume’s expression and would LOVE to have that bag. Count me in!

  140. Lynn

    Love the bag! Also love the Desperate Hausfrau. I think I’ll be casting on for that for a work costume for Halloween!

    Thanks 🙂

  141. Jaymie Schmidt

    I love the idea of Franken Socks! I have so much yarn that could look great in mix and match colours! And the yarn would look SO GREAT in this bag that I might win!

  142. Karyn

    Awww, I love the little one in the pumpkin costume! Would so enjoy a little knitting bag, so I hope the random number generator chooses me!

  143. Kara Beth

    That bag looks fantastic, and I would love to be the proud owner of one! :oD I’ll be sure to blab to everyone I know how great it is ;o) Now I’m off to look for the felted pumpkins pattern, thanks!

  144. Heather

    I am always having issues with toting my knitting around, and I’d love to try out one of those bags.

  145. Meaghan

    Would love to have an “on-the-go” knitting bag. Then my balls of yarn would probably roll around a lot less! And I am going to make that wig some Halloween. Cute and practical…I bet it really keeps your head warm!

  146. Bronwyn

    If I ever get up the guts to try knitting socks again, I would try those Frankensocks! But that full body punkin suit is too cute for words…but the child doesn’t look excited!

  147. Megan

    Oh, some of those projects are great! The bag is fantastic, definitely count me in for the draw! I’ll have to bone up on my knitting skill knowledge in the meantime!

  148. Nancy

    Love knitty patterns and contests. Although I haven’t won one yet, I will keep trying and knitting.

  149. Ammie

    Haha! I kinda want to win just to see if I can pass the skill-question test. 😀

    Course, that bag is mighty fine, too! Thanks.

  150. Nicole

    Wow, that looks like a great bag, will have to hope to win or find a local shop that is going to have it……..

  151. Debbie

    I could have used this bag last weekend when I took my daughter and a friend to a theme park. They rode the roller coasters while I sat on benches knitting. This bag would have been perfect!

  152. Rebecca

    I love the felted pumpkins the most! Must get them on my needles. And, of course, store them in my Namaste bag in the meantime!!!

  153. freewaydiva

    The bag looks perfect! I’d forgotten about the wig, too. I might need to knit one up, just on general principel.

  154. Gail Secore

    LOVE the frankensocks!! Wish I had time to knit a pair or two before Halloween. Oh well, wait! I’m going to put them on my list for next year!!! The materials would fit perfectly in my new bag 🙂

  155. Liz Monroe

    I am addicted to bags and have been looking for a new knitting one– love this “minimalist” approach. Thanks for the giveaway!

  156. k

    that bag could not be more useful,especially to take along a small knitting project. color is awesome too !

  157. Linda

    My friends already think I’m over-obsessed with knitting. this would just confirm it….hike & knit at the same time!!

  158. Cath

    I’d love to win that bag…just hoping my knitting skills are up to the question if I get the chance! Blue is my favourite colour too.

  159. Kathy Elsie

    I could really use the Hallowig so I didn’t have to wash my hair every day! I could knit one in eveyr colour!

  160. Emme

    Love it! The color is fantastic, and it reminds me of the hip bag Fiona wears in Burn Notice. I bet it would be perfect for holding two projects at once.

  161. Sarah corrigan

    Just had a baby and this bag would be perfect for toting a little project in addition to all the baby gear!

  162. Anita M.

    What a cool bag! Namaste makes the best stuff. I think I’ll make the Hallowig for Halloween this year.

  163. Suzanne F

    I am a bag-a-holic….I love to have bags for everything and since I dabble in multiple crafts, that just means multiple bags. Would love to be entered in this contest!!!


  164. Natalie M

    I love the new Namaste bags. I have wanted one for a long time, but its hard to choose between bags and more yarn and fiber…

  165. Nicole D.

    That bag would make the perfect holiday gift for a very dear knitty/crochet friend of mine. Consider me an option!

  166. Sarah

    Great bag! I would love to win it!

    The pumpkins ARE perfect–I knit some a couple years ago and gave them as gifts, I’ve been wanting to knit more ever since.

  167. Pat Holt

    If I win this wonderful bag, it would be wonderful to use for my Tuesday morning knit-together with my friends. They would be sooooo jealous.

  168. Kelly S

    I would love to win this bag. Perfect for knitting while waiting in line to pick the kids up from school!!!

  169. Sharon

    Oohhhh pick me – I would love to have that bag to bring my projects to work with me. And I’d love the see how I do with the super secret question – see if all these years of knitting, crocheting, etc. pay off (besides having lovely things to share with friends and family).

  170. Lynda Bogel

    Plane, train, ferries, to Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and back: a circle of travel, on circular needles, hats and more hats and the fine Namaste hipster bag, oh yes.

  171. Noraleen Young

    Just finished the pumpkins that were in the Fall 2005 Knitty issue. Felted them and then cut faces into them. Loved the look. Will provide daughter with a battery operated tea light to give it some life!

  172. Tamara

    Here’s something scary: it is my 40th birthday today. I’d like a new bag for my birthday please!

  173. tavia

    I lurv that bag. And I have always wanted to make a hallowig, maybe I’ll actually do it this year, in handspun..

  174. Barbara

    One can always use a stylish bag. Much nicer for your projects than the ubiquitous plastic grocery bag.

  175. Johnnie Boughner

    Love the bag and the patterns gave me a great idea for a baby costume. My new grandson would look great as a piece of candy corn, knitted of course!

  176. Maria

    That bag looks fabulous…I’ve been knitting socks so a bitty bag would be a godsend.

    Also, that baby pumpkin costume is the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately I don’t have a baby for which to make it…and my partner says that cute costumes are not a good reason to have another! 😉

  177. cmspe (ravelry)

    Great bag! As a regular “KIPper” it sure would come in handy! And the Halloween patterns are great! As always, Amy is an enabler!

  178. Susan

    Ooooh I love bags, can’t get enough of them…and now I may have to make a few felted pumpkins 😉

  179. Diane

    <3 the halloween ideas. Can't wait to have kids. They will have the most awesome spooky outfits ever!!!

  180. Melissa Dominguez

    My 2 year old wants to be a pumpkin for Halloween, but that is a LOT of knitting for one use!

  181. Logan

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. I need a chic little bag to take with me when I’ve got nothing but knitting. ^- ^

  182. Lillian

    I’d love to win the bag! And I wish I had seen the wings sooner! They would have made a great Komen 3 Day costume in pink, but my walk is Friday, so no time to finish them before then!

  183. Beth

    That big looks so neat and I’d love to own one. The patterns are adorable–I do love those socks!

  184. TIffany

    That bag is adorable! And I love the Hallowig. A friend of mine nicked it; I’ll have to knit another one!

  185. Aleta

    I bet I could wear that wig ANY time of the year. Too cute!

    I wonder if I could have the pumpkins done by Thanksgiving. . .