1 Million Ravelers, Naked Knitters Storm Again, and a Royal Sweater

And they think we're just a small movement...

Big congratulations to our friends at Ravelry, which recently hit the milestone of 1 million registered users.

Bolton UK’s Knitting Noras – also known as the Naked Knitters, thanks to their fundraising cheeky postcards – are at it again.  They will be yarnbombing the International Centre in Harrogate, the site of the upcoming Knitting and Stitching show, November 25-28th.

Wooly, warm and rescued.

Have you heard about The North Circular? Although they sell finished goods, they are running a unique and wonderful company in the UK. They make and sell products from a flock of rescued Wensleydale Longwool sheep. It’s all locally produced, and there are bios of their knitters, their shepherd and their sheep on the website. The designs are gorgeous, and they have a truly great business model.

I think I might have to start saving up for the Hook Cardigan

For the cat lovers among us, your daily dose of adorable, courtesy of Purina New Zealand. Kitties and yarn!

To get you in the mood for the upcoming Harry Potter installment, here’s a pattern for a hat inspired by the one worn by Ron Weasley in the movie ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’.

Launched a craze

The news of Prince William’s engagement brings to mind that wonderful red and white sheep sweater worn by his mother, Princess Diana, in 1983. I know I wanted one at the time…

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11 thoughts on “1 Million Ravelers, Naked Knitters Storm Again, and a Royal Sweater

  1. Jennifer

    I still want one. I’m sure that makes me really old!

    I do have a similar nightshirt & slippers, however. No black sheep, however.

    Really cozy & warm…..

    baaaa baaaaa

  2. Jackie

    I actually made that sweater. It was featured in the window of the yarn shop I worked in at that time.

  3. Carol H

    I learned to knit the color work to do that sweater, because my brother asked me to knit it for his 2 year old daughter when he saw it. I never knit the sweater, but I still know how.

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